About me

l strongly believe you want to know who owns Promakingmoney blog because that is while you in this page right now, and is good to know which blog you are in.

l am osakwe Nelson Uchenna, the guy that owns Promakingmoney blog you reading right now.

that is me right there to look the face very well.

l don’t like telling much about myself, but what I want to tell you is that am a blogger and affiliate marketer, and a passionate writer.

Promakingmoney blog was born out of a passion for writing, Promakingmoney was born out just to solve people’s problems online, and show people like you how to make legitimate money online.

here, l share tips on making money online at home and to make money online with the strategies I use.

l do legitimate online business and that is what I love doing and that is what I share here in Promakingmoney.

l share what works for me with others either legitimate or scam.

Here are a few of the services I can render for you.

I can set up a verified PayPal account that receives and send here in Nigeria without changing IP or VIP, 4,000.

I can set up a blog for you on the blogger blog platform for 2,500.

I can install WordPress for you 2,500.

I can set up a WordPress blog for you with a domain and hosting for 40,000.

That is all I can offer for now.

Waiting to hear from you and to handle your project for you.

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