Alternative To Paypal In Nigeria

Alternative To Paypal In Nigeria

You want to know how you can receive money here in Nigeria aside PayPay right?

if yes, I’ve found the way out for you.

In this article,

am going to show you an alternative to PayPal in Nigeria.

No doubt that PayPal is the most used payment method in the world when it comes to online transactions.

But, the challenge we have here is that Nigerians are not allowed to use the service (PayPal) for receiving and withdrawing because of the restriction placed on us as Nigeria.

Too bad for PayPal.

But, however, you can still use it for purchasing stuff online, like buying a domain name, hosting package, or shopping online and paying for anything online.

But, notwithstanding, smart Nigerian affiliate marketers and freelancers still receive payment online through PayPal here in Nigeria,

am proud to be one of them, and I can still help you create one that receives and send at an affordable rate.

Vital Information:

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For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, for the same Lord over all is rich to all who call upon Him.

For “whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

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That’s it.

Let’s continue.

And because of this restriction placed on us Nigerians,

it has been a great challenge to a lot of Nigerians why many Nigerians are yet to start online businesses.


if you’re finding it very difficult to receive payment online or not yet into online business because PayPal said no to us Nigerians,

no issue about that because there are alternatives to PayPal that work best like PayPal,

and that’s why I’ve decided to put up this article all for you because I was once in your shoe.

I could remember that year that I started with a survey site, getting my money was a big issue for me,

but that was then not now again, level done change.

So, what exactly do you need this online payment method for?

  1. if your webmaster you need it because your clients will likely pay you with one of these alternatives to PayPal.
  2. if you are a blogger you still need it because foreigners may like to sponsor a post on your blog, and you need one of these methods to accept payment from the client.
  3. if you want to start an online business you also need this online payment method.

So, you can see the reasons why you need this online payment method.

You see, PayPal is super cool but the restriction placed on Nigeria has been Nigerians big trouble,

but don’t worry because you found these articles here.

I want to share with you here 10 alternatives to PayPal.

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Top 10 PayPal Alternatives For Nigerians

That being said, here are the top 10 PayPal alternatives for Nigerians.

1. Payoneer:

Alternative to paypal in Nigeria

You must have heard about Payoneer, Payoneer is one of the online payment industries,

and it is also available in many countries around the world and also in Nigeria.

With Payoneer, you can request that clients should send payment to your Payoneer email and you’ll receive it here in Nigeria.

Payoneer also made it possible to withdraw funds into your local bank

account in Nigeria or you can even as well use a Payoneer debit card to withdraw money from any ATM machine in Nigeria.

And you can also accept credit card payments directly from clients

and withdraw them here in your local bank only there will be a little charge if you’re to withdraw to a local bank.

Sound cool right?

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2. Skrill:

Alternative to paypal in Nigeria

Skrill is another good online payment that should serve as an alternative to PayPal.

It was formerly known as Moneybookers, skrill works just like PayPal and it allows to send and receive payments from clients abroad.

And you can as well upload funds from your Nigeria bank account and receive funds to it as well.

And don’t forget you will be asked to verify your account before you can access the features of your skrill account.

I think skrill is another cool alternative to PayPal that you can comfortably use in accepting payments online from clients abroad.

3. Bitcoin:

Alternative to paypal in Nigeria

Bitcoin is one of the oldest and most known cryptocurrencies in the world today.

Bitcoin allows its users to send and receive money across the world and it works perfectly well in Nigeria as well.

If you as a Nigerian and you working with a client abroad who is familiar with Bitcoin,

you can easily request payment from him/her by giving the client your ID and your money will be transferred to your Bitcoin wallet.

Simple as that.

Bitcoin still works well and you can use it as an alternative to PayPal in receiving payments online in Nigeria.

4. Transfer wise:

Alternative to paypal in Nigeria

Transferwise is another good means to receive online payment, the industry allows your clients to pay you directly in your local currency and it will be sent to your bank account.

And the good part of this transfer is that your client will be charged for the payment transactions made.

Transferwise is also available in Nigeria and many other countries in the world with their currencies.

The only downside of transfers is that it doesn’t allow business payments

to be sent in some countries but you can use it whenever you want to accept payments from clients abroad.

5. Wire Transfer:

Alternative to paypal in Nigeria

You must have heard about wire transfer before now because is a popular online payment in the world and this method of payment is very simple on its own.


if your clients are to use this method to send your payment to you,

the funds are transferred from the client’s bank account to your own bank account right here in Nigeria.

But you’re going to need a domiciliary account for you to receive the payment,

and once you and your clients decide to use this method then you can go ahead to open the domiciliary account.


all you need is to get a client who is ready to use this method and you will receive your money in Naira right in your local bank account.

And note that this method is cool but is not instant as you think,

you still have to wait for some days or a few weeks before receiving your funds.

This method can still serve you as an alternative to PayPal.

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6. Western Union Money Transfer:

Alternative to paypal in Nigeria

Every bank in Nigeria uses western union.

As a Nigerian, this method can as well work for you, you can receive payment from clients anywhere across the world through western union banking.


if you’re an affiliate marketer or freelancer,

this method is still very cool for you provided you have an understanding of clients who can use this method.

All you need to get this done is a valid government-issued ID card, it could be a national id card,

international passport, or driving license any of these can work before you can receive such payments.

This method can still work well for you in Nigeria and you can use it in the place of PayPal.

7. Payeer:

Alternative to paypal in Nigeria

Payeer is an online payment that allows people to receive and send money to anybody in the world.

Payeer is an e-wallet that is used to control and managed like a bank account.

As a Nigerian, clients can pay you with this online payment method and you will receive it here,

all you need to do is to give the client your payeer e-mail address and your money will be sent to you,

thereafter, you can sell the funds.

8. Cheque:

Alternative to paypal in Nigeria

Other good alternatives to PayPal are a cheque,

if you’re an affiliate on Amazon cheque receiving might be a good option for you or you can as well receive with Payoneer.

Mind you that the cheque you receive is a U.S.A cheque so you will not be thinking is a Nigeria cheque,

the client or the company you working with would send it to your mailing address, and you can get your money at any bank in Nigeria.

And mind you that most times, receiving funds through cheque takes some days,

this actually depends on your bank. And the most important of it is that,

before you can receive money through cheque, you must have a domiciliary account that will be used in sending and receiving payment.

And I hope you can open a domiciliary account with any Nigerian bank,

just with your national ID card or driver’s license and other requirements the bank may demand from you.

NOTE: Your cheque can only be sent to a valid email address.

With cheques, you can easily receive money from clients abroad here in Nigeria.


Alternative to paypal in Nigeria

2Checkout is one of the most known online payment and a good alternative to PayPal that still work for Nigerians.

2Checkout offers different payment withdrawal options,

and you can even integrate your Payoneer debit card to withdraw payments from 2checkout.

2checkout can work well for you as a Nigerian because you can use it to receive payment from any client anywhere in the world.

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With all these online payments methods mentioned here,

I hope you can now successfully go into online business without having issues on how to receive your money here in Nigeria Aside from Paypal.

Since PayPal said no to you, then forget about them.


all you need to do is simply visit those websites mentioned and register your free account with them.

After, successful registration then follow the instructions on how to receive your funds.

Your Turn Now:

The ball is now in your court,

I’ve shared what will help you succeed online if your see online business to be impossible simply because PayPal restriction is on us Nigerians,

with what I’ve shared here, I strongly believe you can now start receiving money from clients abroad.

Is now left to you either to take a step or not.

NOTE: In case you have any contributions or I missed mentioning something in this article,

feel free to drop them in the comment section, please share your thoughts below this article.

Don’t be wicked, for not sharing these posts with your friends,

remember, everyone wants to make money online, and they’re looking for a way to receive their money after work is done.


as you’re striving to achieve this big dream of yours, help others in need of help to make money too.

Sharing is caring.

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