How To Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

How To Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

Do you want to learn or know “how to make money through affiliate marketing in Nigeria” and to bank over N150k-200k every single month here in Nigeria?

If yes,

then this content is met for you to read and follow everything I’ll be sharing with you here step by step without missing anything.

Affiliate marketing is one of the coolest ways to bring online finances to one life.

And you can learn this business to be successful with affiliate marketing, and not just learn, but you must be committed to putting an effort into this task to make it work for you,

and it could take you a great amount of time or less depending on you.

But l believe if you follow the tips l want to share here, you can make a success from this business model that has made a lot of people richer.

What Is Affiliate Marketing All About

How To Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

Affiliate marketing simply means recommending a product or service with the aim of meaning an agreed commission with your affiliate tracking link, And it could be a or individual for referring customers to them.

For instant now, l want to promote my affiliate marketing training, and l need more affiliates to join me in promoting that course,

and let’s assumed is selling for 10k and the commission is 50%, you could join to promote that training course and for any sale you make you earn 50% that’s 5k, now if you’re able to make 10 sales from it that’ around N50k.

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That’s how affiliate marketing works and is one of the fastest ways to make money online in Nigeria and every other place.

But mind you that there are steps you need to take to make it big from affiliate marketing, You can simply follow the tips below.

How To Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

Here are the tips to follow that will get you started.

1. Promote Good Offers Or Services:

You know at the first step that you need to pick a niche and a product and targeted audience right. Now the next thing is to decide the product you want to promote and the niche to market to your audience, either to make money, health, or whatever niche.

And mind you that there are many products in making money online companies offering such products like Warrioplus, Jvzoo, Clickbank and CJ,

all you need to do is to research them with the ones that have a good conversion rate and that will be all,

and note that the one that is more attractive and will be most beneficial to your audience and that we also help you to earn more.

And make sure you promote products that offer value and also have a reasonable price that your audience can afford to purchase.

2. Find Your Target Audience:

The first thing to do as an affiliate marketer is to identify your target audience, you should know what l meant by the target audience, it simply means people who are interested in what you want to share with them.

And your work here as an affiliate marketer is to expose products to people and get them to develop an interest in those offers.

And as an affiliate marketer You need to decide where you will get your target audience, the easy way to do this is to use your blog, social media, email campaigns, or with free traffic…..

And after knowing your target audience, you need to know exactly the type of products you want to be recommending to them that they’ll like.


let’s assume your target audience is people that want to make money online, the best product to promote to them is make money online products, not news offers,

and by doing this you are able to know the profitability of the products you want to recommend to them.

3. Create Your Own WordPress Blog:

There is no way you can actually make good money from affiliate marketing without a WordPress blog, it going to be hard for you.

That’s why you need a blog.

So that’s why it is very good to have your own blog so that you can bring together your audience and promote to them in one place.

You need to build a blog of your own that talks about your niche and what you offer.

That will make it easy for you to get good products and get people to buy them because you’ve already owned a buying audience already.

Whatever niche you find make sure you create a website for it that you write reviews about it.

Then the next thing is to begin to promote your website and get people who are interested in what you offering to become fond of your website and come to trust you and love you. 

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And there are very good website builders out there that you can use to build your blog or website even if you don’t know anything about the computer or whatever,

and one of the best website builders you can use is WordPress.

And you can get very cheap hosting from Bluehost for just $12 per year and your blog will be life. “However, if you can’t handle the process of building your blog, simply send an email to me via, and I’ll help you set up your blog for a token.

Or you can read this post on how to create a WordPress or follow these steps to get a free blog from me at no charge.

4. Sign Up For Affiliate Marketing Networks:

One of the most important things you need to do here is to look for an affiliate network and join. And you may want to ask,

but where do l find affiliate networks to join and also find products to promote.


there are many affiliate networks outside there waiting for you.

And one of the first places to sort for products to promote is the affiliate networks available to you that you know you have the power to promote.

And these affiliate networks are a website that brings together affiliates program for marketers to pick and promote.

And these affiliate networks also help you track your sales, collect your commissions from product owners and pay you either to the bank or to PayPal.

There are many affiliate networks that you can pick and join, such as:

  1. Warrioplus
  2. Clickbank
  3. Jvzoo
  4. Cj
  5. Expertnair
  6. Naira4all

And many others.

5. Begin To Drive Traffic To Your Blog:

It is important that there is traffic coming to your blog or website because if only your brothers and sisters are visiting your blog then it’s useless and a waste of time and money.

So you want people to flood your blog, and not just your family members alone.

So you need good traffic of people coming to your blog daily, and there are basically two methods to get traffic either free or paid.

6. Be Open Minded To Learn More:

You don’t need to stop at the level you’re at, You need to begin to research the free information that is put out on the internet for you.

There is information everywhere for you to take and learn more, so you need to go for that information.

And never stop learning and reading and researching.

If you can take all of this information l shared with you here, making money with affiliate marketing we not be an issue for you.

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