Best Way To Make Money As A College Student

Best way to make money as a college student, are you a student looking for a way

how to make money online to supplement your needs right? if yes to that question, you are in the right place.

When it comes to making money online,

there are various ways to make money online in Nigeria as a student without scams or involving yourself in any fraudulent acts or activities unknown to many students.

But, here I’ll show you the best way to make money as a college student.

A lot of students have this wrong conception that the only way to make money

online in Nigeria is by involving oneself in a yahoo game or doing 419 business,

but in this article am going to clear all your doubt that you can make money legitimate money online as a student without involving yourself on any evil acts online just to make money.

Before I continue let me share the basic things that you need before going into the online business.

Best way to make money as a college student
make money


You don’t just jump into online business without knowing the requirement and what it takes if you have them.

1. You need a computer or laptop.

2. You need a strong internet connection.

3. You need a good smartphone.

4. You need data.

These are the four basic things that you need before going in to make money online. with those things mentioned above, you are good to go.

And on this article am going to focus on the student in college, secondary school, university,

and more, I’ll share with you guys how to make legitimate money online as a student.

In this article, I’ll shortlist 12 hot ways you can make money in Nigeria as a student irrespective of your level or location and what you’re studying in school.

so, let’s flow together on the best way to make money as a college student.

To make money online as a student, one of the fastest and easiest ways is to get a skill,

YES, I SAID SKILL. Read how to make money with the Qservers affiliate program

People may tell you, you don’t need a skill before you can start making money online,

don’t ever listen to those guys telling you that, if you need a high-paying online business you need a skill.

you can still make money online without the skill but we not be high-paying ones,

but if you need a high-paying online business to make cool cash you need a special skill.

I’ll group this article into two major ways to make money online as a student in Nigeria.



Even so it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.

My beloved friend, Jesus loves you so much and He doesn’t want you to end your life in hell, repent of all your sins and give your heart to Him before it becomes too late for you.

1. Making money online as a college student without a skill.

2. Making money online as a college student with a skill.


here in this category of students who want to make money online without a skill,

all you need is a laptop or smartphone-like I mentioned above. And here I’ll share with you guys 8 ways to make money without skill as a student.

1. Affiliate marketing: Today a lot of companies are looking for people to help them out in promoting their products,

and they’re ready to pay you in high commission if you are ready to promote their products to other people.

as a student, this should be your best bet for you to start bringing money into your bank,

and the good part is that most of these companies signing up with them are completely free.

all you need is just copy your affiliate link and paste it on social media

and if anyone buys the product through your affiliate link you get your commission. And this can be a lasting source of income for you as a student.

2. Start A Blog: Are you surprised that I said you should start a blog, yes you don’t need to be surprised.

As a student who desired to make money online,

the best thing to do is to start a blog of your own because that is the best way to make money online as a student in Nigeria.

And starting a blog with NameCheap is very easy because

it takes nothing less than 30 minutes or you can also start with Qservers, buy your domain, and host from Qservers here as low as 1,000.

I’ll not advise you to start your blog on blogger because people do not take you to be serious.


blogging is one of the best ways to make passive income online as a student without a skill.

Just blog about what you love doing.

3. Taken Online Survey: A lot of Nigerians have been making a lot of money just by taking an online survey,

and Nigerians are still making money from it now.

you too can still be making money online taken surveys as a student,

and they are a lot of legitimate survey sites out there to join.

you can sign up on ysense because I myself have made some money from the site here in Nigeria, sign up here, or sign up on super pay me here.

4. Startup a youtube channel: You can start making money by making funny videos of yourself or with your friends or roommate.

hope you still remembered Emmanuel and mark angel that those guys are killing it today and you too can do likewise.

if you are not good at those mentioned above I believe you can start making

videos with other students like you and start making a lot of money online in Nigeria once you monetize your channel.

5. Freelancing writing: Getting paid to write for people is not a strange thing again in Nigeria and is not just for professionals.

This is one of the highest-paying online jobs a student can go into and be making a lot of money doing it.

you can write for blog owners, website owners, and E-books and you be making money from it.

So, you can make money writing articles for people in your room or holster.

6. Write and sell ebooks: If you are the type of student that is good at researching stuff and writing,

you can own your business by packaging the information you researched into

pdf and start selling them to your fellow students like you and be making your money through it.

7. Referral program: It surprises me a lot to see some people running away from referral programs

not knowing that they could be making nothing less than 50k monthly by referring their fellow students or friends to such a program.

and be making a huge commission,

in my own view referral is the easiest and most preferred source of income

that any student should go into because it makes you quick money, sign up on chop40k here and start making money from the platform as a student.

8. Writing A Product Review: You can make money online by writing a review about a product you’re recommending.

go through the section of the product you want to review,

pick certain information you need about the product and start writing about it,

and companies are ready to pay you to write reviews about their product for them, a student can as well be making money from this.


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Do you have a special skill as a student right?

what is still keeping you back from making money online with your acquired skill?

Anyway just thank God that you are here today. I’ll show you how to do that now.

l want to share with you guys four different ways to make money online as a student with skill.

1. Graphic designs: You have a graphic design skill, you can start making money online with that skill.

you can design a logo, banner, flyer, poster, business card, blog banner, or E-book cover, you can start making money by selling these your skills online and making cool cash for yourself.

you can sell them on freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and 99designs site and be the boss of yourself.

2. Website design/ development: You know how to develop a website or design a website,

you can start making money right away with your hot cake skill of development.

There are a lot of jobs awaiting you, you can sign up for free on a freelancing website or even work with big companies from your room.

And you can as well build a complete website and sell it on flippa, BizBuysell, digital exits marketplace.

so, there is a lot that you can make from that skill if you take action after reading this article.

3. Programming/coding: Making money with programming stuff is not a new thing again because companies are busy looking for programmers who can program an app or website, and you be paid heavily for it.

so, if you have such a wonderful skill as a student you can make money online until your kingdom comes.

4. App Development: If you have a skill in how to develop apps,

apps like native mobile apps, hybrid mobile apps, and web apps,

you can make cool money for yourself with those sets of skills on freelancing websites, like 99design and the rest.


With the 12 ways, I shared with you in this article,

I hope you can make money online as a student either with one or two of them.

and there is no restriction to any amount you can make for yourself as a student.

You see that I showed you the best way to make money as a college student,

you can make legitimate money online as a student without involving yourself in any fraudulent or dishonest acts.

As a student do not make money using ways like gambling or betting because it does not help you as a student because it has a side effect, I came to understand that betting and gambling is what the youth are doing now even students,

but my advice to you is that don’t join them on those things because you can be making legitimate money online and be living big boy or girl life.

Just go through the article again and again and pick your favorite ones and start running with them and you see in no distance time money we start flowing to your bank.

And don’t forget to share the ones you pick with me and also drop comments below, and don’t forget to recommend this article to your fellow students or friends because they also need it too.

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