How To Create A Free Blog With WordPress

How To Create A Free Blog With WordPress

Are you looking for a way to own a blog of your own and the steps seem complicated to you?

I’m happy for you that you find this post at the right time.

So, in this article, I’m going to set up a WordPress blog completely free of charge for you without asking you for anything.

Just make sure you read the content to the end to learn “How to create a free blog with WordPress“.

I’m doing this for you for free.

Blogging is one of the lucrative online businesses that you can do

from the comfort of your home with your boxer and singlet on you working from home.

So, don’t you think it’s high time for you to own your personal WordPress blog?

If you’re interested in getting a free WordPress blog set up for you, then, this is for you.

Then I’ll courage you to read this post and follow the instructions below so you can get to know how to get a free WordPress blog set up from me.

And I’ll set up your blog for you as soon as l receive your information without wasting time.

But on this basis, you follow the guidelines below.

How To Get A Free WordPress Blog Set Up From Me

How To Create A Free Blog With WordPress
how to create a free blog with WordPress

Here we go.

Step One: You Need To Buy Your Domain Name And Hosting:

Before your blog can go live it needs a domain name and web hosting where your files we install.

And you know a domain name is simply an address to your website or blog on the internet,

it is just like a signpost directing people to a particular place, that’s how a domain name is to your blog.

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While web hosting is where all your files are stored to able your blog to go live.

It’s simply where your website lives on the internet and people can see it and access it.


to start blogging you need a good domain name and a reliable

web hosting provider to enable me and my team to set up a blog for you.

So in order for our business to keep running in providing this premium service,

l require that everyone that needs this free blog set up a sign-up with any of these web hosting providers…

This web hosting provider is one of the best in the market

and they’re known to offer the best service to their customers that’s why l personally recommend it to you here to go with any of them.

And with these web-hosting providers,

I’m very sure you’ll get a quality blog and they’re very affordable too.

And mind you,

we are also going to receive a small commission from this for recommending

these web hosting companies to you without any additional cost to you.

So the game is all about “WIN WIN WIN” all the way for both of us.

Because I’m offering you one of my premium services of 50k-100k for free.


to get started with me on this free blog setup,

you need to simply sign up with any of these web hosting companies listed below using the links on this post.

BEWARE: Do not use any external coupon code,

if you use any coupons that are not provided or attached by me here,

you’ll not qualify for the offer of a free WordPress blog setup.

Let’s get started now


Interserver happens to be one of the best and most popular and highest ranks

web hosting companies when it comes to the WordPress industry.

They’re so unique in such a way that they provide WordPress site speed,

and free security solutions to make your WordPress blog as fast and secure as possible.

And Interserver is known for its best 24/7 support for all customers.

Interserver covers a lot of features for you to take advantage of which include,

Automatic upgrades, built-in WP caching, fast loading, CDN, and more.

Click here to Purchase hosting and get a free domain from Interserver.


The giant of all and one of the oldest web hosting providers that started far back in 1996.

BlueHost has been the largest brand when it comes to WordPress hosting services.

And they’re an official recommended by WordPress to tell you the obtained city of this hosting provider.

Hosting your blog or whatever you want with BlueHost

you’ve no issue worrying about your website being slow even when you’ve millions of daily traffic coming to your blog…

And their 24/7 expert support is cool, they’re always there to help you when you face any issue either by live chat, phone call, or email.

BlueHost is a number-rated web hosting provider either for small business blogs or big brands.

It will be tweetable for your blog setup.

With BlueHost, you’ll receive a 63% discount, a Free Domain, Free SSL, and free site builder templates to use in your blog.

Click here to purchase hosting and get a free domain from BlueHost.

Once you purchase any of the web hosting from any of the hosting providers mentioned above,

you’re 100% qualified for my free WordPress blog setup service. So, go get it now from BlueHost or Interserver.

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How To Submit Your Information For Free Blog Set Up To Me


it’s time time to send me your information, to do that,

you’re to send me the following information so l can start working on your blog for you.

  1. Your full name
  2. Your phone number
  3. The Email address while purchasing your hosting account
  4. Which hosting provider did you purchase from, name it.
  5. Your Site Title
  6. The description you want on your site
  7. The information you want in the “About me and contact me page”
  8. Any other things you want me to know?

Once you’re ready to send that information, simply send it to me via email at “


And mind you that once l receive this information,

I’ll need to cross-check if you actually followed the direction l gave to you,

and once you’ve done that your blog is set up, install all the necessary plugins, and do all the required customization.

Now, Your Turn:

What is your thought on this free WordPress blog setup I’m offering to you?

If you love it,

simply drop a comment below to let me know how you see it,

or I’m not supposed to make this offer to you on “How to create a free blog with WordPress” feel free to drop a comment and also click here

to purchase your hosting with BlueHost or Interserver if you need this…

And most importantly,

don’t forget to use the share button below this post to share everywhere

if you actually want other people to own their blog.

Sharing is caring.

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