Chop40k Review: How To Register And Make Money On Chop40k

Chop40k Review: How to register and make money on chop40k

Chop40k review: how to register and make money on chop40k,

are you one of those guys looking for a platform to make extra money online,

not just extra money but earning N40,000 weekly to your Nigeria bank account?

If yes,

then this is for you.

Stay away from chop40k because it’s not paying any longer. My hand is off it.

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Today we are going to discuss how you can make money with the chop40k income program in Nigeria.

So try to go through this article without skipping anything or line because it covered vital information about

chop40k so that you might not miss important information about this program am bringing to you.


chop40k is tending on the web right now and it could be your searching on google for chop40k review,

Is chop40k real, chop40k login, chop40k registration,

whatever it may be you searching for about this platform,

you’re in the right place because am going to cover everything about this platform and all that you need to know.

That being said, let’s go into the deal in full now.

What Is Chop40k All About?

Chop40k Review: How to register and make money on chop40k

Chop40k is an affiliate network business powered by

“J CYBER TECHNOLOGIES”, is a registered company in CAC with the number BN3058361.

Chop40k is a platform open for students,

fresh graduates, and Bloggers, in fact, it’s open for everyone to make money as long you are in Nigeria.

And is a platform designed with everyone in mind to make money from home… No struggle about it.

Vital Information

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How Does Chop40k Works?

As soon as you pay your registration fee of N2,500,

chop40k will now give you a product worth N10,700,

and these products are not just products but hot cake products,

you know what I mean by hot cake.

And this product you get from chop40k has a lot of earning opportunities you need to make money online.

Inside those products,

you’ll learn about over 100 types of businesses in the fullest detail.

And you can even get those products and resell them and make more money for yourself or give it out as a bonus to your friends,

and the amazing part with this platform is that,

as soon as you’ve paid the N2,500,

you’ll be in the bronze stage and at this stage,

the platform will give you your registration fee of N2,500 back as a welcome bonus for activating your account with them.

I think this is cool.

NOTE: Chop40k domain name has been changed from chop40k to Nairainflow, meanwhile, they still operate the way they’re doing.

And not only that,

in that stage,

four affiliates will pay you N2,000 cash respectively which also gives you N8,000 cash as commission.

That’s how this platform chop40k works.

Two Stages Chop40k Has

Chop40k has two stages that can able members to earn more money which are;

1. Bronze Stage:

In this stage, as soon as you’ve made a payment of N2,500 for your account activation,

you’ll be in this bronze stage,

and at this stage,

the system will now give you free N2,500 that’s what you paid as a welcome bonus as I explained above,

and in turn of it, four affiliates will also pay you

N2,000 cash respectively and that will give you N8,000 cash as commission after you get your N10,700 wroth product.

And once you’ve got this,

you’ll be required to upgrade to the next stage with N5,000 from the profit you earned in the first stage which is Bronze.

2. Silver Stage:

As soon as you upgrade to enter this silver stage,

ten affiliates will pay you N4,000 cash each, which will give you N40,000 cash as commission.

And once you’ve reached this step,

then you’ll be taken to the page to withdraw all your earnings from N40,000 and above.

NOTE: Let me clear something here before I continue.

Chop40k is not a donation platform or peer-to-peer program nor is it a Ponzi scheme, not HYIP, not GH/PH.

Chop40k is a pure and complete affiliate program that’s designed just for serious-minded people who are ready to work and earn money online.

It is an opportunity opened for every Nigerian,

and all the transactions are handled by the company,

so you don’t need to fear that someone will run away with your money or scam you.

So, those are the two stages chop40k has.

Registration Fee Of Chop40k

To register as a full member of chop40k,

all you need is a one-time payment of N2,500 and that’s all and all the earning opportunities will be open for you to earn.

Earning Opportunities Of Chop40k Are Like

  1. How to create a ClickBank account and how to earn $250 through it.

2. Earning at least $100 daily through Bitcoin.

3. Creating a PayPal account that can send and receive funds and how to earn $10 daily with it.

4. How to earn at least $50 daily through the DA link and how to withdraw from it and many other premium products that once you become a member you’ll get to know.

How To Earn On Chop40k

Currently, there are three basic ways to earn money from the platform which are;

  1. You make money through the N10,700 product given to you.

You can decide to read the books and apply the

principle on it to yourself or you can also resell them to make more money or give it out as a bonus to people.

2. The second one is through affiliate marketing:

You earn N2,000 each from four affiliates that join

chop40k through you as commission which gives you N8,000,

then you earn N4,000 each from 10 affiliates which gives you N40,000.

3. The last one is through viewing and sharing of ADS:

Once you’ve paid your activation fee,

you’ll be able to access your account where you’ll be allowed to share their ADS,

and for each ad, you share on Facebook, you earn a commission.

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How To Register On Chop40k

Follow the steps below to join the chop40k platform.

Step One: Click here to go to chop40k website,

once it opens, fill in the required information as seen below.

Chop40k review: How to register and make money on chop40k
Chop40k review: How to register and make money on chop40k

Step Two: Make your payment online with your card or bank deposit or through POS.

The advantage of paying with your card is that your account

will be activated instantly why if you’re paying through pos or bank deposit you’ll need to fill the form information below your

dashboard on the bronze stage.

Step Three: Start working and earning.

Who Can Join Chop40k?


chop40k is an equal opportunity open for everyone in Nigeria,

all you need is to take advantage of the opportunity now without wasting time…

Why Chop40k Proved To Be Dynamic?

With a one-time registration fee of N2,500,

you’ll be making N40,000 or more on a weekly basis because there is no limit to what you can earn with their affiliate system.

So don’t delay, register your account and start making money immediately.

Chop40k Login

To login to your account once you are through with the registration,

go to their website to log in.

Just click on the menu and then click on login to insert your username and password.


I’ve done justice to this review.

Do you think there are areas I didn’t point out in this review?

Feel free to let me know in the comment section.

Your Turn Now:

Are you a registered member of this program already?

Drop your thought below at the comment box below.

And if you have yet to join and wish to join now,

then click here to register or kindly contact me on WhatsApp to help you out with the registration.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is Chop40k Real?


as of the time of writing this review, chop40k is legit and scam-free.

2.Chop40k Login:

Go to the chop40k website to log in, once it opens,

Click on the menu, then click on login to input your username and password.

3.Chop40k registration:

To register an account, go here to register,

once it opens fill in the required details, and make your payment online, bank deposit, or through pos.

I hope I’ve answered all your questions and cleared all your doubts right?

Please I use God beg you,

don’t forget to use the share button on this post to share with everyone.

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