7 Best Email Marketing Software For Small Business Owners

5 Best Email Marketing Software For Small Business Owners

“7 best email marketing software for small business owners” I’m pretty sure you want to grow your business for more profit and availability right?

And make this possible you need email marketing software and not just an email marketing service,

but the best that’s easy to use and also affordable and that will also turn your leads into customers in no time, right?

If yes, then this article is met for you.

One of the things you need to consider while going into email marketing or choosing an email marketing software/service are so many,

and that’s I’ve put up this post for you not to fall into the wrong software and at the end of the day waste your money, time, effort, and everything.

So, will encourage you to read this content to the end without missing or skying any line.

And would you agree with me that email marketing will consistently deliver a better (ROI) in return than any other marketing campaign?

And That’s the main reason l decided to put up this article so you’d be able to pick from the list of the top email marketing service that will be very good for your marketing.

And mind you that these email marketing services have unique offers and some set of features for you to explore in your email marketing journey,

And more you can as well find the best email marketing software that we get you the results that you need for your business.

Before l go deeper into the list of the best email marketing services I’ve for you in this article, l would want to ask you these few questions.

  1. why do you need email marketing software for?
  2. Do you think going into email marketing would help you scale your business?
  3. What can email marketing software do for you?
  4. Are you ready to put in the work, time, and money that it might require from you?

I’m sure if you’re able to give the right answers to those few questions that succeeding with email marketing is sure.

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The challenge a lot of people have is that they want to go into email marketing without sitting down first and counting the cost,

and that’s while the majority of them failed in their business.

But I’m sure you’re not going to fail if you’re reading this content.

That being said, let’s dive into the business of the day.

What Is Email Marketing All About?

5 best email marketing software for small business owners

Email marketing is simply the use of email to promote products or services to customers/clients.

Or better still, you can say email marketing is the use of email to nurture and develop strong relationships with your email subscribers to complete an end goal.

Email marketing is just a form of digital marketing which includes search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, social media, SEO, and blogging.

Why Do You Think Choosing The Best Email Marketing Software Is Very Important For Your Business?


Without answering this question,

you should answer it and know why choosing the best email marketing platform is important for your business.

You see, email marketing is important because it’s one of the most effective marketing strategies that any small businesses needs,

According to history email marketing is on an average of 4300 percent in return on every investment (ROI) made for your business.

The reason is that you can easily manage all your marketing on just one platform,

It will also allow you access to have full control over all your marketing and contact, and more also,

it might allow you to establish a direct relationship with your audience or customers.

And beyond that,

don’t forget that It’s also very important to know that 95% of your success with email marketing entirely depends on the email marketing service you choose because they are responsible for making you successful with your email marketing,

and not just that you also need to consider the deliverability of the email software you choose.

So you need to be very careful while choosing, and you don’t need to worry about it because l purposely put up this article for you,

so you won’t just end up paying for software that you’re not getting any value, and at the end of the day waste a lot of money for fewer marketing features and terrible email deliverability rates.

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What Should A Good Email Marketing Service Carry?

There is something a good email marketing software should carry or should enable you to do so that you can be successful with all your marketing journey.

  1. A good email marketing service should enable you to create highly engaging email newsletters.
  2. A good email marketing service should allow you to use the (easy drag-and-drop editor).
  3. A good email marketing service should allow you to send bulk emails.
  4. good email marketing software should allow you to use personalized emails for your newsletters.
  5. good email software should have marketing automation.
  6. It should allow you to easily manage your contact list.
  7. It should allow you to segment users into groups.
  8. It should allow you to track all the performance of your email marketing campaigns.
  9. Beyond all of that, good email software makes sure your email campaigns do not end up in the spam folder rather than in the inbox of users.
  10. A good email service should allow you to view analytics reports.

These are the major thing a good email service should have, and you need to consider that too before choosing any email service.

That being said;

What Is The Best Email Marketing Service For A Small Business?

You see, to choose from the list of the best email marketing service, you need to consider their prices,

customer support, reliability, template designs, ease to use, automation, deliverability, integrations,

and many other important features you need in an email marketing service.

Here are my best picks for your email marketing platform I’m sure they’re pretty cool and they’ll serve you with everything you need for your business.

7 Best Email Marketing Software For Small Business Owners


Best Email Service (Powerful, Simplified Tool To Send Emails, Create Beatutify Laning Pages, Automate Your Marketing) Features And more ($15/month).

5 Best Email Marketing Software For Small Business Owners

GetResponse is one of the best email marketing l love so much because I’ve used it and I’ll continue to use Getresponse.

This email software is an all-in-one online marketing service to grow any business on the internet.

And not just that, they also offer email marketing campaigns, high-converting landing pages, and webinar software to help your marketing drive.

Getresponse has over 500 ready-made landing pages, email templates, easy drag and dropper-made templates, and much more.

And the pretty thing here is that they’re easy-to-use templates that you can choose for your marketing purposes.

And not just that, if you want to purposely use Getresponse to drive lead it also serves the purpose, of product sales, webinars, and Autoresponder.

GetResponse remains one of the best email marketing services to go with your email marketing business for your small business.

And the amazing thing here is that you can get started with Getresponse free 30 days trial with no credit card required and upgrade to their $15/month Basic Plan.

I’ve also written a detailed review about Getresponse, click here to read the full review.



The Best Email Marketing software with Complete Automation ($20/month).

5 best email marketing software for small business owners

Sendinblue is one of the easy-to-use email marketing platforms with a free plan that allows unlimited contacts for you,

and with this software, you’re allowed to send over 300 newsletters per day to your list.

And this will be nice for you if actually, you’re serious about growing your list in no time,

you can also start with their low budget which is the (Lite plan)

which starts at just $20/month and allows you to send over 40,000 newsletters per month with no daily sending limit.

Not just that, the Sendinblue free platform is also built on ease to use.

You can design clean and good-looking templates using the drag-and-drop editor,

automated welcome emails that go out every time someone jumps into your list,

and also website opt-in forms to use on your blog or website.

Sendinblue offers live chat and CRM in their free plan as well, which also includes one automation workflow for up to 2,000 contacts list.

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However, You can also view all your real-time statistics with necessary reports that provide you the metrics like open rates,

click-through rates per email sent, and deliverability.

And another thing l like about Sendinblue is their features that allow automation workflows.

These features allow you to set triggers and put all your contacts through custom workflows based on every action they undertake on your blog or website and in the funnel.

With the features Sendinblue has, l think it’s the best email software for your email marketing business,

and it has a low budget which you can start with their (Lite Plan) for just $20/month.

Click here to try Sendinblue.


The Easiest & Fastest Way to Grow Your Online Business Using System io ($20/month).

5 best email marketing software for small business owners

System.io has all the tools you need to grow your online business and scale it for more success.

The system has great features that would help succeed with your marketing business, features as email marketing,

sales funnels, online courses, website builder, affiliate program management, and marketing automation.

And this email marketing service has a clear and well-looking template and easy use of a drag-and-drop editor.

Click here to try system.io


The Easy to use email software:

5 best email marketing software for small business owners

Drip is a powerful email marketing service majorly for eCommerce, bloggers, and digital marketers.

Drip offers users a wide range of tools that would enable marketing automation, sales funnels, and personalization easy.

Drip email software offers users seamless integration for all their popular website builders including WordPress and WooCommerce.

With this, you can easily add pop-ups / opt-in sign-up forms to your blog, website, or webpage and capture more leads.

The support options at Drip are pretty cool which include live chat support,

webinars, automation training, detailed courses, and much more.

As e-commerce l strongly recommend Drip because l believe is the best and with the software, you’d be able to achieve your email marketing success.

And also Drip offers a free trial without requiring a credit card, and their plans start from $49 / month which includes all their amazing features.

And I’m sure drip is what every eCommerce needs.

Click here to try drip.


The All-In-One Email Marketing Service $8+/month:

5 best email marketing software for small business owners

Moosend is an email service with automation features that would help you build your email list, and personalize the newsletters that would help you build strong relationships with your subscribers.

Moosend has easy-to-use drag-and-drop templates that you can use to build a campaign.

This email service helps you add images,

social media icons, text blocks, and more to your emails.

They’ve hundreds of beautiful email templates with different layouts that you can use, and they’re very responsive both on the desktop and smartphone.

And one of the amazing things about moosend is the pricing,

moosend deals with the number of subscribers you’ve on your email list.

And they offer a free plan for users with 1,000 subscribers and this includes sign-up forms and reporting, and you are allowed to send unlimited emails daily.

Moosend paid plans to start at $8/month and scale up with the number of subscribers.

And think even a complete beginner can even go with moosend paid plan.

And every paid plan of moosend comes with access to transactional emails, page builders, and SMTP servers.

If you’re looking for one of the best email services, I’d advise you to give Moosend a try.

Click here to try moosend.


With these selected email services,

I’m pretty sure you’ve now chosen the right email software for your email marketing.

And not just that,

l also want to make sure you choose the right email service that’s why l personally hand-picked the few that I’m sure of.

If you’re a small business owner, with the email services shared here,

you can easily pick anyone that would serve your business with good pricing, and a good customer support team.

I’m sure this list of best email marketing service providers helps you choose the best fit for your business online.

And don’t forget that there are other tons of great email software outside there.

So be careful in your selection, and most importantly,

know the price, features, deliverability, template designs, ease of use,

and the rest of the other things.

Your Turn Now:

Did you gain value from this article that you just read?

Are you using any of the email marketing services mentioned here already?

Feel free to share your experience with me in the comment box down below.

And most importantly, don’t forget to use the share button to share this post everywhere.

Sharing is caring.

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