Finlig Review: Learn And Get Paid On Finlig

Finlig Review: Learn And Get Paid On Finlig

Finlig review: learn and get paid on finlig, you might have heard about this platform finlig before now or this might be your first time to hear about this platform.

Whichever one, here, in this review,

I’ll be reviewing finlig platform for you so you can know how to learn digital skills from the site and also how to also earn money with the platform.

With just a sun of N1,000, you’ll be able to learn any digital skills of your choice with a high-paying-based fee,

and not only that, you still stand to earn money from the platform up to N10,000-25,000 weekly from the platform.

Does that sound cool to you? Don’t worry I’ll show you how to use the platform to learn and earn as well.

Finlig Review: Learn And Get Paid On Finlig

What Is Finlig All About?

Finlig is a digital learning and earning platform based in Nigeria, finlig is a platform where anyone can learn over 20 digital and outstanding marketable skills with just your “SMARTPHONE” all for just N1,000/$4 only.

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What are the outstanding digital and marketable skills you can learn on finlig with N1,000/$4?

The courses are;

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Instagram marketing
  3. Web Development and Design
  4. Facebook marketing
  5. Video Editing
  6. Logo Creation
  7. Tex Animation
  8. Whiteboard Animation
  9. 3D Animation
  10. 3D Ebook cover

And many more.

With over 20 business eBooks all for just N1,000, you can resell these eBooks or give them as a bonus and make money.

And the pretty thing here is that all courses on finlig are smartphone courses, meaning you don’t even need a PC to learn it, just with your simple smartphone you can learn all the 20 courses with your phone.

Who Is The Founder Of Finlig?

Finlig is a Nigeria-based program founded by “Olagide Philips” a technopreneur, who is the chief executive of pitxh forth solutions.

How Does Finlig Works?

Finlig is a platform designed for over 25 countries to learn digital skills and make money in return, so all you need to do is to register and make your payment of N1,000/$4 to gain access to all the 20 courses on your dashboard.

How To Make Money On Finlig?

Finlig is not only met to learn, but it’s also a platform designed for you to make money too from the site because you’ll be buying data to go through those courses they offer.

So as a full registered student or member on finlig, here is how to earn money from the platform.

Finlig commission rate:

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With finlig referral commission rate, you can earn over N10,000-25,000 weekly just by telling other students,

friends, brothers, sisters,s, and family to take courses on finlig with your tracking referral link, and you earn 50% commission of your registration fee per each person you refer.

Isn’t that cool?

But for you to jump into this opportunity, you must be a fully registered student or a member because the primary goal of finlig is to train you with digital skills,

so is not just to make money through referring. And the referring is optional because it could be you register to learn those digital skills and nothing more.

Now, let’s assumed you were able to refer 50 of your friends or people to register as a student on finlig, that’s like about.

Let’s do the calculation now to find out, 500*50=N25,000 in just a single week.

Now, let’s assumed it was just 10 people you were able to refer in a week, that’s 500*10=5,000 in a single week and you can even make this money a single day.

You can see that you can make cool cash for yourself learning and earning at the same time on finlig with just N1,000/$4 only.

How To Register/Sign Up On Finlig

With this simple guide, I’ll believe you can create an account on finlig if you’ll follow the steps.

Step One: Click here to go to finlig website, once it opens, fill in the required details like E-mail Address, Username, Password, and click on I agree to finlig terms, once you’ve filled those details, click on “Sign Up” button as seen below image.

Finlig Review: Learn And Get Paid On Finlig

Step Two: Finlig will now send you a welcome message to your e-mail address, all you need to do here is just click on login to your account.

Step Three: The next thing is to activate your account with N1,000 naira by depositing a minimum of N1,000 naira to your finlig wallet.

And this can be carried out either using your card or making a bank transfer or using POS to pay into their GTbank account.

And once you’ve successfully done that, you should get an email that your account has been activated, and you can start learning and earning straight away.

How To Notify Your Payment

Once you are through with making your payment,

you can now notify them of your payment either through their live chat support right in your account or chat up their admin on WhatsApp with the contact detail on your

dashboard or you can use their Telegram to notify and your account will be activated within 10-15 minutes.

The Most Interesting Facts I Love About Finlig

  1. All courses on finlig are self-explanatory. Meaning you don’t need anybody to be there physically to be with you.
  2. Interestingly you don’t need a PC to learn any of the digital skills on finlig, all you need is your smartphone.
  3. Courses are in Videos and PDF format.

You can now see that this is a great opportunity finlig has provided for you to learn marketable skills that can make you a millionaire just with a token of N1,000/$4 only if you miss this,

you miss an incredible opportunity that you’re going to regret later in life.

This is a great opportunity don’t let it slide away from you without benefiting from it, if you can’t refer, then consecrate on learning those outstanding skills.

Now, Your Turn:

On finlig review: learn and get paid on finlig, what’s your thought about this short review about finlig?

Have you tried it before now? Feel free to share your mind with me in the comment section of this post below.

And please, don’t forget to use the share button below or above to share with everyone everywhere.

There is love in sharing.

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