How To Buy A Gig On Fiverr

How To Buy A Gig On Fiverr

I’m sure you want to learn “how to buy a gig on Fiverr” because that’s why you’re here at the moment right?

Good then, l want to ensure you that, this guide is all you need to purchase whatever service you want to purchase on Fiverr.

So in this guide l will be showing you how to do just that in a step-by-step guide with images so you can understand it better.

You see, if you’re a business owner I’m very sure you’re going to need a freelancer either to handle your logo design,

website design, and development, proofreading, and editing, design book covers, virtual assistant, digital marketing article writing, creating videos and copywriting and so many more.

And whenever you need such services and you need an expert to handle them Fiverr is the right place to find the right fit.

Making a buyer request on this Fiverr might seem a bit complicated at first to so many people but in the real sense, it’s very easy.

Fiverr happens to be one of the biggest and most popular freelance marketplaces to buy any service.

And we are told that Fiverr receives thousands of buyers visiting every single day to hire freelance workers and unlike other freelance marketplaces,

on Fiverr you can purchase a service starting from $5, And according to Fiverr, a gig is bought every 3 seconds.

Fiverr is the best place to buy whatever gig that you want and it’s very cheap just $5 and you’re good to go.

And before you can start buying anything on Fiverr, your going to need to create a buyer account.

What Is Fiverr Gig:

How To Buy A Gig On Fiverr

A Fiverr gig is simply used to describe the service you want to purchase on Fiverr.

It provides you with the opportunity to see what you’re to buy from a seller before going ahead to buy from him/her.

That is the simple meaning of gig on Fiverr.

At this moment you need to register an account on Fiverr because there is no way you can purchase any service or place an order on Fiverr without having an account.

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How To Create An Account On Fiverr:

Before you make your first order, you need to set up a Fiverr account, and here is a step-by-step guide to follow.

Step One: Click here to head over to Fiverr.

How To Buy A Gig On Fiverr
how to buy a gig on Fiverr

Once it opens the Fiverr homepage as seen above, then click on the join as you see it on the image. And once that has been done, it will display something like the below one.

How To Buy A Gig On Fiverr
how to buy a gig on Fiverr

Please make sure you follow the steps here to get it right,

then you need to put your email address and get a verification link to activate your Fiverr account.

Once you’ve received the verification link, You can then set up your name, bio, and other details information required from you.

Please take note that, “you won’t be allowed to change your name on your Fiverr account once it is created, so make sure you use something that you would like”.

Step Two: How To Place An Order On Fiverr

Now that you’ve successfully created your Fiverr buyer account, here is what your buyer account looks like the below in the image below.

How To Buy A Gig On Fiverr
how to buy a gig on Fiverr

Once you’re done login into your account, now it’s time to proceed to make your order of what you want.

It’s now time to begin to start making your first purchase on Fiverr.

To start with, this depends on what your need, now to start,

you need to choose a category from the top menu of what you want (whether it’s a Web Design service that you want,

Content Writer, Coding service, Digital marketing, or Writing & Transition).

Once you’ve come up with what you want or you can even simply type in the search box the exact project you are looking for on Fiverr. Now, let’s assume l want a web design service, I’ll type in the search box and then hit enter as seen below image.

How To Buy A Gig On Fiverr
how to buy a gig on Fiverr

Once you’ve done that you’ll now see hundreds of gigs or shops to make purchases from like Web design and any other services that you’re in need of. As seen in the image below.

How To Buy A Gig On Fiverr
how to buy a gig on Fiverr

Now that you’re here, it may seem overwhelming at first when you get to Fiverr, but the truth is you don’t need to get confused about what you want.

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Step Three: How To Find The Right Gig On Fiverr

Now that you’ve used the search box and found what you want, the next is to select a seller whose gig description his/other details information.

Once you’re on a seller’s profile, you can now see all the detailed information about that gig that will help you make a buying decision starting from gig description, rating, how many orders they have in queue,

their level, and service fee as well.

And mind you, most sellers have different rates for three different packages, which are

(Basic package, Standard package, and Premium package). The difference between these three packages is the time of delivery, workload, and fee.

And most importantly, you need to also check out reviews from other people by previous buyers.


let’s assume that you’ve successfully found the right gig and seller to purchase from, it’s now time to move into the aspect of placing your order on Fiverr.

Step Four: Place Your Order On Fiverr

After you’ve chosen the best seller to purchase from, then click on the continue button as seen below the image.

How To Buy A Gig On Fiverr
how to buy a gig on Fiverr

After you’ve done that, it will take you to the Customize your order page where you can see the summary of the job and workload the seller will handle for you.

And make sure you add any extras that you want the seller to handle for you because if you don’t do this at the beginning,

you’ll have to wait for 12 hours after making your order before you can add it, so it’s better you add everything at the start.

So select all the services that you might need before clicking on the continue button.

And before you also place an order try to contact the seller right from your account before buying.

Fiverr allows you to message the sellers beforehand in case you might have other things you might want him/her to include on the service or maybe you want to show the seller sample of what you want him/her to do for you.

And not only that, but it will also allow you to learn more about sellers, and their work process, and also to be sure you’re dealing with the right person that can handle your project for you.

Step Five: How To Pay For Your Buyer Request On Fiverr

There are six options for paying for your gig order on Fiverr and you’re allowed to choose anyone that is fine by you.

The first option is to use the money you might have earned in your Fiverr account to order service, but let me assume this is your first time purchasing on Fiverr that you don’t have money on your balance.


In case you’ve money in your Fiverr balance, it has to be equal to or greater than the amount of your order.

But if your Fiverr balance is completely empty or your order is exceeding your balance, there are six options to pay for your order which include PayPal, Master Card, Visa card, with any other card. As seen below in the image.

How To Buy A Gig On Fiverr
how to buy a gig on Fiverr

So you’re to choose whichever option you want to use for payments once you’re done, then click on continue and fill in the required details information. out your personal information. And once you’re done reviewing your order, then simply click on the “Agree and continue button”.

Whichever option you want to use in paying for your order just follow the same step and you’re good to go, very simple.

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After Payment What Next

Now that you’ve successfully made your Fiverr order request.

So make sure to give your seller all the required information that he/she needs so they can start working.

And it’s important to give them a detailed description of the project you want them to hand in,

and also brief them on anything extremely important you want them to take note of,

and if possible attach files if you can.

Now let’s assume they’re working on designing a website for you if possible attach the sample of what you want them to do for you or the type of design that you want,

or if it’s writing content for your website or blog, attach a link to the blog or website so they can study your tone of voice and also see your previous work.

Once you’re satisfied you can now go ahead to “click on start order now” and your Fiverr seller can now start with their work.


With this detailed step-by-step guide, l just drop for you here on “how to buy a gig on Fiverr” I’m sure you’re not going to find any issue placing an order on Fiverr anymore.

The thing is that, once you know the exact thing you’re looking for and how you can get it you’ll not find it difficult to place an order.

You don’t need to struggle all alone trying to figure things out yourself, whatever service or project you want an expert to handle for you, you can just head over to Fiverr and place your order, simple as that.

Now Your Turn:

How do you see this content here? Do you learn anything from it at all? Feel free to let me know your thought about this post.

And more also

feel free to drop a comment at the comment box below for me if you learn anything here, and if you have any questions about how to buy a gig on Fiverr do let me know I’ll try my best to answer all your questions.

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