Flowextra Registration: Step By Step Guide

Flowextra registration: step by step guide, flow extra has been one of the best income programs that I can boldly bet that’s currently paying. So in this short review, is going to be on the “Flowextra registration guide” to enable you to register successfully on the website and get activated immediately.


you should note that I’m writing this post as a follow-up post on my flowextra review. I want to let you guys know that I’ve spent some time on the website and I know every about the program and the benefits you’ll gain once you take the bold step to register. You can read my flow extra review here; flowextra review: how to earn 20k weekly

Is Flowextra Legit or scam?

Flowextra registration: step by step guide

As one been on the platform for some time now, and with what I’ve earned, I can boldly tell you that “flow extra” is a very legit platform and you can make a lot of money from the platform completing simple tasks such as, reading news, daily login, sharing of their ads post to your Facebook wall.

And not only that, but you also earn 52% as affiliate commission once you introduce others to flowextra and even earn much more.

I personally have completed a few tasks on the platform and also earn from referring other people to earn too, and with this, you can earn more because it pays big if you can combine the two, meanwhile, the referral is completely 100% optional, meaning you don’t have to refer before you can, but if you do, you can triple the amount you’ll be earning from the platform.

Vital Information

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My Special Sign Up Bonus

Thankfully to God who made you to found this post, to anyone that signs up to flowextra using my tracking affiliate link, am going to send my powerful PDF where I share my secret strategies on how I hack a lot of referrals online to any income program or online business I join without asking.

The PDF will teach you the strategies i used to pull over 126 referrals on naira4all as at the time of writing this post with many other online businesses in Nigeria.

With the secrets I shared inside the PDF, you’ll be able to learn all my strategies for getting a lot of referrals and in turn making real money for yourself from the platform.


I never intended to give out this PDF for free because it currently selling on my blog here, however, am giving it to you for free, and the reason while am doing this is just to encourage you and to share the secrets of how to make money with any income program.

I personally know how difficult it is to make money online in Nigeria especially if you complete a beginner, so am giving you all that you need to succeed with this program and in return make good money for yourself on this platform if you are ready to take a step.

All I need from you as payback or tithe from you is to put in a good effort and be consistent and fully focus on it for some days, with that l’ll then be happy with you.

Now What Should You Do?

Here is what I want you to do right now.

  1. Register and activate your account with one-time payment of N2,500.
  2. Then send me an email to osakwenelsonuchenna19@gmail.com to get your promised bonus immediately i confirm.

Are you ready now to jump in?

Before you proceed with the registration, make sure you’ve your registration fee of N2,500 ready in your bank or at hand with good internet connection to access the platform.

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How To Get Flowextra Coupon Code

To get the flow extra coupon code for registration, you can join my flow extra WhatsApp group here to get it instantly and get registered immediately. JOIN US ON THE WHATSAPP GROUP HERE.

How To Register To Flowextra

Make sure you follow these simple steps below to get yourself registered.

Step One: Click here to register an account on flowextra, once it open, fill in all the required details correctly , and once you’ve done that, click on accept terms and then click on register. As seen in the image below.

Flowextra Registration: Step by step guide
Flowextra registration: step by step guide

Step Two: Once you’re done with that, another page will show up to the payment page. Flowextra has two options of account activation which are; 1. Coupon code and 2, online payment.

Then choose the option you feel comfortable activating your account with, and once you’ve got the coupon code, then paste it in the field and click on apply, as seen below in the image.

flowextra registration: step by step guide

And once you’re done that, your account will be activated immediately, all you need to do is to log in to your dashboard to upload your information and upload your bank details too and start earning from the platform.

Once that’s done.

Step Three: To get the promised bonus, send me an email to osakwenelsonuchenna19@gmail.com or WhatsApp 08123062183 for the PDF.

Then I’ll confirm your name and send it to you.

Click here to register on flowextra.


I hope you enjoyed this flowextra registration guide? And with the “Pro Referral Hijacker PDF” I promised will help you make a lot of money from this platform and not only on this platform but every other online business you’ll join.

So go ahead to jump in now and start making money for yourself immediately.

Now, Over To You:

Did you enjoy this short post? Are you a registered member of flowextra income program or do you intend to join it now?

Do you’ve any questions about this program you feel you want to ask? Do let me know in the comment section below this post.

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