Flowextra Review: How To Earn 20k Weekly

Flowextra review: how to earn 20k weekly. Do you want to know how you can be pulling 20k weekly from the flow extra income program? If yes, then follow me let me show you how it can be achieved using this website.

Flowextra is one of the top websites that Nigerians have the privilege to read news, comment on news, log in daily and refer a friend, and get paid in return. And this website is out there to help everyone to start generating income on daily basis using this website.

So if your such one that desires on earning daily no matter how little or small it could be, then flow extra is the better place to achieve that dream. With flow extra earning 20k weekly over sure for you if you can put in the required effort to make it happen.

What Is Flowextra?

Flowextra Review: How to earn 20k weekly

Flowextra is one of the popular websites that rewards its users for their daily life activities. Flowextra Technology was created on March 22nd, 2020 under the legal protection of flow extra Technology.

Flowextra is an entertainment website and makes money online for everyone aiming to make money online in Nigeria.

Vital Information:

Even so it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.

My beloved friend, if is not the will of God for you to perish. Why should you choose to perish in hell? Repent now the kingdom of God is at hand before it becomes too late for you.

What Is FAE And FRE Flowextra?

Here is what FAE and FRE stand for on flow extra:

  1. F=Flowextra
  2. A=Activities
  3. E=Earnings

While FRE is;

  1. F=Flowextra
  2. R=Referral
  3. E=Earnings

So you get it now. This is based on your daily activities earnings on the website for sharing their sponsored post, daily login, and others.

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Is Flowextra Legit?

As of the time of writing this post, flow extra is legit and paying very well on daily basis for their affiliate earners’ commission.

Flowextra How It Works

Flowextra is a platform that rewards its members for their daily activities on their platform such as, reading news, daily login, sharing sponsored ads, and many more. Once you get yourself registered on the platform, you become a full member of the site and have the full access and opportunity to make money from all the activities they offer for you to get paid.

How To Earn On Flowextra

Here are the ways to make money from this platform.

1. You get registered and become a full financial member on their website with a one-time registration fee of ₦2,500

2. You get paid 52% affiliate commission which means you get instant payment of ₦1,300 for each person you registered on to the website.

NOTE: Referring is optional.

3. You get an instant registration bonus of 1,000 FAE points immediately after your account is activated.

4. You get instant Airtime of your desired network provider for posting your credit alert testimony (with a good caption) on their official Facebook group.

5. You get paid 10 FAE points by clicking each of any news you see on the website.

6. You get paid 10 FAE points by commenting on any articles on the website (commenting short words such as okay, alright, good, yes, ok, thank you, really, etc is not allowed, your comments on any article must at least be 5 words and above to interact properly with the article). Please take note.

7. You get paid 200 FAE points by logging in each day, alongside your sharing of sponsored post rewards which you’re to be sharing every day on your Facebook Timeline.

8, You’re qualified to place withdrawal without having any referral once you hit the minimum threshold of N5,000 every 10th of every month.

And the most interesting part is that you won’t be charged any commission after placing a withdrawal.

Once you successfully become a registered member on the flow extra website, you can be making nothing less than ₦20,000 every week with the help of the affiliate skills that have already been embedded in your dashboard.

So these are the ways you can actually make money from the platform.

How Much Is 10,000 FAE In Flowextra?

Flowextra activity earnings are paid every month ending with the minimum earnings of 10,000 FAE points which is equal to N5,000, and you receive this every 10th of every month.

How Do I Share A Sponsored Post On Flowextra?

Sharing of flow extra sponsored posts is very simple. Whenever you want to share the sponsored post, follow this guide.

Go to your member dashboard, then click on the sponsored post tab, you’ll see sponsored post for each day you feel like you want to share…..

Copy the text and save the image and go to your Facebook wall to paste it, and once you are done with that, then return to your account to click on the click here to earn to get your commission titled for the sponsored.

Very simple.

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How To Withdraw From Flowextra

To place a withdrawal request, as an affiliate/referral commission, simply login to your account and locate on the withdraw to cash out once you’ve earned up to the N3,900 minimum threshold, and you can request for withdrawal and get paid that same day as an affiliate commission…

While non-referral earning are paid every 10th of every month once you’ve earned N5,000 as non-referral, the withdrawal form will popup for you to place withdrawal.

Flowextra Registration

Follow this simple guide below to get yourself registered on the platform.

Step One: Click here to register an account, once the registration page opens, fill in your required information correctly, then click on tick on accept terms and click on the register.

Step Two: Then another page we open to choose your payment option either coupon code or online payment. If it is a coupon code, click on it to apply the code once you’ve gotten the code, if it is a card then click on the application card to continue your payment.

And once you’ve done that, your account will be activated with any of the options you choose immediately.

Step Three: If you need my assistance on how to register or get coupon code instantly, kindly join my flowextra whatsapp group here for instant registration and coupon code delivery.

How To Get Flowextra Coupon Code

You can kindly click here to get the coupon code from the distributors, and once you get it, then proceed with the registration.

But, if you want to get the coupon code through me and get registered through me as well, kindly join my flowextra whatsapp group here for instant registration.


Flowextra is currently the best place to make extra income for those looking for such get paid to read the news.

And not only that, if you want to make money online in Nigeria, you should see flow extra platform as a place to make that money no matter how little it may be, and mind you that you still have the opportunity to make money from the website now that’s still paying even without referral before it goes out of space.

So, you should consider registering on the platform now.

Now, Your Turn:

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