Get Paid To Read News Online In Nigeria.

Get paid to read news online in Nigeria

“Get Paid To Read News Online In Nigeria.” Do you want to make money online by reading the news and commenting on posts and also sharing posts with your friends on Facebook?

don’t worry I want to share with you how to get paid to read the news here in Nigeria. I want to personally share with you one of the popular and hot get-paid-to-read news programs with you.

About instant kash program.

Instant kash, is one of the popular read news and get paid programs designed in a way to walk you step by step on how to get paid to share posts, read news, and comment.

is a financial empowerment program to help you earn daily, weekly, and even months depending on you.

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The founder of instant kash.

Instant kash is owned by UBG INTERNATIONAL, a tech business registered under CAC with BN180895.

Is instant Kash legitimate or a scam site.

Talking about whether instant kash is a scam or not before you put in your money, I want to tell you that the program is legitimate because I have personally earned some bulk from the program and that is why am sharing the program with you here.

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How instant kash work.

Instant kash, is a news platform that rewards members for their daily activities like reading news, commenting on news, sharing posts on Facebook, daily login, and referring your friends.

The best part is that you can start with very little capital and that doesn’t hinder you from not earning big from the program. Instant kash is Nigeria’s no 1 top news platform, instant kash is unique from every other news program in Nigeria and I’ll tell you why is outstanding from others.

number one;

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  1. This program pays within less than six to seven hours of your withdrawal daily.
  • 2. This program pays a 75 percent commission on your referrals.
  • 3. This program has a flexible membership package for members to register with.
  • 4. This program pays with or without referrals.
  • 5. You can use your NARS EARNINGS to place an advert on their website if you want to run an advert.

You can see the uniqueness of the program right?

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Six ways to earn from the instant kash program.

There are about six-way to make money from the program which I’ll list below now.

  1. Reading of news.
  2. Daily login
  3. Sharing post.
  4. Submitting of articles.
  5. Referral.
  6. Daily quiz.

Let me explain how to make money with these six ways I mentioned.

New Update: Please don’t register on Instant kash, the website has stopped paying recently and every link on these posts linking to the Instant kash website has been removed.

Instead, register with owodaily income program. Is one of the top Nigerian make-money-online websites in Nigeria. Click here to register an account on owodaily income program.

  1. Reading news; here you earn 10 nairas for each news you read and comment on the platform, the platform update news 24/7 you can read as many as you want and continue to earn.

2. Daily login; here also you earn 100 nairas for daily login into your account which is automatically credited into your wallet.

3. Sharing post; here instant kash reward you for sharing their post to Facebook and you get 100 nairas for sharing their post.

4. Submitting of articles; you can also earn by submitting articles on their website, and when it gets approved you earn 100 nairas per article approved.

5. Referral; this is where the money is, you make a huge 75 percent of your referral for each person you refer to the program, here you could be making 10k every week referring people.

6. Daily quiz; you earn 500 nairas per quiz you win for the day.

100% welcome bonus; instant kash promised once you register they we pay you your registration feel back to you as a welcome bonus, this is not true, I just want you to know that.

BUT NOTE THIS; that referral is optional, so you can still get paid without a referral, but that we are on the 26th of every month.

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Let’s break it down now.

Daily login gives you 100*30days=3,000

Sharing a post on Facebook gives you 100*30=3,000

Each news you read gives you 10 naira, now when you read like 200 news daily that gives you 2,000

For each quiz you win you earn 100 nairas, let’s say you win four times in a month that is 4,000

You earn instant 1,500 for each person you refer to the program, let’s say your ability to refer like 10 people in a month, that is 15,000

Let’s say you submit an article and get approved and you submit 10 articles in a month, that is 100*10=1,000.

Now, let’s calculate everything.

Now, let’s put it together,

3,000+3,000+2,000+4,000+15,000+1,000=27,000, that is twenty-seven thousand monthly, and you can even make more than this if you are active.

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Instant kash membership package.

The program has three membership packages that you can sign up with anyone depending on your capital, so there is no restriction on anyone on the program.


  1. Silver membership package for 1,000
  2. Gold membership package for 1,500
  3. Diamond membership package for 2,000

Let me break it down for your understanding and show you the differences in the package.

New Update: Please don’t register on Instant kash, the website has stopped paying recently and every link on these posts linking to the Instant kash website has been removed.

Instead, register with owodaily income program. Is one of the top Nigerian make-money-online websites in Nigeria. Register an account on owodaily income program here.

In all these packages members can still earn and withdraw at the same time.

A silver member is titled to earn 750 for any referral you get, you cannot earn more than 750 unless you upgrade to a gold membership package. so, you cannot earn more than 750 for each referral.

A gold member, can earn 1,125 for any referral even if you refer a silver member, your referral commission is still 1,125 for anyone you refer and you can still earn more if you upgrade to a diamond member.

A diamond membership earns 75 percent commission for referring anyone and that is 1,500 without any restriction on any package.

Now, you get it right?

so, to register just pick anyone that suits you and sign up with.

How to request for withdrawal from instant kash.

Instant kash pay referral commission within six to seven hours of requesting for withdrawing, and you can request from withdrawing as long you have a minimum referral of 1,500 above and get paid, why your other activities earn is paid every 26th of every month with a minimum payout of 3,000 which I believe you can make if you cannot refer.

How to register or sign up with the instant kash program.

I believe you want to sign up with them right now right?

To register an account with instant kash, Click here to register an account.

Just fill in your first name, last name, email, phone number, username, and password.

Select payment typer and select package, make sure you first select payment to auto credit so membership package shows up for you, then select the membership you want to sign up with, then click the small box to agree to their rule then click register.

then it login you into your account, then click on pay, then wait for it to load the page for you, when it opens click on confirm payment, then if we open another page for you to fill in your card details, as soon as is successful you get a message that your payment is successful and your account we approve instantly.

But, if you want to register through a coupe code check the about contacting me page to get my contact for your coupe code, and note before you call me to note I must be the one to register you, then I send your login details.


Now, you have understood everything about instant kash and get paid to read news online in Nigeria.

so, if you see the idea of making money on an instant kash program sounds cool to you, then register an account with them and start making money. Click here to register.

And most importantly, don’t forget to subscribe to my affiliate marketing training below to download your free eBook on how to make over 150k+ from affiliate marketing Every Single Month in Nigeria. Click here to download it now.

And most importantly,

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