Getresponse: Is GetResponse The Best Marketing Automation?

Getresponse: Is GetResponse The Best Marketing Automation?

Do you think email marketing is still valuable for your small businesses to go into? 

One of the challenges most people have is getting the best email marketing software for their small business.

And that’s why l want to guide you on the right email marketing software to use for your business…

In this article, “(Getresponse )”  “(Getresponse: Is GetResponse The Best Marketing Automation?)” l will be sharing everything you need to know about Getresponse email marketing service and whether it’s the best email software for your business.

One thing you need to know as a small business owner or as an internet marketer is that GetResponse’s email and marketing automation services can help your business… 

GetResponse is one of the most recommended or popular email marketing services. 

Getresponse is easy to use and simplifies email marketing for small businesses and it’s a complete beginner’s guide.

And if you’re new to email marketing, GetResponse can help you get started with sending amazing emails and setting up everything step by step.

All that you need to start your email marketing business GetResponse comes with those beautiful and responsive forms, landing pages, A/B testing, tracking, and autoresponders. 

Getresponse is one of the best email marketing services you should use for your business.

And Getresponse can also integrate with third-party lead generation software like SalesForce, Google Docs, ZenDesk.

What Is Getresponse

Getresponse: Is GetResponse The Best Marketing Automation?

GetResponse is one of the oldest email marketing solutions. It was founded in the year 1998. 

The GetResponse email service contains a suite of email marketing and online campaign management tools designed to help you grow your, 

business, sales, and maximize profit, and succeed in the online marketing business.

GetResponse is an inbound marketing service that provides small to large organizations with creative business solutions. Using Getresponse can help you double your ROI in your business…

Getresponse we help you achieve so many things online for your business such as;

  1. 1: You can view reports and analytics for all your marketing
  2. 2: Host any kind of webinar
  3. 3: It helps you create valuable email marketing lists 
  4. 4: It helps you build compelling email marketing campaigns
  5. 5: Perform marketing automation

And so much more…

And the amazing thing is that Since then GetResponse has been expanding its features and growing its service globally.

Over the past years, Getresponse has been constantly growing its services…

And It hasn’t rested on its laurels as it continues to provide users with the best email marketing features to help them grow their businesses.

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GetResponse Features

Let’s look at the features you get to see on Getresponse…

Here are its main features and how each of them works for your business to help you make an impact with your business.

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Email Marketing

Getresponse: Is GetResponse The Best Marketing Automation?

With GetResponse you can create newsletters using its drag-and-drop editor or HTML source editor.

And there are hundreds of professionally designed templates that you can easily use to create your newsletter.

The GetResponse newsletter templates are impressively diverse and customizable,

and you can browse and select ones according to campaign goals. 

And the amazing thing is that, once you’re done building your newsletter either using the drag and drop editor,

the software also gives you the option to preview it and see how it looks on a desktop and you can also see the mobile and web browser versions.

And Getresponse also provides you with a spam score of your newsletter which is rather helpful,

as you may be unknowingly using terms that email programs flag as distrustful in your newsletter. 

You can also decide to send your newsletters immediately or schedule them to be sent at a later time than you want. 

You can also use the program’s Time Travel feature to deliver the email to recipients based on their local time.  

And it didn’t end here, GetResponse email marketing service also has a Perfect Timing feature.

It predicts the best time of the day to send your emails to your subscribers or list…

GetResponse also helps you to split-test up to five versions of your email newsletters to determine the best-performing one. 

And the cool thing about Getresponse is that;

  1. 1: RSS to Email 
  2. 2: Email Templates
  3. 3: Good deliverability rate
  4. 4: Autoresponders
  5. 5: Time Travel
  6. 6: Perfect Timing

Marketing Automation

Getresponse: Is GetResponse The Best Marketing Automation?

You need to know that by using the GetResponse marketing automation feature, you can create customized workflows that help you to deliver better customer experiences.

The Getresponse marketing automation, feature allows a drag-and-drop builder that you can use to set up automation flowcharts.

Those have three key elements: Conditions, Actions, and Filters. 

GetResponse also allows you to filter your contacts so that they experience different paths of your workflow. 

Landing Page Builder

Getresponse: Is GetResponse The Best Marketing Automation?

The Getresponse landing page builder allows you to get creative and can convert your traffic and leads into sales in no time. And you will also have a drag-and-drop editor at your disposal to use.

The Getresponse features a variety of mobile-responsive with good landing page templates, as well as a built-in image editor. You can choose from numerous free Shutterstock photos and Giphy gifs and use them. 

And once you’re done with your designs, you can run AB tests to determine the better-performing landing page. 

You can then share it via your custom domain or use one of GetResponse’s free domains. You can also track the clicks and conversion rates after it has been published. 

Signup Forms:

Getresponse: Is GetResponse The Best Marketing Automation?

Do you know another cool thing with Getresponse signup forms is that you can turn your website, visitors, into email subscribers with the GetResponse forms feature?

 Yes, and that’s what l use for all my blogs.

The signup forms allow you to grow your email list by making custom sign-up forms in your blog or website. 

You can either create your form from scratch or use one of the pre-designed drag-and-drop templates they offered users. 

However, you can also design your very own form with complete freedom using the HTML editor.

With that you can;

  1. 1: optimize your forms for mobile devices only
  2. 2: test different form versions
  3. 3: customize your branding the way you want
  4. 4: add custom fields to collect data 

It also allows you to add GDPR consent fields to your forms. You can as well enable reCAPTCHA to keep bots out of your list. 

And once you’ve created your forms the way you want, you then add them to your blog or website, Facebook, WooCommerce, and pages.

You can also have your form hosted by GetResponse for free, and all you need to do is simply share the link with whosoever you want to join your email list. 

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Reporting and Analytics

Getresponse: Is GetResponse The Best Marketing Automation?

Do you know that most email marketing service doesn’t have this very feature in their service?

 But, with Getresponse once you finished sending out your campaigns, you would of course want to know how well they are performing.

And with the GetResponse, you get a good range of reporting and analytics options for all that you do. 

With that, you get to know all the basics such as the open rate, click-throughs, unsubscribe rates, country of subscriber and so many other things…

You can have your reports delivered to your inbox Or better still simply view them via the reporting section of the GetResponse website in your dashboard. 


Getresponse: Is GetResponse The Best Marketing Automation?

Another cool thing you will get to see on Getresponse is the webinars feature, (meaning you can hold webinars for free on Getresponse). This is another cool feature if you’re an internet marketer. 

All you need to do is integrate your email list with a webinar tool, and You can send out invites to any selected segment of your contacts that you want to attend the webinar.

And the amazing thing is that the tool allows you to host an unlimited number of webinars, all under the same roof.

And all the webinar functions include: 

  1. 1: Video share functionality via YouTube
  2. 2: host with up to two other people 
  3. 3: Free online storage for playback files
  4. 4: Host webinar via desktop or mobile app
  5. 5: One-click record of webinars
  6. 6: Screen Sharing functionality…

And so many other functions…

GetResponse webinars have an attendee limit of up to 100 participants for the Plus plan, 300 for the Professional plan, and 500 for the Max plan. You can also only run paid webinars on the Professional plan or higher. 

Conversion Funnel

Getresponse: Is GetResponse The Best Marketing Automation?

Another good feature of GetResponse is its conversion funnel.

This alone makes Getresponse stand out from every other email marketing service, the tool transforms the software from being a mere email marketing program to an e-commerce business solution.

All you need to do is create a GetResponse funnel using the ready-made, automated sales funnel creator.

This allows you to perform a series of activities without ever leaving the GetResponse platform. 

This include:   

  1. 1: selling products and accepting payments online
  2. 2: making a product catalog
  3. 3: sending abandoned cart emails
  4. 4: creating and running Google and social media ad campaigns
  5. 5: creating landing pages
  6. 6: automating your emails

Completely everything you need as an e-commerce business owner is on Getresponse to get you started. 

And if you like, you can integrate third-party programs, like Shopify and BigCommerce into it. Isn’t that amazing?

Not just that, GetResponse also offers a wide range of templates to help you customize your sales funnel fast.


Getresponse: Is GetResponse The Best Marketing Automation?

Now, let’s assume you want to create an email or a series of emails to be sent to your subscribers or email list automatically.

Since it’s impossible to manually send the emails one by one, GetResponse makes this more convenient and easy for you to do that via its Autoresponders feature. 

You can send newsletters to 100k of your subscribers conveniently using their autoresponders.

All you have to do is to create the first autoresponder message by configuring when the email will be sent to a subscriber of your list.

The good thing here is that you can use autoresponders to greet new subscribers by sending them a welcome email and also following them up with follow-up emails.

And if you also want them to visit your site or some pages you can also leave links to the pages you want them to visit to get them acquainted with your business.

And once you’ve determined the autoresponder’s scheduled email, you can design the email and then hit publish.

You need to know that sending autoresponders emails is one of the great ways to onboard new subscribers.

You can also automate your sales and engagement by setting up multiple autoresponders emails to send to your subscribers…

Website builder:

Getresponse: Is GetResponse The Best Marketing Automation?

Another cool feature Getresponse added recently is the “(website builder feature)” GetResponse can now help you build entire websites for completely free.

But, mind you that the level of flexibility would be different compared to dedicated website builders, but for an added feature it’s Amazing.

If you want to build a simple website fast without spending a dime– this is a great option for you to go with.

The AI builder takes the pain out of the web design process and lets you choose from a bunch of templates recommended based on your type of business.

Once it’s ready you can now go ahead to customize it with a drag & drop builder.

Ecommerce store:

Getresponse: Is GetResponse The Best Marketing Automation?

Do you have a product that you want to sell whether digital or physical products?

 You can use the Getresponse eCommerce store. GetResponse offers this functionality as well and it ties in neatly with their Conversion Funnel tool.

This means you can build a fully functional store on Getresponse…

Landing pages:

Getresponse: Is GetResponse The Best Marketing Automation?

If you’re a blogger or website owner like me and you want to convert visitors into subscribers or even customers, you can use Getresponse landing pages instead.

All you need to do is to select from the available templates organized, then simply drag and drop. Very easy to use.

Once you’re finished with your landing page design, you need to determine which domain you want to publish your page, Getresponse has three domains so you can choose from three preset domains owned by GetResponse.


 if you have a blog or website, it’s best also better to publish the landing page under your domain for branding purposes.

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Transactional emails:

Getresponse: Is GetResponse The Best Marketing Automation?

If you’re one of those guys running an e-commerce site, you need to know that you need more from your email marketing software aside from just collecting subscribers and sending emails to them.

You need a tool that will send emails to people who forgot to check out their carts and receipts to customers for every transaction.

With this feature on GetResponse, it Transactional Email feature lets you connect its API or SMTP and send transactional emails to customers.

You can analyze and review the performance of these emails to further maximize your sales opportunities.

List management:

Getresponse: Is GetResponse The Best Marketing Automation?

When building a list, you need to know that you want people who are active to join your list.

However, you can only do that if you can send them emails that encourage them to participate and stay active.

This feature on GetResponse’s “List Management feature,” helps you achieve this by first segmenting and adding conditions to your subscribers.

you can decide to segment groups of people who signed up using a different form with a specific message on your site, you do this to know those engaging or active on your list.

And once you have created a segment for them, you can now go ahead to create a personalized campaign for this ground of people on the email they should receive from you.

This way, you make your interactions with each of your segments more dynamic and personal to help increase engagement, if not conversions.

And another good way to manage your subscriber list is by adding conditions to each.

From List Management, you can also profile each of your subscribers. Click on each one to learn more about them.

With that, you can see their latest activity based on the emails you sent to them, add notes about each, and other details that could help you convert them into customers…

Customer Support:

Getresponse: Is GetResponse The Best Marketing Automation?

Getresponse customer support is the best based on my experience. Have tested this because Getresponse is the email software I’m correctly using.

On Getresponse you get a 24/7 live chat option, as well as email support in eight available languages for you.

And one thing about the Getresponse customer support team is that it’s very quick to respond, especially via the GetResponse live chat.

When you chat with them, they were able to provide helpful information when contacted.

GetResponse also has a searchable help center with articles and videos where you can also find help or learn more…

And you can also get access to the blog and resources, which include: 

  1. 1: case studies 
  2. 2: videos 
  3. 3: a training webinar
  4. 4: courses 
  5. 5: reports 
  6. 6: infographics 
  7. 7: guides.

   GetResponse Pricing :

There are currently four GetResponse pricing plans which you can choose from.

Getresponse: Is GetResponse The Best Marketing Automation?

Another cool thing about GetResponse is that it offers a lifetime free account that supports up to 500 contacts and offers access to email marketing.

And you also need to know that this feature has some limitations that only paid plan will lift these limits.

Click Here To Start Your Free 30 Days Trial On GetResponse


 if you’re just getting started, that may be enough for your needs.

Below are what’s included in this free plan: 

  1. 1: Unlimited newsletters
  2. 2: Signup forms and popups
  3. 3: Connect your domain
  4. 4: 1 landing page
  5. 5: Website Builder.

What about paid plans?

You’ve got several different plans to choose from. All of which include a 30-day free trial.

And the good thing here is that the higher plan you sign up for, the more features you’ll unlock.

Also, the price for all plans increases if your subscriber count exceeds 1,000 contacts.

And to make things easier and to save on your subscription, you can sign up for a 12- or 18-month plan to get 18% and 30%, respectively, off the total price.

Here is the breakdown of the different plans available:

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The lowest plan of GetResponse is available at $19./month. Below is the list of features included:

  1. 1: Everything under email marketing, landing pages, forms/surveys, e-commerce tools, templates, website builders, and tracking/reporting.
  2. 2: Create unlimited lead funnels and just one (1) sales funnel
  3. 3: Over 150 integrations with third-party platforms
  4. 4: Limited automation features (drip campaigns, click and open follow-ups, and contact tagging only)
  5. 5: Basic customer service (24/7 live chat and email support)
  6. 6: Autoresponders
  7. 7: Basic segmentation
  8. 8: Integrations and API
  9. 9: Email Scheduling
  10. 10: Unlimited Website Builder
  11. 11: Unlimited landing pages.


Perfect email marketing service for affiliate marketers looking to scale up their businesses or double their profit. 

Available prices start at $59./month. Aside from what’s included under the “EMAIL MARKETING PLAN”, below is a list of other things available in thE plan:

  1. 1: Everything in the email marketing place
  2. 2: Everything under the automation feature and the ability to create five (5) custom workflows
  3. 3: Host up to 100 webinar attendees, unlimited registrants, unlimited live webinars, and three (3) hours of recording storage
  4. 4: Include up to three (3) users (including yourself) in a single account.
  5. 5: Create unlimited lead funnels plus five (5) sales funnel and webinar funnels.
  6. 6: Sales funnels
  7. 7: Contact scoring
  8. 8: Marketing automation
  9. 9: Event-based automation
  10. 10: Webinars
  11. 11: Advanced segmentation.


This plan is for eCommerce marketers that want to run their operations using the premium features of GetResponse. 

To get your price, you must sign up for a custom quote.

Below are what’s included in this plan: 

  1. 1: Quick transactional emails
  2. 2: E-commerce segmentation
  3. 3: Web push notifications
  4. 4: Promo codes
  5. 5: Product recommendations
  6. 6: Abandoned cart recovery
  7. 7: Host up to 300 webinar attendees, unlimited registrants, unlimited live webinars, and six (6) hours of recording storage.
  8. 8: Receive campaign and deliverability consulting for maximum results.
  9. 9: Dedicated customer support (24/7 live chat; email, phone, and Slack support).

GetResponse pros and cons:

It’s very important to know the pros and cons of Getresponse…


  1. 1: Getresponse is one of the best email marketing solutions anyone can use
  2. 2: Getresponse Website builder and AI design tool allows you to build websites fast
  3. 3: Hundreds of templates to choose from, making building almost everything on the platform possible for a business owner
  4. 4: Webinar feature stands on its own and renders the need for a third-party webinar tool unnecessary
  5. 5: The Getresponse Conversion funnel feature makes building high-converting funnels incredibly easy for you
  6. 6: Getresponse allows you to view your marketing automation workflows and funnels visually.


  1. 1: Dedicated customer support is only available to e-commerce marketing plan subscribers


I’m sure this Getresponse review was able to answer all your questions about Getresponse. 

If you’re still confused about the best email marketing software

for your small business, l recommend you use Getresponse for your business…

Click here to try Getresponse for free 30 days trial


if you have any questions about this content do let me know…

Now, Over To You:

Do let me know if you have tried Getresponse before now. And if this content were able to help you, do leave me a comment down below.

And most importantly, don’t forget to share this content on social media with your friend…

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