How To Earn $3000 Per Month From Blogging

How To Earn $3,000 Per Month From Blogging

“how to earn $3,000 per month from blogging” 


It’s possible to generate over $3,000 every 30 days from your blog comfortably. 

I’ve generated so much money from blogging for the past two

years in my blogging industry.

So, in this article,

I’d be showing you how to own a complete WordPress blog that can generate such figures every fucking month for you…

I’m sure you gonna like it, right?

But the sad truth is:

Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme as you might have been told…


if you are reading this article here just for the sake of earning very quick from blogging overnight, then know that this article is not met for you,

and know that your blogging career is surely going to end soon.

And if you’re going into blogging for money not that you have an interest in this field of blogging then you will surely bore from it soon.


if you want to go into blogging to start making $3000 every month, then you have to first place your audience in mind by providing real value to them through your blog, after then money we follow.

Quick Tips To Earn $3000 Per Month From Blogging:

1: Build your blog on WordPress

2: Get a good domain name

3: Pick a hot niche

4: Learn about SEO

5: Let your content be SEO based

6: Monetizing your blog with affiliate offers by adding links to your articles

7: Write often on your blog

8: Build backlinks

if you can get this right making $3000 from your blog is possible.

Chosen SEO Themes And Plugin To Install On Your Blog:

After getting the above correctly, then it’s time to choose good and SEO-friendly, and responsive themes for your blog.

It’s very important to choose a good theme why make that theme selection because your theme helps you rank your articles on google quickly?

There are so many free themes you can use if you build your blog on WordPress, that’s why l personally recommend you build your blog on WordPress.

My favorite theme is Generate press premium or genesis.

11 Best Plugins To Install On Your WordPress Blog:

1: Akismet Anti Spam

2: Social media share buttons

3: Table of Content 

4: Rank Math

5: Swift Performance lite

6: AMP for WP

7: Jetpack

8: Limit login

9: Litespeed cache

10: security auditing

11: Updarftplus

How To Do Proper Keyword Research For Your Content: 

Why most content people do not rank or show on google is because they failed to carry out proper keyword research before writing their blog post and this has made their blog not show on google…

Hear me you want to go into blogging.

If you want to start a successful blog, then the first step of it is to properly do the keyword research

 for your content so that you can choose a low-competition keyword that we help your content show on the blog front page of google…

And not just that, you also need to find low competition long tail keywords in your niche or for your content.

Best SEO Keyword Research Tools:

I recommend these free keyword tools to get a low competition long tail keyword for your content.

1: Google keyword planner

2: Ubersuggest

3: Keywords Everywhere

Let’s assume you have installed keyword everywhere for chrome extension on your browser, this SEO help you find a keyword to write on your blog.

Let’s look at this first, go to google and type in the keyword” like’ or “how to start an affiliate marketing business” and look at the results on google

pull out for me using keywords everywhere.

How To Earn $3,000 Per Month From Blogging

How To Earn $3,000 Per Month From Blogging

How To Earn $3,000 Per Month From Blogging

How To Write SEO-Friendly Content:

After you have successfully found the right keyword for your blog post, it’s now time to write an SEO-friendly article.

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Here Are Quick Ways To Help You Write SEO-Friendly Article:

  • 1: Break the whole article using a lot of subheadings just like the one your reading
  • 2: Write a catchy headline for your blog post
  • 3: Use short URLs
  • 4: Break the big paragraph of your article into a paragraph.

How to Monetize Your Blog And Start Generating $3,000 From Your Blog:

After you have done all that in your blog. So, it’s now time to think about monetizing your blog…

One thing you need to have at the back of your mind is that there are a lot of ways to make money through your blog.


here l will share some most popular ways to do that:

  • 1:Selling your digital products on your blog: You can create your products such as E-Book or video courses and sell them on your blog to make money.
  • 2: Making money from Ads: You can place ads on various networks like Google AdSense or MediaNet to get money for the content in your blog.
  • 3: Affiliate marketing: You can promote other people’s products through your blog, in return, you’ll get a commission on it.
  • 4: Selling your service: You can make money by offering your services to your audience for pay.

“DFY-Done-For-You” Discover How To Own A Profitable WordPress Blog With 5 Original Articles Done For You

How To Earn $3,000 Per Month From Blogging

Do you know bloggers earn money on their blogs in dollars? Would you allow me to build a blog that makes money for you?

I mean “DFY DONE-FOR-YOU” Blog.

It’s time to start earning money in dollars right now… Just imagine the rate of dollar to Naira, $1 is now N720.

 You’d know that Naira is gone, which is why you must begin to make money in dollars too like every other internet marketer… 

And this can only be done when you own a blog of your own…


l and my team build a standard blog for you without you touching anything and get it monetized with affiliate products within 6-7 days…

Make Money Like Other Internet Marketers:

Bloggers are making a killing from blogging, and it’s one of the best ways to make money online… 

Allow me to build a “DONE-FOR-YOU” blog without touching anything and get it monetized for you…

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What l Will Do For You In My “DONE-FOR-YOU” Blog Setup.

How would you feel if you see someone ready to

create a complete WordPress Blog With 10 Original

Articles on it for you on any niche of your interest?

Happy or sad?

I knew you might have been struggling all alone trying

to figure or create one either for your business,

company or personal blog.

But now,

What if I tell you that you don’t need to worry

yourself again about that anymore,

That I and my team am fully ready to lift all the burden

of your shoulder by creating a full WordPress blog

for you either for your small business or what kind of blog with

5 Original Articles

 published on the blog for you in any niche

so that you can own your blog almost immediately.

Would you accept that or reject it?

And mind you,

That if you’re a business owner, internet marketer,

affiliate marketer,

 a small business owner that you need

a blog or whatever you’re doing that you need to give yourself online visibility,

and which I and my team are ready to handle for you.

And guess what?

The number of Profits it going to generate

for you is going to be amazing as time goes on.

And here is what you’ll be getting from me if you’d

allow me to create your blog for you.


  • 1. We will set up your blog in any niche of your interest
  • e.g News blog, Food-niche, Fashion-niche, Education-niche, MMO (Make Money Online), Entertainment, and any other.
  • 2. We will give your blog a mobile-friendly design.
  • 3. We will publish 5 Original Articles that we rank on GOOGLE (any niche) of your choice.
  • 4. Your blog we are hosted with an international hosting company.
  • 5. We will create a mobile-friendly and responsive WordPress blog on all devices.
  • 6. It will be built with all the necessary pages like
  • ” About me page,
  • Contact me page,
  • Service or heir my page”
  • with every other necessary page that you want.
  • 7. Blog content we are from 800-1,000-word count per article or post.
  • 8. Your blog we are secured with one of the best plugins.

And every other thing that you need we be included on it for you.

To get started with us in handling all of this for you,

Why l Decided To Do This “DONE-FOR-YOU” Blog.

“DONE-FOR-YOU” Blog setup is a service l personally decided to offer

to those struggling to build one for their self because l discover that a whole lot of people want to go into

blogging but how to figure things out has been a big challenge to 85% of them…

That’s why I’ve decided to offer this service to such persons at a very affordable rate without breaking the bank..,

You might be wondering, but, what are the benefits this service gets to offer you?

With my “DONE-FOR-YOU” blog setup we help you;

  • 1: Solve the problem of trying to figure things out all by yourself
  • 2: I’m going to do everything for you.
  • All you need to do is give me a domain name and your name, email and allow your money to work for you
  • 3: Owning a blog we now become so easy for you
  • 4: You’ll be among the Nigeria blogger
  • 5: It’s sure you’re going to make money from your blog.

And much more.

“DONE-FOR-YOU” Discover The 12 Benefits of The “DONE-FOR-YOU” Blog Covers That Will Make You Win Forever.

You’ll be getting all these benefits from me:

  • 1: Hosting for one year completely free
  • 2: Domain for one year completely free
  • 3: SSL certificate for one year completely free
  • 4: Very good and mobile responsive design
  • 5: Optimized for SEO
  • 6: 5 Unique blog posts publish for you for free in any niche
  • 7: Get it to monetize within 7 days with affiliate programs
  • 8: Install all the necessary plugins
  • 9: It will be built with a contact form page
  • 10: I will also provide you with a complete video tutorial on how to update, and publish a post on your blog
  • 11: You will be added to our close group for support
  • 12: I will also show you where to get content to post on your blog for free

I’m pretty sure you’d not miss this right? Your blog will be set up in any niche either on;

  • 1: Make money online blog
  • 2: News Blog
  • 3: Entertainment blog
  • 4: Real estate blog

And any other…


Time of delivery: 6-7 days.


If You Really Want A “DONE-FOR-YOU” Blog That Can Continue To Generate Cash For You Then This Is For You.

I know by now you should be wondering how much this offer is going for known all that we want to do for you… 

If we charge you N500k I’m sure we didn’t charge you big because we know what we want to handle for you…

But, far from N500k, we can’t charge you that amount because we want to use this opportunity of our discount to help you own a blog…

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If You ACT Fast Today And Get Yourself A Spot With Our Discount You’re Getting Our “DONE-FOR-YOU-” Blog Setup At Just N25,000 Naira Only Instead Of N100k after the promo discount…

To get started with us in handling all of this for you this is what you should do right now,

Click here to get your “DONE-FOR-YOU” Blog.

So What Are You Waiting For?

It’s time and it’s all up to YOU Now!

Don’t delay, go order for your “DONE-FOR-YOU” Blog right away so you can own a blog and begin to blog.

Also, remember that the price will go up every week from now. You no longer have any excuse.


NOTE: Please don’t contact (ME) if you’re not ready with your N25,000 for this offer.


Blogging is one of the lucrative online businesses that anyone can make money from if done in the right way.  With my “DFY Done-For-You” blog creation

everything can be done for you by me because I’m building you a blog that we continue to generate good cash for you……..

This could be one of the best decisions you will make this year by owning a blog that prints money for you online. You could be the next person to start generating $3,000 from

blogging just like l do with my based and just as every other blogger does.  Everything we handle for you by me…

Now, Over To You:

Do you have any questions for me about my “DFY Done-For-You” blog setup?  Do leave me a comment in the comment box below.

And most importantly, don’t forget to use the share button if you enjoy the content you just read.

Sharing is caring.

P.S: Make sure you don’t miss this “Done-For-You-Blog” service…

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