How I Earned $1,500 From My Blog For My First One Year And Six months

How I Earned $1,500 From My Blog For My First One Year And Six months

In my first one year and six months

in 2020 I did $1,500 in my blog with affiliate commission

because it was purely organic traffic (SEO)…

How I Earned $1,500 From My Blog For My First One Year And Six months

And till now the journey has been good….

And the amazing thing about me is that,

I’m not that type of Blogger that depend so much

on Monetizing with ad network….

And as at that time I earned that figure

I don’t even know anything about Google AdSense or other ad network,

because I was fully focused on earning  from my blog with affiliate program,

and I have been earning this for the past four years now….


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How I Earned $1,500 From My Blog For My First One Year And Six months

I just remembered 2016 August after my settlement,

In fact,

It was a very bitter experience for me in Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria.

As of then when things were not just going as expected for me,

garri and salt was my favorite food,

I saw hell 🔥 in Auchi 2016 August to 2017 June.

I was into business (Clothes selling)

but nothing positive was coming from it,

it was just like God gave my village people

power to do what they want with my life 😂.

In fact,

There was nothing I didn’t do to survive,

and any day I eat good food was either

it came from friends…

And I couldn’t ask from my younger ones because I’m the elder…

Think of it na laying your burden on your younger ones,

it’s a big disgrace na.


All I did was to find my way to do any kind of Jobs I see just to survive…

People (Friends) who knows me we tell of my story in Auchi.

At that time, life was tough for me…

No brother or sister to help, no Rich uncle to run to.

And it got to some point,

I was depressed and frustrated that the only thing coming my mind is death

because I feel I can never make it in life…


To God be the glory that today the story has completely changed…

It’s now an entirely different story of change.

And you might be wondering what changed?

Things changed when I discovered the

power of the internet, (Blogging)



When I saw how people were being blessed by Blogging

that’s where my life beginning to change.

And aside the fact that I changed my mindset and the way I see things

My life took a better shape when I launched my blog in 2020,

And I was passionate about my new find business

online and I’m doing everything possible to make sure I make my way around Blogging.


And within one year and six months I earn my first $1,500 from affiliate

commission because I was not using AdSense.

It was a great experience for me that cause great

joy in my heart that there’s hope for me in my Blogging journey.


And that’s how it has been till this very moment…

And as I was moving I had challenges that wanted to over throne me,

but whenever I remembered what I’m benefiting I encourage myself to keep dringing.

I have made mistakes,

I also learned from my mistakes,

I improved and I’m still improving till now.


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➡️How to configure your blog for SEO

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➡️You will learn how to do niche research before

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I will charge you nothing less than N150k for this training.

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I have decided to let you get this training

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here’s how to jump into this training at pre order price.

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7,500 $12 only

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