How Much Does It Cost To Own A Blog In Nigeria

How much does it cost to own a blog in Nigeria

How much does it cost to own a blog in Nigeria, do you want to set up a blog in Nigeria, and is it like you don’t know the actual cost to own a WordPress blog?

If yes,

then this comprehensive guide is for you, all you need to do is to read the article to the finish end and once you’ve done that,

then you’ll be able to know how much it costs to start a blog in Nigeria and how to make money from it.


if you’re wondering how much will it cost me to start a blog in the right way in Nigeria, in this guide,

I’ll show you how you can get started at a very cheap price with one of the best web hosting companies in the world.

Having your own personal blog is a great way of securing financial freedom and I’ll advise anyone that have the capability to own a blog to start now.

I know the competition is much and very high but you can still find your way to the top in blogging depending on your consecration.


you should know that this post is not going to teach you how to make money from blogging because I’ve written a detailed post on how to make money blogging.

Read it here, how to make money blogging for beginners so, this post will only give you a breakdown of the cost and how you own a blog in Nigeria.



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So, let’s get started

What You Need To Own A Blog In Nigeria

How much does it cost to own a blog in Nigeria

There are certain things you need to have in place before dreaming or desiring of owning a blog that will help you in your journey.

  1. You must need a PC: if you want to enjoy blogging, I’ll advise anyone that wants to start a blog to get a PC, the phone is cool but it will not be fixable enough for you to do certain things on your blog. So get a PC even if is London used or whatever.
  2. You need a data and internet connection: A standard network and data are needed for you to get started. You’re not going to drop your blog simply because you don’t have money to buy data, it must not happen that way because you’ll be updating your blog from time to time if actually take blogging as a serious business.
  3. Consecration and consistency: blogging needs full consecration before you can find your way to the top. If you are the easy type that does not take things online seriously, please don’t just go and waste your time and money.

So these are the few things that you need to own a blog in Nigeria.

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How Much Does It Cost To Own A Blog In Nigeria

How much does it cost to own a blog in Nigeria

You can actually set up a WordPress blog within 30 to 45 minutes if you’ll follow these simple steps in this post.

What You Need To Own A Blog

For the purpose of this post, am using namecheap where you can get started with.

  1. A domain name for your blog
  2. A hosting account for your blog
  3. A full 30 to 45 minutes consecration.

Let me explain these things mentioned.

1.A Domain name for your blog: Domain name, is what people will type in their browser whenever they want to visit your blog.

And your domain name should be simple and easy for people to remember not the one that’s too hard.

E.g of the domain names is,,, and Do you get it now?

And A .com domain on namecheap costs around $8.88/year…. very cheap right? And I’ll recommend you go with the .com domain as seen below in the image.

How much does it cost to own a blog in Nigeria

That’s what you’ll be paying possibly every year on NameCheap.

2. A Hosting account for your blog: This is the main deal and this is what will make your blog go live 24/7 for the 365 days in the year

The hosting account is where all your files will be hosted or stored before anyone will think of visiting your blog,

is the father of the house and that’s why when chosen as a hosting provider be very careful not to fall into the wrong one.

So choosing the best host is very important when it comes to hosting your blog.

Currently, the hosting provider is using namecheap because they are one of the best in the market and at the same time very cheap for anyone to start with.

For new customers, NameCheap offers a great discount to enable you to start with.

So hosting costs around $1.58/month for the Stellar plan for your first year and every other year, but this actually depends on you on the hosting plan you want to go with, as seen below in the image.

How much does it cost to own a blog in Nigeria

Now, let’s assume you’re going with the stellar package,

which I’ll actually recommend for you as a starter, you can upgrade it later to a higher plan if you feel like but as of now start with a stellar plan.

Now, if you calculate everything together, the Domain name costs $8.88 + 18.44=27.32.


$27.32 that’s enough for you to start or own a blog in Nigeria. And $27.32 is equivalent to N12,294 if it’s UBA bank rates which are N450 per $.

That’s very cool and very cheap for everyone to start with.

With N12,294 you’ll own a blog and start blogging almost immediately.

So, if you’ve got this actual amount of money with you right now and would like to set up your very own blog, you can start immediately before you put the money into another thing.

Follow this my blog post I wrote on how to start a WordPress blog in Nigeria, read it here, how to start a WordPress blog

3. A Full 30 to 45 minutes consecration: For the few minutes that are required to set up your blog,

it’s very important you consecrate to it without being

distracted or carried away with other things because once you make mistake it may be difficult for you to correct since you’re just starting. So give them the time required.

So, how much does it cost to own a blog in Nigeria, just with a token of $27.32 which is equivalent to N12,294 your blog will go live.

My Little Advice For You

If actually, you want to take blogging as a serious business not just blogging to pass out time,

I’ll advise you to get a coach that will walk you through every step by step you need to take, someone who knows what’s he/she doing online to actually coach you.

And right now I’m happily ready to coach you in blogging for 90 days which is three months… if you need this coaching service from me, send an email to

And I’ll teach you everything and the right niche to go with and the method you need to monetize your blog that will able you to start making money on time from your blog.

That’s all you need to succeed in this field of blogging.


if you want me to set up your blog for you simply because you don’t know anything about how to set it up or going through stress, I can carry all the stress for you.

I’ll create a new WordPress blog for you at a good rate, so kindly reach out to me to help you via (“hire me”) now.


I hope you enjoyed this short post here?

If you really want to make money online in Nigeria, I’ll recommend you start your own blog right now without any further delay…

And if there is any way you need my help, always reach out to me, and I’ll be happy to be among your success story.

Now, Over To You:

How do you see this post on how much it costs to own a blog in Nigeria looks like?

And if you’re a blogger, please share your experience so far with me and how it has been going with you…

And if you’re starting right now after going through this article, let me know in the comment box below this post.

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Please and please, I use God’s name to beg you, if you enjoyed this post to help me share this post on social media sites because others are looking for something like this if indeed you want others to own their blog.

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