How To Earn Money Through Clixsense

How to earn money through clixsense

How to earn money through clixsense, are you a stay-at-home mummy, daddy, or stay-at-home guy or student in Ghana,

Hong Kong, India, Nigeria, South Africa, United Kingdom, or the United States irrespective of your location and where you are right now?

I want to show you how to earn money through clixsense.

Just flow along with me in this article,

I’ll show you how to do it irrespective of your location. Ysense is formerly known as clixsense,

that even if you have not heard about Ysense before you might have heard of clixsense before.

In this article, I’ll show you how Ysense is good for you to make money online by completing surveys, watching videos, doing simple tasks, and referring your friends.


From that time Jesus began to preach and to say,”REPENT, FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND.”

My beloved friend, what Jesus said back then is what am saying to you, “repent for the kingdom of God is at hand before it becomes very late for you to repent. Now is the time of grace, your sins can be forgiven if you’ll turn to the Lord.

So, if you have been wasting your data online watching Youtube videos without getting anything in return,

this article is for you because soon I’ll show you how to turn the data you wasting into money doing simple things on Ysense website irrespective of where you are.

What is Ysense (Clixsense)?

Ysense known as (Clixsense) is one of the popular GPT (Get Paid To) websites that reward participants on their website.

Ysense started with the name clixsense in the year 2007, later change to Ysense late last year 1st August 2019,

it was initially started as a PTC site (Paid To Click site), but later changed to a GPT site (Get Paid To) site.

Ysense reward person like you searching for how to make money from their website in various ways like doing simple tasks,

surveys, playing games, referring your friends, and more.

Ysense (clixsense) is reliable and outstanding, unlike other GPT websites that are only limited to people from top countries like the U.S.A, Canada,

and Switzerland, and that is where ysense is outstanding because is not limited to a particular country.

You can make money on ysense (clixsense) from your room here in Nigeria,

Kenya, Ghana, or South Africa, anywhere you find yourself in the world.

And if you are in the top countries like the United States, and Australia you can even make more money from clixsense.


there are some challenges faced by people in Nigeria working on sites like GPT websites as the problem of getting their money after all the hard work put on to make much money,

but, with ysense it is very easy and simple to get your money here in Nigeria.

Once you reach the minimum payout of $10 dollars you can request your money and we pay you within the space of 5 days for your first withdrawal from the website here in Nigeria.

Out of all the websites that reward people for taking part in surveys, watching videos, playing games, and more,

ysense is more reliable and more popular with a good reputation and is the best for a person like you in Nigeria who is looking for a way to make money from such a website to join.

I want you to note that ysense is free to join.

Are you guys still with me here? If yes let me see your hand up, yeah I sight your hand there.

so, let’s continue.

What you need to join Ysense (Clixsense).

There is some basic requirement that you need to have before you can join ysense,

anyways there are very simple to meet the requirement. Now, let’s look at the requirement.

  1. You need an Email address, a Gmail account is preferable for this platform.
  2. You need a good smartphone or laptop, Ipad for the website.
  3. You need a processors payment account on any of these Payoneer or skrill.

It is not compulsory to have a Payoneer or skrill account,

for people in top countries, but to Nigerians is compulsory to have any out of the two.

How to sign up or join ysense.

I know you want to join ysense so you can start making money right? don’t worry I’ll show you the way forward.

To sign up or register on ysense is very very simple if you follow the steps I want to show you here in this article.

Let’s go.

Step one: The first step you need to make money from this website of a thing is to join that is where it starts,

you can click here to sign up on Ysense and once it open, fill the form with your correct details, then, check your Email there we are Email send to you by Ysense,

click on the validation link, and after you have click on the validation link sent to you, you be taken to Ysense login page, then,

login with the password and email you used when you were signing up. Make sure you follow all the instructions given to you by the website.

And I must warn you on this,

so you did not say but Nelson did not tell me.

Please and please don’t give them fake information about what is required of you,

make sure all your information is very correct because a website like this that pays you money to carry out offers is very sensitive to information,

if you lie and give them fake information, you may end up loosening your account and that is all for you on the platform.

So, have told you now.

Click here to sign up for an account on their website.

Step two: Update your information.

The next step is to update your information and don’t forget to provide the correct information as I told you above,

then complete your survey profile so that you can be able to get adequate surveys on clixsense on time.

Click on the survey tap on the top menu of the page, then click on the survey profile to fill in your information.

Set all the information correctly and from there you can also set your preferred payment method.

Ysense payment methods: Ysense offers many payment methods which you can choose your preferred one,

and here are the website payment methods include Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill and Tango, and Amazon.


here we are going to use Skrill as a payment method for Nigeria because is more preferable for people in Nigeria,

you can as well use Paypal or Payoneer if you have one.

We all know skrill is a Paypal alternative that is currently available to many countries and even in Nigeria,

all you have to do is to open one Skrill account if you don’t have one, verify.

After verification, your account is set to receive money and to send,

and the good part is that skrill can send your money to your Nigeria bank account,

just fill in your bank details so once ysense pay money into your skrill account you can just log in to your account to transfer your money to your bank account. Sign up here on skril.

Once your skrill account is ready or whichever method you want your money to be paid into,

then click on the profile and settings, then select payment.

From there you can set up your preferred payment method and once you reach the minimum payout of $10 dollars you can cash out and you receive it within 5 days.

How to request withdrawal from ysense.

To withdraw your money from ysense is very simple.

On your dashboard beside the money you have earned, click on withdraw,

and it takes you to the next page to select your payment method and it withdraws to your preferred one.

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I want to share with you guys some tips that as helped me to make money from ysense.

Are you ready for the tips? I know you should.

7 tips to make more money on ysense.

1. Learn the tricks of the trade of ysense.

2. Quickly grab surveys.

3. Look for surveys that fit your needs.

4. Being consistent is the key.

5. It is important to understand ysense.

6. Refer your friends and classmate.

7. Install the clixAddon.

With the 7 tips, I shared you can rock this website and make a lot of dollars for yourself.

Various earning options in ysense.

On ysense, there are multiple ways to make money from the website, and we are going to look at them one after the other.

let start.

  1. Complete paid surveys and earn cash.

2. Complete cash offers and earn cash.

3. Refer your friends and earn cash.

4. Complete Appen tasks and earn cash.

let me explain it to you.

1. Complete paid surveys and earn cash:

if you have the belief of making money from ysense,

you need to put in your best to make sure you complete surveys as much as you can.

Because you don’t just open the account and expect money to come without doing anything it does not work that way, my friend.

So, to make it work you must make sure you log in as much as you can on daily basis.

complete surveys on your profile and you can earn as high as $4 or even more for each survey and the good part is once you complete a survey you get your reward immediately.

In some cases,

it may not be immediately and in that case,

you will see a red flag on the survey, however, you will still get the reward but not instantly.

And Note:

there will be some times you may not qualify for surveys,

don’t use them because of that and be discouraged, just keep checking and keep trying.

And for not qualifying for surveys there is a reason for that, it could be location or your profile.

2. Complete cash offers and earn cash:

You can as well make money on ysense completing cash offers and offers to vary from watching videos,

signing up for websites, playing games, downloading apps, and a lot more.

The good part of these offers is that some of them pay huge money too.

There are a lot of offers that you can complete and make as much as you want,

just Navigate to cash offers on your homepage and you see all the offers available.

Note, am still on how to earn money through clixsense.

3. Affiliate program (referrals):

This is where the main money is on ysense,

you can be making good money from this and the best thing is that no restriction to any amount you can make, sign up on ysense here.

All you need is to share ysense with your friends and watch your earnings grow,

and you can earn up to 30% recurring commissions on whatever your referrals make from the website.

let me explain more about that and am going to put it in two ways for you.

1. Sign up commission:


for each referral that you refer and become active,

you will earn a sign-up commission from the website.

And once your referrals earn their first $5 (excluding commissions and bonuses) you will also earn an extra $2 bonus from it, and note,

it does not affect your earnings.

2. Activity commissions:


for every approved survey, offer, and task your referrals complete you earn a whopping 20% commission of what they earn.

l think ysense referral is the best I ever have seen.

That is on the referral stuff on ysense.

4. Complete Appen tasks and earn cash:

On your homepage, there are a lot of tasks that you can complete and make money from it,

and you can do it on daily basis.

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How to use ysense Addon and the benefit of Addon.

To really make sustainable money from ysense,

you need to download the browser Addon,

so you can keep track of your account status at the click of a button and get instantly notified of new surveys and Appen tasks as they become available.

Now, this is what you should do.

Download Add-on/Extension for chrome 30+ or Download Addon /Extension for firefox 57+ or Download Addon/Extension for Edge 79+,

and you be notified of surveys and tasks instantly.

For Desktop browser only.

The Addon/Extension is not available for the mobile platforms and is the only desktop.

And members who use the Addon are likely to gain access to surveys and tasks earlier than others.

so if you have a desktop install Add-on/Extension.

Pros and cons of ysense.

You want to know the pros and cons of ysense right?

don’t worry I’ll share everything with you because am titled to serve you with information and tips on how to make money online on this blog website.

Pros of ysense.

  1. You can earn money from the website with your smartphone

2. You can earn money through referrals.

3. You don’t need an approval process on yesense.

4. Very simple to start earning money from the website.

5. Quick to sign up.

6. Very easy to receive payment.

7. Very reliable.

8. You can earn from the website irrespective of your location.

Cons of ysense.

  1. Sometimes you may not be accepted for surveys.

2. Sometimes is time-consuming.

You see how great this platform is to make money.


You can see that ysense is outstanding to make money for yourself for completing offers.

In fact, ysense is the best,

you can earn up to $300 or more on monthly basis with ysense if you are active and consistent on the website.


ysense is the way for you to make your first ever dollar if you have not,

run to ysense website here to join. Click here now to join.

Don’t forget to share these articles with your friends who want to know how to earn money through clixsense.

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