How To Make Money From Online Survey

How to make money from online survey,Searching for online survey website to make some extra cash in your free time? If yes to the question above, then i have something for you here. I want to make sure i put an end to searching for legitimate online survey that except Nigerians without stressing yourself in changing of IP or VPN of a thing.

l’ll show you in these article how to make money from top survey site in Nigeria in the simplest way.

ln these article, l’ll show you six unique paid online survey site that you can join in Nigeria or that suit your insterest. And all these survey site i want to share are legitimate and you can get paid without any single issue and they are all free to join.

Vital Information:

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Note: l’ll not advice you to pay to join any survey site. And the survey site i want to share here, l’ll advice you join all the site so you can get the opportunity to earn more.

So, let’s ride on.

What Is Paid Online Survey?

Paid online survey, is a questionnaire site that pay you to give your honest responses to help companies, organizations to improve on there products or performance. These companies want to know how they can perform well on there products so they can win more customers to there side, and to make this happen, they prepare questions for people to answer so they can improve more on there performance and for giving your honest answer or responses you get paid in return. And this online survey site also bring many other online surveys together for people to complete so you can make more money or earn points out of it.

And you can do this because their very simple. All you need to do, is spend your free time on the survey site giving answers to there questions and get paid for doing that. But, there is a challenge here, and what is the challenge? Is the problem of how to know the legitimate one’s that are really paying that’s the issues now. but don’t worry i have sought it out already for you. I have checklist the legitimate one’s and that are also reliable that you can join in Nigeria and get paid.

How Paid Survey Websites Work?

Participating in these online paid survey site is actually very simple, it starts by you joining with any paid online survey company that suit your interest. And after you have joined any of the survey site i want to share here, they will start to invite you to take part in the online surveys, and they will be sending you these surveys invite through email, but, note that some of them will not send you survey invite until you login to your account before you can see there is survey for you. So, is advisable you login your account every time.

But, those of them that will be sending email invite will be doing it every time, so make sure your checking your email 24/7 so you will not be missing out from survey. And once you complete any survey from the survey website you will be rewarded.

Payment Methods For The Recommended Online Paid Survey

Many people encounter problem with these paid online surveys websites once it comes to the area of payment methods for the website, and looking at it at there other end, these companies payment methods are very easy and simple.

The popular payment methods available for these recommended sites are paypal and skrill. I hope you can easily get one out of the two right. However, if you need a verified paypal account that receive and send, go to my contact page to get in touch with me on how to get one. cool right?

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But if your going for skrill, go to there site to open one and make sure you verify it.

Top Six Paid Online Survey Website For Nigerians To Make Money

let me quickly share the legitimate paid online survey website that you can make money from here in Nigeria before you run away.


I hope you might have heard about swagbucks before now right? Swagbucks is a popular online survey website available worldwide, swagbucks offer sign up rewards and there many ways which you can actually make money from the website.

You get paid to complete surveys, watch video, lnstall Apps and a lot more. Swagbucks pay with points, so, for every single survey you complete you will earn points and it call SB and once you have accumulated enough points you can then exchange it for cash or gift card from your dashboard.

Swagbucks is a reliable survey website for anybody that want to make money from survey site to join and that is while i have make it number one in the checklist survey site in these article. And you can convert the SB points you earn to paypal or gift card.

I know you want to join these survey website now. Signing up with swagbucks is very simple, just your email and password, that is it. Click here to sign up on swagbucks right now

And make sure you check your email to verify your account. And to make more money from swagbucks add it to your laptop or desktop. Add from here

You can as well read my full post on how to make money on swagbucks

2. Clixsense (Ysense)

Clixsense (ysense) is also very popular and reliable survey website that you can still make money from as a Nigerian and you can make money from these website by completing online paid survey like doing figure eight tasks, paying games and lot more.

Ysense is worldwide, so you can join it here in Nigeria and be making your money. Payment methods for ysense is skrill, payoneer and paypal and the minimum payout is $10. Click here to join ysense right now

You can as well go here to read my full review on how to earn money through clixsense

3. Mobrog

Mobrog is another top paid online survey website that you can make money from here in Nigeria. Have being on these website for months now and i can boldly tell you those guys are good. On mobrog you have opportunity to participate on there online survey and most of there surveys are related to science and market research.

And you can make $2-3 per survey you complete and you be getting surveys through email almost every single day and once you refer your friend you earn$0.65. Mobrog is also a popular survey site that is available in every country.

Minimum payout of mobrog is $6 and payment is made through paypal and skrill. Click here to register an account on mobrog.

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My favorite paid online survey website is superpay, there survey are very easy to complete and surveys are available on daily basis. Superpay is also a popular survey website that you can still make extra money here in Nigeria, and is also available worldwide. And once you sign up on superpay you will have a welcome bonus of $0.20. Superpay is good you can join the website because i have being on the website for some time now.

Minimum payout of superpay is $1 and is instantly pay to your paypal account, while skrill is $2 above. Click here to sign up on superpay right now


I love paidviewpoint so much, am serious. And do you want to know why i love paidviewpoint? Okay fine. Surveys on paidviewpoint are very simple to complete and is stress free, within 5 minute your done with a survey. And you get instant $1 just for signing up on there website.

Paidviewpoint, is also a popular paid online survey website available to every country, you can as well make money from the website for completing surveys here in Nigeria, and if your from other top countries paidviewpoint is your best bet. And you make $25 each time your referral cash out, wow ooh this great of paidviewpoint.

And they have what is called Traitscore, you can earn traitscore per survey you complete, the traitscore will increase the number of surveys you will be having. And how much you will be making per survey.

Minimum payout of paidviewpoint is $15, so once you have earned $15 you can request for payment and payment is through paypal. Click here to sign up on paidviewpoint right now

6. Featurepoint.

Featurepoint, is also a popular survey website that is available in Nigeria too with other countries. And on featurepoint you earn points which you can redeem or shop with it. They also have App which you can download from google play store. You can make money from featurepoint completing surveys in there website and be paid, there are several good ways to earn on featurepoint.

Once you earn on featurepoint, you earn points, 600 points which is equal to $1. And the minimum payout for paypal is $25 while gift card is $5.

Unique Tips About Paid Online Survey Website

Let me give you guys some importance of paid online survey website.

  1. Your skrill or paypal email id and your survey site sign up details must be the same.
  2. You can join all
  3. You must have skrill or paypal, payoneer account to receive your money.
  4. Join with your best email address
  5. Always check your email or login every time for survey invite, late to complete survey on time result to expire.

So, to help yourself make sure you follow those tips i shared with you if you really want to make money from survey websites.

Is Paid Online Survey Available For Everyone To Participate?

The answer is YES.

All online survey sites welcome everyone with different group to share their honest opinion or thought about any research topics. So, your free to join any survey website you like.

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Benefits Of Paid Online Survey

Let me ask you guys this question. Before thinking of joining any online survey website, what were you expecting in return? cash (money) right? Yes. Your answer is good.

The benefits of any paid online survey is to make money from it with your free time, and you can do it anywhere you are. Nothing more than that.

My Advice For You.

To really make money from these survey website mentioned here, you have to make sure you sign up with all of them so that there will be always survey for you to answer and to make more money.

And also, make sure your honest when giving answers to survey, don’t say is just survey and give anyhow answer because you will be disqualified and penalized, so, be sincere when giving answer.


On how to make money from online survey, Online paid survey is a very good way to make extra cash online if you can put on your best to it. And is what you can do with your free time or even when your in the bus, road, so take a step now and take it serious when you join any.

And don’t forget to share the ones you picked with me on the comment box below, and also the one your currently doing, and if there is any other legitimate survey site that i supposed to add to the list and i did not, also share it on the comment box below.

NOTE: The list will be updated when ever i get any legitimate survey website.

Don’t forget to recommend these article to your friends and brothers who also want to make money from survey website.

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