Ways To Make Money In Nigeria

Ways To Make Money In Nigeria

I know you must be among those guys typing on Google “ways to make money in Nigeria”.


if you are one of them l want to personally ensure you that in this article I’ll show you ways to bank good cash into your Nigeria bank account.

I know everybody wants other sources of income because the economy of the country has changed from being good to bad.

So, l never blame anyone that wants another inflow of cash.


if you’re simply here to discover the best ways to make money online in Nigeria then this is all you need.

I know you want to work from home right here in Nigeria and earn money online as l do because that is what I do for a living.

If so then you are to flow along with me in this content because l must confess you are not alone in this game.

You see,

a lot of people would love to find a way to start making money online,

but the problem here is that few people actually follow through and see their dreams come through,

why some lack information,

and why the rest are still wishing l could do it or don’t even believe online business is real and can transfer one’s life.

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And you might want to ask,

but why is so if you may ask?


there are reasons why it’s so.

Let’s look at the reasons now.

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

You can still receive justification if you’ll come to Jesus with your sins.

1. Online Business Is Complicated:

The major problem or let’s say the challenge of most people is that they think any online business is going to be extremely complicated for them or hard to set up.

This has begun one of the biggest challenges for most people, but looking at this we know this is not true, in fact,

it can actually be an easy-to-do job because you’ll be working from home in your own comfort, just think about that for a moment.

2. Other People Feel intimidated that online business Is Not For Them:

Another challenge some other people have is that they feel so intimidated and feel that an online business is too difficult to start,

As a result, they never learn about the different types of businesses that they can start because they’ve already had that mindset that they’re going to fail.

There is something these set of guys don’t understand,

you see people that are into internet business didn’t start it just from one day and become an expert on it,

they started small with the little information they’ve with them as of then because they didn’t feel intimidated or take the online business to be complicated,

I too started small with the little information I had with me and as time passed by l was able to learn about other businesses.

You see,

an online business is the easiest business anyone can start even with zero funds with little knowledge.

3. Some Belief They Don’t Have Mentor So They Can’t Succeed In Internet Business:

I know you might need someone to guide you on the right way to follow,

but that shouldn’t stop you from starting something first.


let me tell you a little story about how l started this blog “Promakingmoney”.

When l was starting this blog back then,

I had no knowledge about blogging nor did l even know what is called WordPress or how to Install Worldpress,

not just that,

l don’t even know how to purchase hosting and domain names from an international hosting provider,

so l reached out to a friend of mine on Facebook, the guy called Emmanuel Ekanem” to help me purchase my desired products from the hosting company.

So l sent him the money, and

God so have His way he was able to purchase those products for me.


after that has been done,

it’s now time to install WordPress and do the designing and others,

at this moment l don’t know where to start or what else to do,

what l now did was to go to “Prosper Noah” blog to watch his video tutorial on how to install WordPress to my host,

even on top of that,

there were mistakes but l didn’t stop there.

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So that was how this blog was founded.

I did everything just by following step instructions and today I’m a boss on it.

You don’t need to be perfect or an expert before you can start,

and it’s not really necessary for a mentor must sit by you before you can start an internet business,

thanks to Google and YouTube now, everything you need is on the platform.

So I’m going to show you how you can make money online and the type of online business I’d want you to go into.

Best Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria

1. Through Affiliate Marketing:

affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways to make money online because even if you’re a complete beginner you can still make money from affiliate marketing.

And come to think about it,

is one of the most lucrative online business opportunities that are out there for you.

Just imagine the young flocks on expertnaira banking N400k-700k every Friday from the platform just promoting other people’s products.

To the best of my knowledge,

anyone who is serious can make a living from affiliate marketing when you know what is the right thing to do.

And the amazing thing about this business model

is that it offers a number of opportunities that makes it a favorite type of business for anyone that wants to work from home.

I know at first, it’s kind of going to be complicated,

but just be focused and the amazing thing here is that

you can even use your smartphone to do this business if you don’t have money to buy a computer at first.

When l started I started with my small phone back then.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works In Nigeria

The simplest way to explain this is that you promote other people’s products or services or companies,

then when a sale is made through your affiliate tracking link, then you earn a commission. Very simple.


For instant,

right here in Nigeria, there are a lot of affiliate networks that you can sign up with and be affiliating with them,

and once you make any sales you earn a commission.

And you can also make a review of some of these affiliate companies that you’re working with within your blog.

That is why having a blog is also very important if actually,

you’re really ready to bank in bucks from affiliate marketing.

All you need to do is buy a hosting account and domain name and then BOOM.

I personally recommend you buy your hosting and domain from Bluehost because they’re the best Web hosting company and also reliable to use,

and you’re getting a domain name for free from them. Click here to see their packages.

And once you are able to set up your blog, with time you should be able to attract an audience that we love and trust you,

and this is when the money should start coming into your bank.

And how do you turn these visitors coming to your website into income?

This is very simple.

You can only do this by using your position as an expert in your niche to influence their buying habits because they’ve already loved you and trusted whatever you recommend,

and you can do this by recommending products or services,

then providing links to a company that you’re affiliating with, and once you make sales, then you earn a commission.

And mind you that the world is potential customers means the earning potential you have when you work as an affiliate marketer is virtually endless.

2Blogging To Millionaire:

Another coolest way to make money online is by running a blog like myself.

And I’m sure you are looking for something like this to start with,

and blogging is an easy online business to start up with it which l believe anyone can do comfortably.

Then what is a blog if you may ask?

A blog is a personal webpage where you can express your opinions,

write about various subjects, and do just about anything else you want.

Blogging is great because in addition to being easy to do,

you can also get into it without spending a penny and still earn such amazing cash from it,

Because big companies like Google are more than happy to pay you for sharing helpful content.

You see,


you can start blogging even without spending a penny because you can use the blogger platform for free,

you can also use the free WordPress platform,

but l personally don’t recommend all those free platforms because they’re not owned by you and they can be pulled down any time.

I will recommend you go for self-hosting because blogging is a serious business for serious people,

I always recommend Bluehost and they give you a free domain name without paying for it.

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So if you are serious about blogging as a way to earn money online in Nigeria then l will recommend

you should spend some money and purchase your own hosting from Bluehost which you can get around $12 per year,

not too much.

This will give you total control of everything about your blog which is very important when you are running an online business.

Once your blog is up and running you can start writing posts on the blog.

All you need is to write a post on what people are searching for and what interest you.

And while writing posts for your blog make sure you write about things that interest you or what people are searching for on google because we help you rank your content.

And you might be wondering how can this earn you money,

it is very simple like I said before now,

you earn money from your blog through advertising revenue, joining affiliate networks, and income programs.

3. Own A YouTube Channel:

If you’re wondering how to make money online for yourself YouTube is another good place to make money from.

You have every opportunity to make money from Youtube because the kind of traffic coming to the platform is so huge.

And there are various ways in which you can make money from your youtube channel.

1. You earn from your channel through affiliate marketing that’s leaving your affiliate link in the description of your videos.

2. You earn through a youtube partnership that’s monetizing your channel with AdSense.

3. Selling your digital products or service is another easy way to make money with youtube.

4. Partner with a brand.

And many others.

Anyone can start a youtube business and still be making money from it,

and it’s not necessary you must be an expert before you can start, with a good phone and camera you are good to go.

4. Selling Digital Products:

Information marketing is another coolest way young guys are using to pull a lot of cash into their bank.

In fact,

information marketing is the simplest way anyone can make money from the internet because all it requires is just packing your knowledge either as a PDF or video course.

It doesn’t require any complicating issues.

All you need is to

1. choose your preferred niche
2. Slove people’s problems with your information
3. Set up a sale page for your product,

And your good to go.

With what I just shared with you here,

you can now see that you can work from home and make money online in Nigeria with an online business.

So make sure you take your online business seriously if actually you want to make good money working from home.

When you see those people that end up extremely successful online they’re not treating their business online as a part-time job,

so be serious with it.


I’m sure this article has opened your eyes to “ways to make money in Nigeria”

so l leave the ball in your court to take a step and start something online for yourself.

And if you enjoy this article here,

feel free to share it on social media platforms for others to see what you’re enjoying here.

Go and start making money with what you learn here.

And most importantly, don’t forget to share this article with your friend so they’ll get to learn like you.

And if you find this content to be helpful leave me a comment down below to know how you feel about this article.

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