How To Make Money Online With Your Mobile Phone

How to make money online with your mobile phone, making money online

with the phone has been a big challenge to a lot of people,

especially Nigerians because a lot of them have asked me how they can actually make money online with their android or smartphone.

That is why I decided to put up this article to solve the issue once and for all,

in this article, I’ll show you the legitimate online business that you can do right here in Nigeria with your phone.

Therefore, if you are among the guys searching for how to make money online with your mobile phone, I got you covered here in this article.

So, in this article, am going to show you 7 legitimate online businesses where you can make money from using your mobile phone.

Vital Information:

The scripture says, “whoever believes in Him will not be put to shame.

For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, for the same Lord over all is rich to all who call upon Him.

For “whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

My beloved friend, have you called on the Lord for your salvation? please do so now because the kingdom of God is at hand before it becomes too late for you.

All you need to start this business is just data and internet connection and your full consecration, that’s all you need for this business since you have a phone already.

How To Make Money With Your Phone

When it comes to making money online,

there are a lot of ways to do that, but I like sharing what works for me so you can replicate it and get a super result than mine if you will actually implement them,

but if you just read and read without implementing what you learned from this blog, you’ll think the methods are not working rather you’re the one who refused to take action.

And I can tell you that sorry is your second name.

I love action takers and I believe you’re one right?

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However, I don’t want you to be a jack of all trades,

meaning, from the 7 online business opportunities I want to share with you here, just pick one or two out of the 7 and spend some time on it like at least 25-30 days, I am sure you,

you’ll definitely get great results and you’ll come back to thank me later because it’s what works for me.

7 Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online With Your Mobile Phone

1. Take Paid Surveys: One of the surest ways to make money online with your mobile phone is to start taking online surveys.

I love this online survey stuff because you can take those surveys anywhere you are provided you have an internet connection. And with this, you don’t need a laptop because your mobile phone will work prefect well for it.

Surveys that you can start with your mobile or smartphone include;

  1. Swagbucks, is one of the popular survey websites that accept everyone in the world, and you can run this business with your mobile or smartphone, and once you made enough money from it, you can go ahead to get a laptop. I’ve actually drafted a detailed article about Swagbucks. Read the full post here.
  2. Ysense, is also one of the oldest survey websites in the world. I believe many of us know about this ysense right? you should because it is a popular survey website. You can also make money from the platform by taking surveys from the website. I’ve actually drafted a detailed article about ysense. Read the full post here.

2. Affiliate Marketing: A lady recently asked me about this on WhatsApp whether, can she do affiliate marketing with her mobile or smartphone, the answer I gave to her was YES. Because you can do affiliate marketing with your phone.

I myself started with the phone before I got my laptop.

You can run affiliate marketing well with your smartphone and there are a lot of them in Nigeria and outside Nigeria that you can promote with your mobile or smartphone.

I’ve also drafted a detailed article about affiliate marketing. Read the full post here

3. Freelance Service: You can start a freelance writing service with your phone mobile or smartphone if you are smart enough.

All you need to do here is get the job from Fiverr or Upwork and get your paper and pen ready and begin to research and write. Simple as that.

4. Start A YouTube Channel: Do you know Broda Shaggi, Emmanuella, Mark Ange comedy, Kalistus Yawa guys right?

In fact who doesn’t know all those guys?

Do you know those guys that your enjoying their jokes are actually making money from it?

Yes, Google is paying some of them, some people sponsored a program in their channel, and a lot more.

And your there just watching them without doing anything, yourself, lol.

You can learn from these guys and replicate what they’re doing,

don’t forget they started with little and you too can start with little and in no distance time, you’ll begin to see changes.

5. Referral Marketing: It got me surprised that whenever referral marketing is mentioned people will begin to run away,

see, I must tell you, either you run to Lagos or to my village, the smart guys will continue to make a killing from it whether you like it or not. That’s just the fact.

Referral marketing still remains the best and fastest way to make money online with your mobile or smartphone.

I could remember very well when I started an online business back then, I started with my small phone Nokia 200. I believed you should know the phone am talking about.

That was the phone I started with until I got a big phone then later I got a laptop. Just think about how I started with that kind of small phone and where I’m today.

Anyways, is God all the way?

And to see the whole thing, the referral marketing I started back then was GET PAID TO READ NEWS.

I also strongly believe if you can take a step and replicate the ones I trust and want to share with you here that you will get super results and come back to say Nelson thank you.

Two Referral Marketing Program To Join

You can join these two referral marketing programs;

1. TBD Income Program: Tbd is an income program that’s still very fresh and 100% legitimate and scam-free as of the time of writing these articles, and it super paying.

You get a commission of N1,000 naira for each person that you introduced to tbd income program,

and you could be making N10,000 weekly which I strongly believed you can make more than that, and it is possible.

And remember I started with something like this back then,

and this is something you can do with your mobile phone or smartphone, either using WhatsApp or your Facebook profile.

Host your e-mail list with getresponse here and get free for 30 days.

That’s a good platform to start with using your phone and earn some good money. You can later go into big affiliate marketing or blogging once you get a laptop.

All you need to get started with tbd is just an N1,500 registration fee, a one-time payment, and your Facebook and that’s all. Click here to register on chop40k.

To get your account upgraded instantly, then you need to chat me up on WhatsApp on (removed) how to get a coupe code or go to the website to buy a coupe code from one of the e-pin Vendors. You can read my full post about TBD here.

2.Naira4all Program: Naira4all is not completely referral marketing rather it has some little way to refer your friends to the program.

Naira4all happens to be No1 make money online business that’s outstanding with over 10 business opportunities that you can do with your phone. But naira4all registration is N3,000 and it is worth it.

Register an account with naira4all here, you can as well read the full post about naira4all here. Read the full post here.

6. Finlig Digital Learning And Earning Program; Finlig is one of the best learning and earning platforms where you learn over 74 digital skills and in return, you earn 50% commission.

And you can do this with your smartphone.

I don’t really expect anyone who comes across this program to miss it for any reason. If you miss joining finlig then I’ll know your village people don’t want you’re to succeed.

Registration is just N1000 naira/$4 one-time payment, and thereafter, you stand the opportunity to learn all the digital skills and still earn 50% commission. Click here to register an account with finlig

I’ve actually drafted a detailed article about finlig, read the full post here.

7. Buying Of Paypal Funds: Do you know you can make money with your mobile or smartphone just by buying Paypal funds?

You can if you don’t know.

Currently, $ is N360, naira you can go to Fiverr and you will see guys ready to sell their funds at N300 naira per $ and you can buy any amount and be making a profit of N60 naira to profit per $.

You can do it with your smartphone.

NOTE: If you don’t know how to create a Paypal account that receives and sends in Nigeria for this business, go to my contact page to contact me on how to get one. Very affordable.

That’s all about the online business that you can do with your mobile or smartphone.

The post will be updated once I get any business opportunity that you can do with your phone,

so I advise you to always check this post again because it will be updated as time goes on so you will not miss anything helpful.


You have seen it is possible to make money online with your mobile phone.

And don’t forget that everyone makes money online gurn you see today doing well that 80% of them started with little information like this one.

And I’ve also shared with you above how I started my own back then with Nokia 200,

you can pick any of these businesses I shared with you here and start running with one or two and in no time success story will be yours.

Don’t forget to share these articles on how to make money online with your mobile phone, with your friends, and with everyone.

Sharing is caring.


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