How To Make Money From Your Email List

How To Make Money From Your Email List

Do you want to know how to make money from your email list?

If you answer yes to that question above, then this post is for you,

because there is no need to build a list that you can’t make money from.


in this article, I’ll be showing you how to make thousands of dollars or naira from your list where ever you’re.

First, you’re going to start with creating the perfect leads that target your audience and make them sign onto your list without wasting time.

And I’ll show you how to win their heart with your lead magnet.

And I’ll be showing you too how exactly how to build a squeeze page or landing page that gets those visitors to say yes to you with one hand.

First, I’ll reveal what a lead magnet is so you can understand it better.

And if you don’t know what is a lead magnet, here is what a lead magnet is,

do you know those freebies you get for subscribing to a list? Those are lead magnets I’m talking about.

They’re something you offered them as a free gift in exchange for their email address,

and name and they’re the easiest and fastest way to build a list of target subscribers if you can use the strategy.


And remember this is the number one goal of any lead magnet

to convert traffic into leads if you apply it to your business because no one is ready to give out their email and name for free.


While it’s true you can throw just about anything together and call it a lead magnet,

it’s also true that the better (and more targeted) the lead magnet is,

the easier it will be to build a profitable list that converts.


And mind you that a lead magnet doesn’t make money by itself,

it just works as your front-line ambassador and can be extremely lucrative for your business.

And as you know too that there are three ways to grow a business using this method.


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  1. Increase the number of your customers.
  1. 2. Increase the average transaction value per customer you’ve.
  1. 3. Increase the number of transactions per customer.


With the right lead magnet that you offer,

you can increase the number of prospects and customers you have joining your list every single day.

And with a well-targeted niche,

you can also increase the average transaction value and even the number

of transactions per customer, by attracting the very best customers for your particular offers not just anyhow prospects.

And as l want to walk you through the following steps,

you should as well think of your leads as an irresistible bribe that will offer real value to your prospects before they can give you their email.

Your Leads Has To Be So good That your prospects Will Not Be Able To Resist For Not Given Your Email Address.


How To Make Money From Your Email List
how to make money from your email list


And you should take note of this:

  1. It should be relevant to your niche only and not just anyhow offers.

If you’re on make money online niche stick to it and give an offer on making money online niche so it can convert better.

  1. 2. Make sure you specify in detail what you have given to them so they’ll be sure of what to get from you…
  1. 3. It should be priceless and very informative, in that the prospect can’t easily Google the information and find it for themselves, or even buy it someplace else. So make sure you give something that is cool.
  1. 4. And it should be easily consumed because you want the prospect to consume it immediately after they download it from you.

And this is what I want you to have in mind while doing this: 

Your lead magnet is perhaps the single most important piece of your entire marketing system, so if you fail on this that means you have missed everything.

The right leads will always bring you a never-ending stream of new prospects and soon-to-be customers that we turn to be a printing mechanic for you.

While the wrong leads will bring either the wrong prospects for your offers, or no prospects at all.

So Here Is How To Make Money From Your Email List.

Let me share quick ways you can make money from your email list.


You know what l mean by selling other people’s products or services,

it simply means affiliating with other people.

The truth is we’re selling and being sold something every single day, and people we continue to buy.

And one of the best things to sell to make money faster is selling digital products either owned by you or not,

and that’s what we call “affiliate products”.

And this means if someone on your list buys a product with your link, you will receive a commission from it, and it could be a service too.

For Instant now, one of my favorite affiliate products or go-to place, whenever I want to promote products, is Warriorplus,

Warriorplus is a marketplace you can promote affiliate products and earn a good commission in return,

is one of the best platforms that I love because they can even pay your commission to Nigeria bank.

And another amazing thing about Warriorplus products is that it converts like mad.

Another affiliate program l still love so much is the Getresponse affiliate program because it allows me to earn.

And as a matter of fact, whosoever registers with my link also receives $30,

if you use my link below now to register and upgrade your account you receive your $30 immediately,

and Getresponse also gives a free 30-day trial making it 3 months that you’ll be using the service without paying for anything. Isn’t that amazing?

Get your free 30-day trial at Getresponse here.

And mind you, if you don’t have an email list there is no way you can make money from the email list.


to get started, you need to register an account with Getresponse,

l recommend it because it’s one of the best and you can promote anything from your account,

unlike some email software that doesn’t want to hear about money.

You can get your free 30-day trial at Getresponse,

and once you register using my link and upgrade to a paid member you’ll receive a $30 discount from me,

and this means for three months you’ll not be paying for anything at Getresponse. Click here to register here to claim your $30 discount from me.

And there are so many affiliate programs that you can join even right here in Nigeria, that I’m 100% sure you’ll make money through them just working from the comfort of your home.

I out-listed some of them that you can do right here in Nigeria.


  1. Warriorplus
  2. Expertnaire
  3. Getresponse
  4. Naira4all

And the rest of the others.

Each of these affiliate platforms has several affiliates offers you can join and begin to promote even with your smartphone,

and you can also search for other ones you might like then go ahead to apply to them

and grab your affiliate links once you’re approved.

This affiliate marketing is majorly the best for me which l use to make money from my email list.


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This is another cool way to make money very fast. This is how this stuff works, you’re to come up with a great idea, then create the product and promote it to your email list, then make money from it using your email list.


A friend of mine made 600k within 3 weeks selling his digital product using his email list, and if you have an email list you can still come up with something like this.


When you think about this, you’ll agree with me that selling your product is one of the best ways to make money with an email list because instead of getting a 40-50% commission selling other people’s products that already exist, you can sell your own and keep 100% of the profits yourself, that is why this business is cool, and it favors everyone.


The hard part of creating a digital product is not only the time it takes to create it, but knowing what you should be creating is the most important part of it.




there is one thing that those people who are making money off their products don’t tell you, which is that the product that they made the most of their money from is often not the first one they created. And what is this telling you?


It could be your first product may not make you many sales, but that shouldn’t make you give up. You keep trying until you find the right one.


Here are a few things I’ll encourage you to do to make sure you choose the right product to create whenever the need of creating your products comes…


  1. Make sure your product solves a problem for everyone on your email list.
  2. Make sure before you create a product to survey your email list and see what they want from you.
  3. Be mindful of the content on your blog. And always ask yourself can l make a product around that content?
  4. We focus on the questions your email list asks you so you can give them the best from your product.


If you’ll be able to create a product that covers those four elements, you should be making good money from your email list…




I like this method because it is just so easy to come up with.




here is how this method works.


If you want to make money with your email list, you should already email your subscribers regularly so they come to know you.


And if you are doing the newsletter format, you can charge brands/companies to handle this for them by sending emails about that brand to your email list… It can be a banner ad, a link to their company’s website, or whatever action they want you to order your email subscribers to take.


And you can charge those brands/companies heavily for mentioning them as long you tell your subscribers that they are paying you to mention them in the email.


Very simple as that.


Click here to download my eBook on how to make money with affiliate marketing




With this method, you’re to use your email list as more of a way to advertise a service you offer to them.




let’s assumed you’re a Web Developer or Digital marketer and you’re looking for clients to work for, you could simply write an email to your list saying that you offer a such service and you’re looking for clients.


I tell you some of them contact you to work for them because they believe in and trust you already.


I do this myself sometimes.


Try it and see how it turns out good for you, it works pretty well.




We know what it is CPA right?


If you don’t know is “Cost Per Action” these are similar to affiliates, the difference is that instead of someone having to buy, they only have to click the link you send to them in your email and you earn.


This is very simple because nobody is buying anything here.


And if you have reliable click-through rates from your list, this could be a pretty way to make good money. Just ensure that your offers are relevant to your list and have been checked out by you before promoting them.


With all these ways I shared with you here in this article, l you can start making money from your email list even right away.




Did you enjoy this content you just read now on “how to make money from your email list”? And do you think email marketing is still worth it for you to give your time?


Do leave me a comment in the box below this post


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