How To Open A Transferwise Account

How to open a transferwise account, one of the biggest challenge a lot of people have about online business is how would they be able to receive their money after work as be delivered.

Well, i once in your shoe some times ago, so is not a new thing to me if your having the same issue i had those days.

But thanks to God who made it possible for you to found this post on how to open a transferwise account. In these article, am going to show you step by step on how to open account with transferwise , and not only that, but also how to send money to it.

So i expect you to follow me on this post.

About Transferwise

How to open a transferwise account

Transferwise is one of the global payment industry in the world that also available right here in Nigeria. Transferwise is an online payment gateway that you can use in sending and receiving money as long you’ve a Nigeria verified bank account.

And this company (Transferwise)is based in the UK and was launched in year 2011. Irrespective of your country, transferwise is available right there for you to sign up with, and with transferwise you can send and receive from almost every country to Nigeria.

And one good thing about this service is that it’s cheaper than bank and many other payment industries that want to charge hell out of us.

Benefits Of Sending And Receiving Money With Transferwise

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Looking at it, there are many advantages while you should consider to use transferwise in sending money to Nigeria.

Here are some of the advantages while i think you should give it a try;

  1. Transferwise uses real time exchange value.
  2. Transferwise deliver your transfer directly into the clients bank account, assumed your in Nigeria now, transferwise will deliver your money into your Nigeria bank account within the space of 24-48 hours while 25% of the transfer are credited within few minutes.
  3. Transferwise is very cheap when it comes to online transactions.
  4. Transferwise is also very secure and safe to handle your money.

These are the advantages of using transferwise, and it has over 6 million users, i mean 6 million people used transferwise around the world today.

But, you may want to ask. Is transferwise safe for me?

Well, the truth is that, transferwise is 100% safe and secure for you to transact with their service, and they are regulated by the financial conduct Authority, so you don’t have to fear anything.

How To Sign Up On Transferwise

I believe you want to consider creating free account with this company after seeing the benefits and how secure using their service.

All you need to do is to follow this steps i want to share below.

The first and for most step you need to take is to create free account with them. And to create an account with transferwise is 100% free and simple.

To start with, click here to go to transferwise website to sign up, once it opens, fill the form with other required information and your account will be approved immediately.

How To Send Money To Nigeria Using Transferwise As An Option

Sending money to Nigeria using transferwise is actually very simple if you’ll follow this steps below.

Step One: Click here to create free account with transferwise, the first thing you must do to be able to send through transferwise is to open an account with them. And to create an account with transferwise is completely free. As seen below image.

How to open a transferwise account

One good thing about transferwise is that, the person your sending money doesn’t even need to have an account on transferwise, it is only the sender that need an account.

However, you can as well register business account or personal account if you wish to.

Step Two: Enter the receiver details, once you’ve set up an account and your ready to send, all you need to do is simply enter the details of the recipient your sending to, and you can send to anybody and even yourself maybe you want to transfer money to your Nigeria bank account.

Transferwise take care of all that for you because transferwise work just like bank.

Isn’t that cool?

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the next thing is to enter the account number and the other required details. And the person your sending to doesn’t need to open a transferwise account to receive the money your sending.

Step Three: Pay for your transfer feel, one great thing about transferwise is that, the person sending to you’ll be the person to pay for the charges. However, is very cheap.

There are many method which you can use to make the payment, you could decide to use your credit or debit card, or pay with your local bank transfer. So you’re the one to decide on the method you want to go with.

But it is still advisable to pay with debit card if you want to send the money very fast because bank transfer may take some time before the fund get to transferwise to send money.

Step Four: Patiently wait for feedback, once you’ve taken the above steps, you’ve to be patient for your payment to go through. And if on the process of sending the money that you provided the email of the recipient your sending to, they will immediately be notify of the transfer, and if your the one receiving you’ll also receive an email.

That’s the simple way to open a transferwise account and how to send money using transferwise to any client anywhere in the world.

If your having issue on receiving money online, not anymore now.


If you want a quick way to transfer or send money to Nigeria either from UK, USA transferwise should be your best belt. And their service is very cheap as well, and if you want to receive from client abroad transferwise should also be your best option.

All you need to do is to give the client your bank account detail, and that is all.

Now, Over To You:

Have you used transferwise before now? if yes, share your thought with me on the comment section. And if you’ve not use transferwise before, follow this guide and give it a try.

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