How To Open Skrill Account In Nigeria

How To Open Skrill Account In Nigeria

“How To Open Skrill Account In Nigeria”  Skrill is one of the digital online payment solutions

that enable users to send and receive money from any part of the world.

This digital online payment solution is also available in Nigeria, and you should know that skrill work just like Paypal only that Paypal is more popular than skrill.

So if you’ve been searching for how to open a skrill account in Nigeria or whatever your country may be,

Search no more because here in this article,

I’ll show you how to register a skrill account, how to verify your skrill account in Nigeria,

how to withdraw money from your skrill account to your bank, and how you can as well fund your skrill account.

Am going to cover all of that here and more,

so I’ll fairly advise you to patiently go through the post because it’s informative to anyone that wants to open a skrill account.

What Is Skrill?

How to open skrill account in Nigeria

Skrill is a digital money transfer and payment solution that hand online transactions.

Skrill was (FORMERLY KNOWN AS MONEYBOOKERS) and is one of the most popular e-commerce businesses in the world today that deal seamlessly in handling payments and transfers.

Its headquarters is based in London and they have offices throughout Europe and the U.S.

And skrill is part of the Paysafe company.

What Year Was Skrill Founded And The Founder Of Skrill?

Skrill was founded in the year 2001 by Benjamin Kullman and Daniel Klein.

The company was created in the race to develop the first online digital wallet in the world.

And since the company was founded it experience immense growth over the years till date.

Types Of Skrill Account

Currently, skrill offers two types of wallet accounts which are;

  1. Skrill Business Account
  2. Skrill Personal Account.

I’ll explain these two different accounts to you.

Let’s start.

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1. Skrill Business Account:

Skrill business account is open for merchants who want to be accepting online payment through a simple integration to their website that comes with enhanced fraud management.

With this, you can easily accept payments online from your customers,

and they can as well easily use their credit/debit card payments for your services or products directly on your website.

So if you’re the type of person that sells stuff online or you offer any services that people can pay for,

integrating a skrill business account into your website will work best for you.

The methods supported include;

  1. Skrill wallet with 1 tap: A quick checkout page
  2. Local payment methods: Well, these vary by your country
  3. Credit/Debit cards
  4. The (skrill) wallet can be managed over a mobile app.

Those are the functions of skrill’s business account.

2. Skrill Personal Account:

Skrill personal account is an account purposely designed for an individual who is interested in receiving or sending payments from clients or companies.

The personal account can also be used on any kind of transaction online either for shopping or whatever.

What Actually Can You Use Skrill Personal Account For?


these are what you use the skrill personal account for;

  1. Sending funds: with your skrill personal account, you can easily send funds to anyone with the supported country and be delivered to their skrill mobile wallet or to their bank account.
  2. Receiving funds: with your skrill personal account, you are also allowed to use your skrill account to receive money right here in Nigeria from other skrill users or clients and companies across the world.
  3. Shopping online: with your personal skrill account, you’re allowed to shop online for hundreds of products and services online here in Nigeria. No limitation.
  4. Buying of cryptocurrency: as a skrill personal user account, you can also buy Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and many other cryptocurrencies.

That is that……

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How To Sign Up On Skrill

With the two accounts explained above, by now you should know the one best for you. I don’t need to tell you that.

I’ll advise you to follow the steps below to open your skrill account.

1. Click here to skrill website, once it opens, then click on the “sign up” button. please, make sure you fill in your correct details to avoid issues later, as see the below image.

How to open skrill account in Nigeria

2. Then fill in your email address and password, as seen below the image.

How to open skrill account in Nigeria

Then fill in your details.

3. Then select your desired wallet, I mean account type, business, or personal account.

How to open skrill account in Nigeria

4. Enter your country of residence (Nigeria) except you’re aside from Nigeria, as seen below image.

How to open skrill account in Nigeria

5. Then select your desired currency, as a Nigeria,

I’ll advise you to select “(USD, US DOLLAR)”.

This is to avoid double currency exchange fees when you receive money,

so I prefer you to choose USD so you’ll not be charged anything for making any transfer in dollars anymore.

Please, make sure you’re satisfied with the currency you’ve chosen because skrill doesn’t allow users to be switching currencies after their account has been created. So take note.

“How To Open Skrill Account In Nigeria”

6. Select your preferred language, on language, select English or select my village language.

7. Then enter your personal details, as seen below image.

How to open skrill account in Nigeria

Make sure every information you submit here is correctly spelled out because skrill will cross-check all your details and you may be required to verify the ownership of the account.

They may require your name, address, utility bill, and even possibly your scan ID, that is while it is very important to submit your correct details.

8. Then enter your Nigeria phone number.

Skrill will request you to provide your Nigeria phone number, and once done then click tick I’m not a robot and agree to skrill’s terms and conditions.

9. Finally, click on open account, as seen below the image.

How to open skrill account in Nigeria

Skrill Account Verification

Verifying your skrill account is very important because it gives skrill the confidence the account actually belongs to you.

One thing about skrill is that, once you open an account with them, you can start receiving and sending money,

but there is a little restriction if your account is not fully verified.

Now, to remove that restriction, you’ll need to verify your account if actually you want to make big transactions.

And if in any way your account has been restricted, you also need to verify it so skrill can lift the limitation on your account.

Now how do you verify your account?

The process of verifying your account is very simple.

To verify your account, you need one out of these four items.

You’ll either need a National ID card, international passport, Driving license, or a utility bill not older than 3 months.

All you need to do is log in to your Skrill account,

Click on learn more on the top of your account or you’ll see an icon on the left-hand side, then click to complete the process.

But the easiest way to verify the skrill account that

I’ll advise you to follow is verification through their mobile app.

Download their mobile app, it is available for Android phones and iOs, go to the google play store to get it to download.

And once you’ve logged in with the app, it can just scan your documents once and that is all.

How Do I Fund My Skrill Account In Nigeria?

Another important thing to do is to fund your skrill account, and to fund your account is very easy. Just follow the steps below.

You can easily fund your skrill account using a VISA card. To do that follow this;

  1. login to your skrill account either through the direct website or through their mobile app
  2. Enter your VISA CARD details and enter the amount, you can save your card to easily add money to your Skrill wallet any time you want.
  3. Then select upload fund, and you’ll receive an OTP from your bank depending on the bank you use.
  4. Then input the OTP you receive from your bank on the form provided for you. That is that. As seen below image.
How to open skrill account in Nigeria

NOTE: using your Nigeria Visa card to deposit funds into your skrill account will cost you 1% and it’s instant if you’ve verified your account in the first place.

The Nigeria Visa card that works well for this is FCMB Bank, Access Bank, and UBA naira visa card.

And also, skrill supports other international and local cards such as “PAYSAFE CARD” So that’s how you can fund your Skrill account in Nigeria.

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How To Withdraw Money From Skrill Account In Nigeria

Withdrawing your funds from a skrill account is very simple. Follow these steps.

  1. Login to your skrill account using the mobile app or direct website.
  2. Select withdrawal and then enter your card details, make sure you save your card details.
  3. Then enter the amount you want to withdraw, then withdraw.
  4. Then select the bank account you want to withdraw to. If you’ve not added any make sure you add one.
How to open skrill account in Nigeria

Withdrawal to Nigeria’s bank account is fast with a little charge of 5.50.

However, if your card can as well receive payment, you can also withdraw to your card.

How To Receive Money With Your Skrill Account

To receive money into your skrill account.

All you should do is to give your skrill email address to whosoever that’s sending you money,

with that email address they can easily send you money and you’ll receive it instantly into your skrill account.

How To Send Money With Your Skrill Account In Nigeria

You can as well send money to your friend and family abroad. And if you are based abroad you can also send money to anyone in Nigeria with skrill.

To send money,

  1. Login to your skrill account, once you are logged in, you’ll see “(SEND MONEY NOW)” then click on it.
  2. Then input the amount you want to send and how you want to pay the transfer fee. Mind you you can send it directly to the recipient’s bank account, and that’s all.

Skrill Login

You can simply login into your skrill account from their website or their mobile app on your Android phone or iOs app for iPhones, and pads.

With their mobile app, you can easily manage your account on your Android phone and is stress-free.


Skrill still remains the best alternative to PayPal when it comes to sending and receiving money online.

And skrill is a secure payment solution either for an individual or brand.

Now, Over To You:

I hope the post helped you with

“how to open a skrill account in Nigeria” and how to do every other thing?

If you’ve any issues or challenges don’t forget to drop them in the comment section below this post.

And don’t be too selfish not to share this post, so use the share button below or above to share it everywhere to everyone.

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