How To Promote Affiliate Products Without A Website

How to promote affiliate products without a website

Are you interested in learning how to promote affiliate products without a website or how to sell your personal service to millions of people online?

If yes, you’re in the right place now.

I would reveal to you the proven ways to do that or the strategy to use in promoting any affiliate products or selling your service in this article,

so patiently go through this article.

If you fail to follow the tactics am going to share with you here you should consider your not going to get your desired result because what I want to review here is what works for me and others that I share with.

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5 Basics Requirements For Promoting Affiliate Products Or Services

There are some basic things you need to consider before promoting any stuff online which I want to show you right here in this article.

  1. Knowledge: you should have knowledge of the products or services you want to promote. Don’t just promote any product you know nothing about because you may likely fail or not get many results. So, make sure you have complete knowledge about the stuff.
  2. Transparent: you should be 100% transparent enough while promoting products or services to whosoever you promoting and tell them who owns the company or product owner.
  3. Language Use: Make sure you use simple language for the people you’re promoting to understand. Avoid the use of big grammar that they will not understand.
  4. Benefit: promote what you know very well that we benefit or add value to the people you’re promoting. Don’t just promote anyhow stuff simply because you want to make money.
  5. Be Smart: I must tell you that you need to be smart because there are some of them who are good at asking a lot of questions about the product you pushing them to buy and others.

So, those are the basic things you need before promoting any products or services online so that you can make more money for whatsoever the stuff may be.

I want to quickly share 19 good ways how to promote affiliate products without a website, but if you have a site it will be another added benefit to you.

19 Prove Ways To Promote Affiliate Products Without A Website

You must make sure you use these proven ways l want to show you to promote any affiliate products or even your very own service so you can bank a lot of money.

  1. Promote A Product Through One-On One: Do you know you can promote affiliate products by telling someone sitting next to you about the products your promoting? yes, you can do it and it works perfectly well. And you can do this either through phone call and if you are able to converse the person to buy the stuff you win.

That’s the number one good way how to promote affiliate products without a website.

2. Promote Through Sms Texting: Have you ever received an SMS message from MTN or 9mobile or from your bank or some number telling you about a product before? If the answer is yes.

That is SMS texting, you can as well use it to promote a product to a large number of people offline, and in the end, you make sales.

3. Promote Through Your Facebook Timeline: You can promote any affiliate products or your service using your Facebook timeline.

All you need to do is to make a post about the product or your service on your timeline and insert the affiliate link or your contact on the post so people can easily reach out to you.

That’s it. Hope you’re getting everything now.

4. Promote A Product Through Chatting: You can chat up with your friends, brothers, sisters,

and anybody at all about the product you’re currently promoting. By doing that you can make sales.

5. Promote A Product Through Facebook Group: Here, all you need to do is to create a Facebook group and name it after the products you’re promoting, and after you have done that, then begin to add friends to the group.

And once you have gotten the number of people you want you can start to promote the group.

And make sure it’s only the product you will be promoting in the group so the people in the group can trust you well.

6. Promote Through Facebook Page: Please don’t be confused that I mention Facebook timeline, Facebook group, and Facebook page.

These three things are in the same place but they work in different ways. Now, let me explain so you can understand these better.


like your Facebook timeline whichever post you make on your timeline can’t be seen in the group you created accept you share it with the group,

while the post you make on the group can’t be seen on your Facebook timeline except if you share it to your timeline and likewise Facebook page.

Hope you get it now.

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So, you can as well promote any product through a Facebook page, this works perfectly well for me.

All you need to do is to create an active page and start to promote on the page.

The good part of using a Facebook page is that it can even rank on google.

7. Promote A Product Through Event Hosting: You can host events anywhere to promote your products or service to them.

The amazing thing is that people will be interested to attend such an event because everybody wants where something is happening.

This works very well.

8. Promote A Product Through Youtube: You can use Youtube to promote anything at all.

All you need to do is to tell your product story on youtube,

tell them how to use the product and the benefit of buying the product, and the result they should expect. And you will see the outcome.

9. Promote Through Payment Proof: You can make more sales of any product using their payment proof.

It could be the one you have received from the company or the payment proof of others.

You can use this method to also promote the affiliate products you running with, it will go a long way to making sales.

10. Promote Affiliate Product By Joining Facebook Group: You can join a lot of Facebook groups with the aim of promoting your affiliate product or service to the group.

Once you join and get approved, make a post about the product on the group and leave your contact details on the post. That’s all.

11. Promote Through Using Of Forum: This method we continue to work till the end of this world. Using the forum to promote products is great if you know how to do it.

This method of using a forum has worked for a lot of people and am very sure it can still work for you if you will give it a try.

I believe you don’t need to ask me about any forum because there are a lot of forums in Nigeria where you can register with.

Just register with any one of them and start to promote your affiliate product or your service to them on the forum.

12. Promote Through Using Of Twitter Handle: I don’t need to tell you these. You know what is called Twitter already.

You can use Twitter to your advantage to promote products, all you need to do is go to Twitter and create an account and start using it to promote your stuff.

Don’t forget we are still on how to promote affiliate products without a website, and if actually,

If you’re following these articles you will see everything is based on the topic of the post.

So, let’s continue.

13. Promote A Product Through Instagram: Do you have large numbers of followers on Instagram?

This is a great means for you to start using it to promote a product to those your Instagram followers.

But if you don’t have an Instagram account go and create one for yourself it is all free.

14. Promote Through Using WhatsApp: Almost 80% of people are using WhatsApp.

You can promote any affiliate product on WhatsApp, all you should do is create a WhatsApp group and start to add friends to it,

and once you have gotten the number of people you want you can start to promote your service or product to them.

So, those are the ways you can promote affiliate products without a website.

But if you want to spend some cash so your products or service can reach a great number of people you can use these 5 methods I want to show you.

15. Promote A Product Through Facebook Ads: Using Facebook ads to promote is amazing with amazing results.

So, to make your product or service reach a lot of people running Facebook advertising we are the best for you.

You can use it.

16. Promote Through Sponsoring On Local Radio: Local radio stations can serve you in promoting your product or service because radio is still a powerful medium to use when it comes to product promotion.

You can use this as well.

17. Promote Through A Blog/Website: If you have a blog or website you can use it in promoting any affiliate product or your service using your blog.

This is a good chance for you,

you can write a review of the product or about your service on your blog and you will make a lot of sales within a short period of time.

If you don’t have a blog/website,

you can contact any blog owner to advertise your products or service on their blog with that you can also make a lot of sales too.

You can contact me if you want to advertise on is very affordable for anyone, check on my contact page to reach out to me.

18. Promote Through E-mail List: This is the fastest way to promote any product or service. All you need to do is to build an email list and start to recommend products to your subscribers and sales we overflow.

An email list is very powerful it converts well.

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19. Promote Through Google Ads: You can run Google ads, all you need is to target a particular audience and run google ads to the product link and you will make good sales too using that method.


The above-mentioned articles on how to promote affiliate products

without a website can be of great help to you in promoting any products online to a great number of people and make a lot of money most especial if you’re into referral programs.

I have shared 19 good ways that you can use in promoting any products

to a large number of people and these methods work very well I strongly believe if you will implement them it works for you.

Now, over to you, let me hear from you the ones you have tried in any of these lists mentioned here and the ones you have not tried.

And if there are any others that I suppose to include in the list and I didn’t include them please let me know in the comment selection.

You can register on naira4all here and start promoting their product, it’s a good place to make money, register here

And don’t forget to share these articles with others. I love you for sharing.

Sharing is caring.

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  1. I really love this article. You did very well. Affiliate marketing is really a good way of making money. I am also an affiliate marketer.
    Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing such a useful information.

    1. @Justus,

      There are many affiliate website that you can join as am affiliate without a website, like naira4all, Domainking, Expertnaire, warrior+ and many others.

      I’ll encourage you to search in the blog here for the top affiliate programs in Nigeria.

      I shared top affiliate programs in the post.

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