How To Start A Bulk SmS Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Bulk Sms Business In Nigeria

Do you want to start a bulk SMS business and you don’t really know how to go about it?

If yes,

I got you covered in this content. So here, am going to share with you how to start a bulk SMS business in Nigeria.

Bulk SMS business is a very lucrative business as long Nigeria is a concern and with this business,

you are sure of making N300k every single month if actually you’ll act or implement what I’ll be showing you here.

I was once into this business and am still doing this reselling of bulk SMS business,

and that’s why am ready to pour out everything I know about this bulk SMS business to you here and how you can start yours too.

And as you know that there is high demand for this custom bulk SMS in Nigeria as of now because many brands,

companies, churches, schools, banks, organizations,

and business owners need this for the purpose of sending thousands of messages to their subscribers or customers at a moment.

And the pretty advantage of starting your own bulk SMS business is that it requires just a little capital to kick start.

And the profit is high if actually you know how to maximize the business.

And for you to succeed in this bulk SMS business,

there are some important steps you should follow to actually get the best from the business.

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Benefits Of Starting A Bulk SMS Business In Nigeria

Bulk SMS business is indeed a cool business that springs real money as long Nigeria is a concern,

and am going to show you or list some of the benefits you’ll drive once you start this business in the right format.

Here are the benefits which are;

1. The profitability of bulk SMS business is very high.

2. Easy to start or set up.

3. It requires little capital to start.

4. Risk-free

5. Little knowledge demand.

6. Less competitive and high demand.

7. It has high customer demand.

These and more are the benefits you’ve once you start this bulk SMS business in the right way in Nigeria.


let’s look at what actually bulk SMS business is because you can’t start a business you know nothing about.

What Is Bulk SMS Business?

How To Start A Bulk Sms Business In Nigeria

Bulk SMS business is simply a business of sending text messages from

one’s phone or laptop to the phone number of a large number of persons at the same moment of time through a reseller bulk SMS website.


let me put it this way for you to understand it better.

Have you for once receive any SMS text either from the bank, school, MTN, or Airtel before?

If your answer is yes, that’s bulk SMS texting because it was sent to a large number of persons at the same time.

So that’s what bulk SMS business is all about,

sending text messages to a large number of persons at one click.

So, what is the equipment you need to start this bulk SMS reselling business in Nigeria?

1. You need a little capital as I told you before now.

2. A strong internet connection.

3. You need a tablet or possibly a PC.

4. You need a hosting account and domain name (Not actually necessary if you’ll follow my guide here)

5. Your time is required (this is the most important element required for this business.

And mind you, there are types of bulk SMS which I’ll list so you can be able to differentiate.

Types Of Bulk SMS

1. Promotional Bulk SMS:

This is a type of bulk SMS used to promote a business, school, or brand, and send updates to customers about a new product or service.

Promotional bulk SMS help in creating awareness about a product or passing out new information to customers.

2. Transaction Bulk SMS:

This is a bulk SMS used to send alerts like the ones you receive from your bank or to remind people of events customers.

Who We Need This Bulk SMS?

I know the next question you may want or feel to ask. is “who we buy this SMS from me if I start the business right now”. Good if that’s your question.

This business has high demand and getting who to buy from you to start making money shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Here is the list of people that need bulk SMS from you like mad.

1. Banks. 2. Churches. 3. Schools. 4. Companies. 5. Hotels. 6. Restaurants. e.t.c

Those group of people needs the service of bulk SMS to send to their customers, and how do you get these group of people as a customer?

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very simple.

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1. Write a letter to them that you sell bulk SMS either through email.

2. You can see them one on one if need be.

3. Run a Facebook ad that you sell bulk SMS.

With this, getting customers to sell to shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

How To Start A Bulk SMS Business In Nigeria

Here are the most actionable areas I want you to focus your mind on right now.

Step One: Make A Thorough Research:

It is very important you conduct thorough research about your targeted market

and find out about the cheapest companies that will give you the best reselling plan or price.

And find out about those in the business you are about to go into and the plans or prices they’re using to buy or sell.

Step Two: Set up Your Own Bulk SMS Website:

The next thing to do is to create a website for your bulk SMS business.

And mind you the SMS website is different from a blog website or any other website.

You can contact a web developer to create your bulk SMS business website for you,

but if you were good at programming or web development you can as well create

your bulk SMS website all by yourself without paying a web developer.

And what actually makes bulk SMS website what it’s is the features it carries like,

automatically removing duplicate numbers and the ability to integrate your API on your bulk SMS website,

areas to allocate credits to save users’ details.

And your success on this depends on the responsiveness of your bulk SMS website.

If you’re the one to set up your bulk SMS website. Here are what you need and the basic steps to take.

5 Basic Steps You Need To Create Your Bulk SMS Website

  • 1. Register a new domain name for your bulk SMS website.
  • 2. Register a hosting account for your bulk SMS website, and I recommend you buy your hosting account from Namecheap or inter-server because they are reliable and also very cheap.
  • 3. Get an SMS Gateway account from an SMS Gateway provider.
  • 4. Link your bulk SMS website to the SMS Gateway provider with whom you created an account because you’ll be getting direct bulk SMS from them.
  • 5. Purchase SMS units from the bulk SMS provider.

If you properly take these few basic steps I believe you’ll be able to start something or create your bulk SMS website.

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But the simplest way I’ll wish you should follow is “Register with a bulk SMS wholesaler” that’s where I started with.

So, if you don’t have the required capital to go with the first option,

then, you’ve to consider the other option I want to show you which is “Registering With A Bulk SMS Wholesaler”


let’s go deeper into this option.

Register Your Bulk SMS With A Bulk SMS Wholesaler

This option is the simplest and even cheaper to go for as a complete beginner.

With this option, you’ll not worry about creating a website or buying a hosting account,

or linking your website to any bulk SMS Gateway provider.

There are a whole lot of wholesaler websites currently in Nigeria creating a reselling portal for their customers.

And the company I’m currently buying from is Naira4all,

and they sell very cheap at the rate of N1.80 and I resell at the rate of N2.50.

Through the portal they’re going to create for you,

you can purchase your custom SMS directly from them and they’ll immediately send it to your portal…

Here is how to go about it, click here to sign up on the Naira4all website,

once you’ve done that,

upgrade your account to premium membership so you can be able to request for SMS bulk account set-up,

and they’re setting up your reselling SMS bulk account 100% free for you as one of their member.

If your requesting or you want to go with Naira4all this is a quote from Naira4all.


As a premium member of naira4all, you are entitled to a free Bulk SMS Reseller Account.

This will enable you to get SMS at N1.80 and resell at your own price.

You can sell for N2.50 and above and keep all the profit to yourself.

This is another guaranty money-spinning business in Nigeria.

Other providers charge you to set up a reseller account for you.

But here in Naira4all, you don’t need to pay for the reseller account.

Your upgrade fee covers all the benefits offered on this platform.

With your Bulk SMS Reseller Account, you can create as many accounts as possible for your end-users.

Your users will be able to login into their account and send the SMS on their own

You too would be able to send SMS at a very low price.


  • Reseller account username:
  • Password:
  • Your desired company name:
  • Email address:
  • Phone Number:
  • Your name:
  • Payment details (date of payment, depositor’s name, bank where payment was made, amount paid)

The above information should be sent to (Removed).


Members requesting for reseller SMS account must buy at least 500 SMS credits to test their reseller account and to start their bulk SMS business.

That is, 500 X 1.80 kobo SMS credit = N900. Your credit is your capital.

Again, we don’t want to create dormant reseller accounts.

You can use this credit to send SMS if you don’t want to resell it.

That’s from Naira4all.


Step Three: Purchase Custom Units:

The next step that’s very important is to purchase a custom unit from

Naira4all or your desired wholesaler website/company because you are not into bulk SMS business until you fund your account.

Now, after successful registration and setting up your portal for you,

you’ll need to buy a specific volume of custom units to start with,

I could remember when I started mine that I started with just N1,000 naira and everything went fine,

they provided an eBook guide to guide me through how to run my SMS business.

That’s while I’ll advise you to go with naira4all.

But, if you are not interested to go with naira4all,

there are other companies in Nigeria to go with, like and, and many others like that.


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So the SMS unit is what you’ll re-sell to your customers.

Step Four: Re-Design Your Portal To Your Desire:

What you need now is to customize the look of your portal to your desired taste if need be,

you can even add the domain name of your choice and every other information that your business need.

The image below is the portal of my bulk SMS reselling account set up by naira4all for me when I started with them.

How To Start A bulk Sms Business In Nigeria

So try to customize your portal outlook and layout to enable customers to navigate easily.

Most importantly don’t forget to add contact information to which customer can direct their questions or concerns.

Step Five: Promote Your Bulk SMS Business:

The next target is to begin to promote your business because the money will not come by itself or promote itself.

So to get customers or sales to make a huge profit, you just need to promote it.

Let me show you a few powerful ways to promote or market your business.

  • 1. Run a Facebook ad.
  • 2. Email marketing
  • 3. Create a blog for the purpose of reaching more people.
  • 4. Publish in the newspaper.
  • 5. Broadcast on the radio station.

And more.

You can use any of the methods to advertise your bulk SMS business to make more money out of it.


Did you enjoy this post I just dropped for you here on how to start a bulk SMS business in Nigeria?

And how do you see bulk SMS business and your thought about it?

To your eye or thought how lucrative is the bulk SMS business in Nigeria?

Now, Your Turn:

Feel free to drop your comment in the comment box below,

and if you liked this post or have any ideas of your own,

please leave me a comment down below,

and don’t forget to use the share button to share this post to social media websites, and most importantly,

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