How To Start Email Marketing In Nigeria

How To Start Email Marketing In Nigeria

How to start email marketing in Nigeria, are you looking to start an email marketing business here in Nigeria and it seems you don’t know how to go about it?

If yes, I got you covered here.

Here in this article, I’ll show you how to start a free email marketing guide in Nigeria, and I’m going to make sure this post is well-detailed and easy for you to follow the tutorial step by step.

So, thank God Almighty for bringing you here because I’ll be teaching you the exact way I use with my email marketing business, sending your email marketing campaigns to grow your customer base, and making sales from your email marketing campaigns.

So, if serious about email marketing or how to start email marketing in Nigeria and be making sales that result in making a lot of money by sending email campaigns, then this is for you.

And I need to let you know that before you can make money from affiliate marketing promoting other people’s products like using Warriorplus, Clickbank, JVzoo, and Expertnaire that you need an email list because email marketing and affiliate marketing go together, and here comes where you should start email marketing to promote products to customers or follow up with your audience.

That’s why email marketing campaigns are very important because is the aspect of any digital marketing strategy for your success, you can use your email campaigns to nurture customers, generate new leads, make amazing sales, and drive good traffic and all this can work on Autopilot.

Some marketers may tell you email marketing is not effective or boring because Nigerians don’t open email says who? See, you don’t need to listen to such so-called marketers because before you can begin to bank $500-1,000 from Warriorplus, JVZOO, or Clickbank every single month you need an email list, I believed smart marketers we tell you what I just told you now, so don’t ever allow any of those marketers to deceive you…..

Email marketing is still the best and it presents you with more opportunities for you to make more money and drive an amazing return on your business. With email marketing, your business can return double your investment.

What Is Email Marketing All About?

How To Start Email Marketing In Nigeria

It might be you don’t know what is email marketing all about. Email marketing is simply using email to build a reliable relationship, promote products, and follow up with your audience. With a good strategy put in place, email marketing communication can flow, and you can as well send relevant information and convert prospects into buying customers.

Once you start building your email list, people who are interested in what you share or offer can now join your email list and through that, you can promote anything to them and they’ll happily make a buying decision.

That’s why building your email list for your targeted audience is very important, people who are interested in your products or services.

And mind you that no money spend building your list we go without significant return for you…

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What Are The Benefits Of Email Marketing In Nigeria?

Many people have taken email marketing to the background. But have you ever asked yourself why big companies like Amazon, Jumia, Konga, Warriorplus, Jvzoo, Clickbank, and the rest of them still collecting your email before you are allowed to join their platform?

You might not know why they’re doing that right? Okay, let me tell you then. Those companies collect your email because they want to sell more to you and make more money for themselves. After all, they want to be getting in touch with you.

So if big brands like this are doing all of this, who are you not to follow suit? I don’t see any marketer that puts email marketing in the background to be a smart marketer.

So, the question remains. What are the benefits of email marketing?

1. Email Marketing Drive Traffic:

With email marketing, you can drive traffic to your website, affiliate link, and others……

2. Low-Cost Start-Up:

To run a professional email marketing business here in Nigeria, all you need is an email list with $15 a month for GetResponse.

3. Full Control Of Your Email Marketing Business:

You’ve full control over your email marketing business, unlike social media sites that your account you do not have full control over. You can do anything you want with your email marketing campaign.

4. Email Marketing Increase Awareness:

With each email campaign you push out, the consumer is exposed to your business and comes to know about your brand.

5. Email Marketing Increase Sales:

With each of the emails, you sent, you are very sure of the sales we come back with it.

6. Easy To Use:

Starting your email marketing business with GetResponse is easy to use, and creating an email campaign is very simple.

7. Amazing Return On Investment:

Email marketing continues to bring an amazing return to email marketers, and that’s why you don’t need to waste time anymore before start building your email list.

8. Email Marketing Is Not Difficult:

You can start an email marketing business with zero knowledge or skill and still be making a killing from it. With GetResponse, you’ll soon begin to send email campaigns that look professional.

And much more benefits.

You can see, that in today’s digital world that email marketing shouldn’t be overlooked if you want amazing results in your business. So, if you haven’t considered email marketing for your business, now is the right time for you to start.

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Now, Let’s Get Started With How To Start Your Email Marketing

Before I walk you through the process, I must let you know there is various email marketing software, to begin with, your email marketing business.

We have Hubspot, Autopilot, Convertkit, and GetResponse, and many others. But for you to understand this Tutorial for email marketing, we will be using one of the best software in the market called “GETRESPONSE”.

GetResponse is one of the best I’ll recommend to you because it’s a beginner guide and mobile-friendly, and I use Getresponse too, and not only that, some big brands use it to get a response for all of their email marketing campaigns, and top marketers use to get a response for all of their email marketing.

And not only that, but Getresponse is also efficient when sending email campaigns and also with free 30 days. I encourage you to go with Getresponse because it is cool.

Now let’s get started.

Step One: Register For Getresponse Account Free 30 Days

How To Start Email Marketing In Nigeria Nigeria

So, I recommend GetResponse for you, click here to register to get response for free for 30 days……

Once it opens, click on the signup button to register an account. Fill in your correct details as required like your email address and password to start your free 30 days.

Click here to register for GetResponse.

Once you’ve done that, a verification email would be sent to the email address you used during the registration, click on the link to verify ownership, and then log in……..

Click here to register and start your free 30 days. And if you are smart enough before the free 30 days expire you should have started making money with your list already because you would be paying $15 every single month.

Step Two: Getting Started With GetResponse Step By Step:

It’s very important you watch the video above to learn how to get started with Getresponse email marketing, and also remember is only the signed-up users can follow these step-by-step tutorials to use Getresponse, so click here to register for Getresponse account.

Integrate Getresponse On Your Website Or Blog

To make customers add to your list, you need to provide the option to subscribe on your blog and it should be easily accessible with other social media profiles.

GetResponse has made every tool available for you to begin to grow your email list and begin your email marketing business. So, here is a list of tools Getresponses made available for your reach.

1. Forms:

These forms¬† Getresponses provide are assigned to a particular campaign. To create a form to use on your blog, “click on choose forms” in your member dashboard menu and simply click on Create New form.

Follow the instructions display on the screen, then copy and paste the HTML or JAVASCRIPT code into your website or blog, make sure to install “Insert Headers and Footers Plugin” to paste the code.

And make sure the opt forms stand out from the rest of the content on your site, you can install a popup plugin so whenever a reader visits your website the opt-in forms can pop up for them to subscribe to.

2. Landing Page:

Do you know you can even start email marketing without a blog or website using a GetResponse landing page?

All you need to do is use Getresponse landing page to create a resistible sign-up form visitors can never resist……

In your user dashboard menu, click on the choose landing page, then click on the create. Simply apply all the necessary settings that you want on the landing page, then choose a pre-designed template you want, and begin to customize it the way you want using the editor.

And once you’re done, then click on the save and publish, and your page we go live……

3. Subscribe Via Email:


since you have done creating your landing page, it’s time to let people subscribe to your email list for campaigns by sending emails to them. All you need to do is simply give the URL of your landing page or share it on social media sites, and you can also create a different email address for each of your campaigns if you want.

So, to enable this option in your Getresponse account, click on the settings icon on the right-hand side of the field of your current campaign, then click on the general tab and scroll down to the subscribe via email section.

Once you have done, click on the button to ON.

4. Webinars:

This section is where you create a webinar, you receive a unique link to the webinar page you want to create which you can share on social media sites, on your blog, or send to anyone.

5. Survey:

Whenever you’re trying to create a survey, always choose the sign-up form as one of your questions from the list of questions available. With this, your not only collecting subscriber information but your also collecting their email address which you can still use to reach out to them whenever you want.

6. Web Archive Page:

Here, you promote your web archive page, a newsletter director where your visitors can always read your newsletters and also subscribe to your campaigns.

7. Website Builder:

The website builder comes jam-packed full of great features and tools to help you build, promote and grow your business. Features like;

  1. Generate a website: Built just for you using Getresponse intuitive AI creator.
  2. Grow your lists: Collect vital visitor details with built-in sign-up forms.
  3. Increase conversion: With event-triggered website popup.
  4. Integrate with other GetResponse features: To create seamless experiences.


NOTE: You need to sign up to get a response to follow what I’m teaching you here. You can click here to register for getresponse account and get your free 30 days.

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Creating Your Autoresponder Emails

It’s now time to create your Autoresponder emails for your campaigns. So in your email marketing, you need to be different and this can be through the help of software like Getresponse. This Autoresponder email is an email that goes out once recipients subscribe to your list, and they get this email at the exact time they opt-in to your list.

And one good thing I like so much about these Autoresponder emails is that, once you’ve got them up they require minimum effort from your end because they simply run themselves for you.

This advanced email marketing Automation solution is now within your reach at Getresponse dashboard, all these are available at Getresponse for you to start your email marketing business.

Once you set up your Autoresponder emails, now you’ve to click on the save and publish button and you’re on your way to building a solid and profitable relationship with your subscribers.

Creating Your Newsletter

There is nothing complicated with creating your newsletter with Getresponse, it’s very simple to get started in creating a newsletter within your account.

Now what you need to do next is to make sure you’ve selected the campaign/list that you want to create the newsletter for, and once you’ve got that set, all you need to do is go to messages, then click on “Create Newsletter”.

Now, you want to choose the new email creator that’s easy to use drag and drop features, or if you are knowledgeable enough with HTML coding stuff, then the HTML source Editor is for you then……

But if you’re not good with HTML coding, then choose NEW EMAIL CREATOR and then you’ll need to give the message a name, this is just something for you to know your subscribers are not seeing this.

The subject of your newsletter is what everyone will see, so whatever you would like it to be, you’ll need to input that there. Now, your to choose your desired form field, you can also update the “Reply-To-Field” if you want, then choose if you want to be able to track the click-through rates on any links that may have on your newsletter, after that, you can click on the publish or save to draft.

Now, whenever you go into the next step, you can browse through the hundreds of templates Getresponse has for you, you can simply choose anyone that would look good for you that you’d like to get started with or you can choose to start from scratch with some available blank template, make sure you use a plain text message or import your template if you’ve anyone.

I use a blank template that’s starting from scratch…….

Once you’ve chosen a template that you want, you can simply go ahead to customize the content on it. They’re all filler text, so you can just delete the text and enter in whatsoever you want to input.

Then update any photos that you would like by simply using the drag and drop features with any of the content you’d like. Then, you can choose the new images and more text that you want, so you can fully customize it in the way you want to include your content on it, then in your next step, you’ll choose the recipients or list you would want to receive the message, you can as well choose all the campaigns or just use a few campaigns.

Once you’ve done that and you’ve decided whom you want to receive the message from, all you need to do is to click on the “NEXT STEP” and you can decide if you want to send the message right away which will automatically be delivered or you can choose to schedule it which you can set up a specific date and time for the message to be delivered.

“Meanwhile, if you don’t want to go through all this stress or process yourself, you can simply hire me to hand all of these for you at steal away price. You can go to the contact me page to reach out to me.

Click here to register for a Getresponse account.

Create Super Value Using Your Email Campaigns

A lot of people marketers are missing this.

See, people would like to pay attention to you when they know they get super value from your content.

And here is where some marketers are missing the whole thing, all they know how to do best is to wire products to those subscribers instead of sharing helpful information with them. As a marketer or upcoming marketer this method we do not help you in your journey to email marketing, learn to share helpful tips with your email subscribers, with that they can joyfully purchase anything coming from you.

So make sure you utilize your email marketing to build a loyal customer base who will always look forward to your email because of the value loaded on it…

Always Personalize Your Emails

This very method has been working over and over for me. And if you’re on my list you should know I never send out emails without personalizing them. This method is also a good and reliable strategy that you should also use in your email marketing.

Whenever you do this your email subscribers will have the feeling of a personal connection with your product or him/her, and once they get a personalized email from you they’ll know you talking to him/her.

That’s why sending personalized emails is very helpful in the email marketing business………………


Email marketing remains the best way in promoting products or services from affiliate sites and is still the best way to communicate with your subscribers.

So, you don’t have to take email marketing to the backseat if you want to grow your business or make massive sales from your product or service. All you need to do is to plan out your email marketing business and have a good strategy in place to kick start. And I believe with all that I shared here in this content is very easy and helpful to start with Getresponse, So click here to register to Getresponse.

However, if you can’t hand in all of these steps yourself, I can personally help you go through all of this stress at steal away price, click on the contact me page to reach out to me.

Now, Over To You:

What is your thought about “How to start email marketing in Nigeria”? Do you think email marketing is no longer effective the way it was years back?

Are you an affiliate marketer using an email list to promote the product? Feel free to share your experience with me…..

And if you liked this post or have any ideas of your own about this post, please leave me a comment down below and I’ll be happy to talk with you in this post.

And most importantly, don’t forget to use the share button on this post to share it everywhere you know.

Sharing is caring.

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