How To Start Fish Farming In Nigeria

How To Start Fish Farming In Nigeria

How to start fish farming in Nigeria, fish farm business is indeed a profitable venture

in Nigeria because people will always consume fish.

And actually for you to succeed in this business there are two basic methods of fish farming depending on the species of fish.

So you need to decide at the start whether to adopt small-scale or large-scale commercial fish farming,

based on your financial capability. The focus of this content am taking you through is farming catfish on a small-scale commercial level.

So for you to get complete knowledge about the fish farming business in Nigeria,

you can get training from expert farms that conduct training on fish farming or you can understudy a successful fish farm to acquire good knowledge of water quality management,

disease control, feeding, marketing, processing skills, and many others so you’ll not be left out.

Catfish has huge market demand because of its amazing health benefit and that’s what this content is all about.

And interestingly, it takes just only 6 months maturation period depending on the species to get the fish ready for sale.

There are several varieties of catfish species that we are going to look into.

Types Of Catfish

How to start fish farming in Nigeria

The most popular types of catfish are;

  1. Blue catfish
  2. Channel catfish
  3. Flathead catfish
  4. White catfish
  5. Yellow catfish

and many others.

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What Equipment Is Needed For Fish Farming

1. Secure A Good Land:

Any location is good for fish farming since fish doesn’t cause any environmental issues.

So look for land or a better place than you know you have the capacity to afford.

2. Construct A Good Ponds:

You need to construct a pond for your fish,

you can contact an expert to construct it for you or you hand it in yourself if you have the knowledge.

3. Get A Good Source Of Water:

Mind you that adequate water supply is very important because is the lifeblood

of a fish farm and lack of it may result in total disaster because you need to be changing it regularly.

If you can get access to borehole or river water we are the best.

4. Install Overhead Tank:

This overhead tank stands as a reservoir for you in which water is supplied to your ponds.

This tank should be connected to your ponds to make it more convenient for water to flow into your ponds when needed.

5. Get Juvenile Fish:

At this point now,

you need to get your juvenile from another farm that you know he/she specializes in supplying it.

And mind you, you need to go for the high-yield species of catfish.

6. Set A Mechanism:

You need to set up a mechanism by which you’ll let out water from the pond.

This is because the feeds usually make the water dirty after a few minutes.

So to start a good fish farm, you must first select a suitable location for sitting your fishpond.

If you’ve access to a good size of land, that makes the venture the better.


if space is your constraint,

you can improvise by using big basins or drums as your fishpond,

which you can keep anywhere around your surrounding,

and the size of the pond or container should be capable of handling the type and quantity of catfish you’re planning to grow.

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And mind you,

the pond size may be sufficient when they’re still small in size,

but as they grow bigger, the space may be congested for them,

and this could result in stunted growth for some and the big ones could begin to eat up the smaller ones.

It is always advisable to make provision for more than one pond once you begin to see the catfish begin to grow.

The next thing is to fill the pond with water and begin to introduce fish into it.

But before you put the fish in the pond,

mix the fish slowly in a bucket of water (which must be the same water as the pond’s) first for 10 to 15 minutes.

This will help the fish to acclimatize to the new water PH levels.

To get fingerlings or juveniles to start your fish business is surprisingly cheap,

I think one fingerling can cost between thirty to fifty naira depending on your location and the seller.

You may need to ask around to find the place where you can get the fingerlings nearby your location.

Subsequent to stocking your pond with catfishes is feeding them.

Since there are different stages of catfish growth,

their feeds are also of different sizes because fish feed is often denoted in millimeters (mm); so, you’ll see or might have heard about 2mm feed, 4mm feed.

And there is also extruded or floating and non-extruded sinking feed.

But out of it all, floating feed is more recommended, and mind you,

how often you feed your fish will determine the result you’ll get.

Daily feeding of your fish until they reach the 6 months mark is essential if you want optimal results.

You can also adopt the use of supplementary natural fish feeds such as rice bran, kitchen leftovers, and maize powder.

Most importantly, the security of your fish can’t be overstated.

So make sure your fish pond is adequately secured in order to ward off criminal elements.

And as your fish mature,

you should begin to think of how to market them,

and your customers or clients can be either individuals or supermarkets, meat stores, or restaurants.

You can simply contact a nearby restaurant and make a contract with them to be supplying the fresh farmed fish on a regular basis.

These restaurants are the best sources to market the fish so that you can make good money or profit from it.

And take note, before fixing the price of your fish consider first the market demands.

Make sure the price is not more than that of your competitors, the reason is to attract more customers.


do not give too low prices that will make you incur loss instead of gaining.

Just ensure you take necessary suggestions from experts or people who are in the same field as you so as to build up your business.

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Did you enjoy this content on how to start fish farming in Nigeria?

And I hope with this article here you can successfully start your fish farming business in Nigeria and be making a lot of money.

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