Namecheap Hosting Review

Namecheap Hosting Review

Namecheap Hosting Review, are you looking for a reliable hosting company to either host your blog or website or your sale page?

If yes,

you’re in the right place, and not only that, in this honest review, I want to also show you how to make money from the Namecheap hosting company.

I’ll strongly advise you to patiently go through this review because it’s fairly going to be long and very informative.

Namecheap Hosting is a great hosting company that offers great value at an affordable rate with 100% customer support and fast server response.

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About Namecheap

Namecheap Hosting Review

I believe you want to know about this hosting provider before going ahead to host your site with them right?

Cool then.

Namecheap is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar, this company provides domain name registration and web hosting service, based in Phoenix, Arizona, US.

Namecheap hosting provider has 11 million registered users with them with 10 million domains.

This hosting provider was founded in the year 2000, why the founder is Richard Kirkendall,

why the headquarters is in Los Angeles, California, united states, and why is the CEO still Richard Kirkendall?

You are now satisfied with the known Namecheap hosting provider.

Then let’s continue.

NOTE: I’ll be compensated once you purchase any product on Namecheap using an affiliate link on these posts without any additional cost to you.

I use the commission for the upkeep of this site.

Namecheap Hosting

Namecheap Hosting is a web hosting company that offers web plans for shared hosts.

This hosting provider has been for a long and it offers free domain name registration and strong hosting.

The company made it so easy and very affordable for anyone that desires of having a site,

just as its name applies (Namecheap), is indeed very cheap and a great hosting provider with every other quality other hosting company with a high rate has.

Namecheap Hosting is an outstanding and unique hosting provider,

I love this hosting provider so much because of uptime keep, customer support, fastness of the server, very affordable, and a lot of good features with good performance.

This site you’re now is currently hosted by Namecheap hosting company and I never once had an issue with my site for once. And I think this is what everyone desired in a hosting provider like NameCheap.

I’ll forever recommend this hosting provider to anyone that wishes to host a site.

So, try Namecheap shared hosting and you’ll satisfy you do, and not only that, Namecheap has a good reputation everywhere.

Namecheap Hosting Plans

The great thing about this hosting provider is that it has different hosting plans which you can comfortably choose for your project.

So, Namecheap has a plan for your site.

Let’s take a look at all the hosting plans Namecheap offers.

Shared Hosting Plans

Namecheap offer shared hosting plans and they currently offer three shared hosting plans which include,

A. Stellar $1.44 per month: This plan starts at only $1.44 per month and it allows you to host up to 3 websites,

and these 3 websites could be business websites,

blogs, or personal websites, and all these just only $1.44 per month or under $17.28 per year. Very affordable, isn’t that?

And this stellar plan includes 20 GB, SSD, 3 websites, Domain Name, and Free CDN.

B.Stellar Plus $2.44 per month: Stellar Plus package will give you an extra boost this plan is more demanding websites and blogs and with this plan,

you can host unlimited websites with a 100% uptime guarantee and customer support.

And you get these for only $2.44 per month or under $57.88 per year.

This shared host includes Unmetered SSD, Unlimited websites, AutoBackup, Domain Name, and Free CDN.

NOTE: I’II is compensated once you purchase any product on Namecheap using an affiliate link on these posts without any additional cost to you. NOTE: I use the commission for the upkeep of this site.

C. Stellar Business $4.44 per month: This plan is ideal for sites like e-commerce sites and more.

Which you get for only $4.44 per month or under $104.88 per year.

And it includes 50 GB SSD, Unlimited websites, AutoBackup, & Cloud Storage, Domain Name, and Free CDN.

You get all these shared hostings from Namecheap at a very cheap and affordable rate as you can see.

All Namecheap Plans Include The Following Benefits For Customers:

  1. Unmetered bandwidth
  2. Free website builder
  3. The domain name and privacy protection
  4. 24/7 live chat support
  5. Free automatic SSL Installation
  6. Free supersonic CDN
  7. 30 days money back guarantee

You receive all that from Namecheap free whereby some hosting providers charge customers for it.

Namecheap Hosting Other Options

If you need to go more than shared hosting plans, Namecheap still offers other higher hosting options you can choose,

which include, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated servers, Private Email Hosting, Migrate to Namecheap, and website builder.

You get all those hosting plans from Namecheap at the cheapest rate ever with strong security. Why can’t you give Namecheap a try? It will meet your desired site.

How To Host A Website On Namecheap

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I strongly believe you want to host your website or whatever with Namecheap right? Here are the detailed steps I want you to follow on how to host a website on Namecheap.

Step one: Buy A Domain Name: Click here to buy from NameCheap.

Buying the domain name is the first-ever step you need to create a website, We all know what is domain name right?

a domain name acts as an internet address that people will type in their browser to go to your website or blog just like,

this should be unique because it stands out your business online and you can register this domain on NameCheap.

Step two: Buy/Select A Hosting Company: Every site required a web host,

that’s where your website will be stored and made available online for others to see. And you get this shared hosting plan from Namecheap.

Step three: Choose Your Desired Hosting Plan: Before any website goes live,

there are very two important things that are needed which include domain and hosting for it.

And there are about five of these hosting plans on Namecheap which include, shared hosting, managed WordPress, VPS, Dedicated and Reseller, and others.

All these hostings are very affordable as you see above,

and if you’re confused about the plan to go with,

I’ll advise you to start with a shared hosting account is very good for new sites and they are cheap as well, and easy to maintain.

You can upgrade to any plan once your site has grown.

Step four: Installation Of WordPress: Namecheap offers one-click installation.

After you have gotten your domain and hosting from Namecheap,

your login details will be sent to your email both host Cpanel details, all you need to do is,

log in and locate the Softaculous/WordPress installer icon in the Auto installers section to launch your site.

Once you follow the steps above, your website we are created.

But if you don’t want to go through all that stress of doing it yourself, you can contact me to set up a WordPress blog for you very affordable. Contact here

How To Make Money With Namecheap Affiliate Program

Are you an affiliate marketer, a blogger, a web developer, or make money online guy?

I want to announce to you that you can’t only host a site with Namecheap,

but you can also make money from the Namecheap affiliate program even if you, are not a customer.

Sound cool right?

You know one of the best and fastest ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing which the Namecheap hosting provider has provided for you and me as a means to make money from their affiliate program.

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Three Of Namecheap Affiliate Program

Namecheap currently offers three different affiliate programs and you’re allowed to sign up for one of the affiliate platforms.

Signing up is very simple which I believe everyone can do,

and once you signed up, you have to wait for your account to be approved which will take 24 hours as the case may be.

How To Become An Affiliate

You have to sign up with only one affiliate platform in this program.

  1. Impact Radius Affiliate
  2. Commission Junction Affiliate
  3. ShareAsale Affiliate

Those are the three affiliate programs Namecheap offers.

1. Impact Radius Affiliate: Namecheap affiliate program is now powered by impact radius.

The platform provides more accurate tracking of commission, performance, and payment and enhanced proper reporting and capabilities of earning.

So, I’ll advise you to sign up with the impact radius affiliate program.

2. Commission Junction Affiliate: Commission Junction partners with Namecheap to sell Namecheap products with other related offers on their platform.

So if you’re an existing commission junction affiliate marketer, these will give you the opportunity to earn more from the affiliate program.

3.ShareAsale Affiliate: Namecheap is also part of the ShareASale affiliate program. And you can also sign up to promote their products.

Those are the three affiliate program Namecheap offer, you can sign up with one and start making money from any of them.

Namecheap Affiliate Commission Rate

Here, is the Namecheap affiliate commission rate on all the affiliate platforms.

Product: 1. Domains (registration/transfers)=Commission=20%

2. Product: Hosting packages (stellar, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated servers plans)=Commission=35%

3. Product: EasyWP=Commission= $5

4. Product: SSL Certificates=Commission=35%

5. Product: Private Email=Commission=20%

6. Product: VPN Free Trial=Commission=$2

7. Product: VPN Trial Renewal=Commission=40% for 9 months

8. Product: VPN 1 Year Plan and 3 Year Plan=Commission=50%

9. Product: Premium DNS=Commission=20%

10. Product: App=Commission=0%

11. Product: Marketplace and premium Domains=Commission=0%

That’s what you earn as commission once you make a sale of any products.

Impact Radius Payment Methods.

There are various ways you can use to receive your money from Impact Radius and these methods are so easy,

which include Paypal, Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, and ACH Transfer.

So you are allowed to choose one whenever you want to request payment for what you have earned.

While the minimum payout for Impact Radius is $50 above, actually this depends on you.

And if you are from Nigeria you can put your Nigeria bank account so they can pay you directly to the bank.

How To Sign Up Has An Affiliate

The procedure for signing up as an impact Radius affiliate is very simple either on Commission Junction or ShareAsale affiliate if actually, you will agree to follow the site procedure.

Here is how to start with,

  1. Just sign up
  2. Apply
  3. Accept and approve
  4. Get started
  5. Promote
  6. Bank

1. Sign Up:

Click here to sign up once you get to the page, just follow the sign-up instructions to have a successful registration.

2. Apply:

The next step you should take is to apply to the Namecheap affiliate program within the Impact, CJ, or ShareASale affiliate program.

And make sure you fill in your correct details without leaving any field empty.

3. Accept and approve:

What you should do next is accept the commercial Terms and conditions, and your application will be sent to the Namecheap affiliate manager.

And once you have done submitting your application, it will be reviewed within 24 hours before you can completely become a Namecheap affiliate.

4. Get started:

Now, that you’re now an approved affiliate marketer of Namecheap, the next thing you should do is,

  1. First of all, log into your impact Radius, CJ, or ShareASale account, on your dashboard, and copy your unique tracking affiliate link from the “(Create a link)” section to get your affiliate link.
  2. Share your affiliate link with your friends.

5. Promote:

The next and most important expect of it all is promotion, your success here completely depends on the level of promotion you put into it.

Let me share with you some ways that you can actually promote this stuff.

3 Simple Ways to Promote Namecheap Products

One thing is joining this affiliate program,

another thing is how to promote the products because you making money from the program depends on you because no one will do that for you and without this guy no money,

ooh, and I don’t want to drop these articles here without showing you how to actually promote the product then the review will be incomplete.

So, here is how to promote it.

  1. Promote Through Your Blog: You are privileged to have a blog of your own, you can promote Namecheap in your blog or website by writing a review about Namecheap or you can just place their banner on your blog or website.
  2. Promote With Your Facebook Wall: You can as well recommend this hosting provider using your Facebook wall or page. All you need to do is make a detailed post about Namecheap on your timeline and drop your tracking affiliate link.
  3. Promote Through The Word of Month: You can recommend Namecheap host to your friends or anyone that want to host a blog or website and give the such person your affiliate link.

That’s it, just to mention a few here, I’ve actually written a detailed article on how to promote affiliate products without a website, here is the full post to read

6. Bank:

The next thing is to smile at your bank account because money will flow in if actually you promote the stuff, am sure of this.


I’ve done justice hereby giving you a detailed review of the Namecheap hosting review here,

if you just read this post without taking a step it will not help you,

so, I’ll advise you to read and take action because that is how those big gurn you’re seeing today started.

And I must tell you that Namecheap still remains the best hosting provider ever, it is completely safe to host your site with them and that’s why I recommend it to you. Click here to buy your hosting from Namecheap and get a free domain.

Now, over to you, what is your thought about the Namecheap hosting provider? Drop your comment in the comment box below because I’ll love to hear from you.

And if you have any questions too, feel free to drop them in the comment section of this post and I’ll try my best to reply to you as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to use the share button below to share with your friends and with everyone.

Sharing is caring.

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