Our Services

Over the years that we have been into digital marketing filed,

we have been able to found professional/expert

in every area of digital marketing.


I and my team of experts have decided

to come together to offer all of our services here that

you are about to see and order…

We have 5-10 years of experience in all of these niche or filed and we’re 100% sure

to deliver exactly what you will order from us here.

Here Are Our Services: 

➡️We will provide YouTube subscribers, like and comment,

Like and comment, like and subscribe, comment and subscribe,

like, comment, and subscribe.

500 YouTube subscribers.
➡️Price: 13k/$13


➡️1,000 YouTube subscribers.
➡️Price: 35k/$35


➡️1,500 YouTube subscribers.
➡️ Price: 38k/$38


➡️2,000 YouTube subscribers.
➡️Price: 45k/$45


➡️3,000 YouTube subscribers.
➡️Price: 55k/$55


➡️4,000 YouTube subscribers.
➡️Price: 65k/$65


➡️5,000 YouTube subscribers.
➡️Price: 77k/$77


➡️6,000 YouTube subscribers.
➡️Price: 88k/$88


➡️7,000 YouTube subscribers.
➡️Price: 99k/$99


➡️8,000 YouTube subscribers.
➡️Price: 110k/$110


➡️9,000 YouTube subscribers.
➡️Price: 120k/$120


➡️10,000 YouTube subscribers.
➡️Price: 133k/$133


We can provide you with any number of

YouTube Subscribers that you want,

it’s not just limited to the ones we listed here.



➡️1,000 YouTube watch time.
➡️Price: 40k/$40


➡️2,000 YouTube watch time.
➡️Price: 80k/$80


➡️3,000 YouTube watch time.
➡️Price: 100k/$100


➡️4,000 YouTube watch time.


➡️We will provide Tiktok follow, like, comment,

like and Share, like and comment, dance and upload,

➡️1,000 Tiktok follow.

➡️PRice: 38k/$38


➡️2,000 Tiktok follow.
➡️Price: 55k/$55


➡️3,000 Tiktok follow.
➡️Price: 73k/$73


➡️4,000 Tiktok follow.
➡️Price: 87k/$87


➡️5,000 Tiktok follow.
➡️Price: 105/$105


➡️6,000 Tiktok follow.
➡️Price: 122k/$122


➡️7,000 Tiktok follow.
➡️Price: 137k/$137


➡️8,000 Tiktok follow.
➡️Price: 156k/$156


➡️9,000 Tiktok follow.
➡️Price: 170k/$170


➡️10,000 Tiktok follow.
➡️Price: 188k/$188.


We can provide you with any number of

Tiktok follow that you want,

it’s not just limited to what we listed here.


➡️We will do Twitter follow, Retweet, like and reply,

Retweet and reply, like and retweet, tweet,

vote, follow and retweet, tweet to over

500 +, tweet to over 1000 +, vote on Twitter and reply,

➡️1,000 Twitter follow.
➡️Price: 32k/$32


➡️2,000 Twitter follow.
➡️Price: 43k/$43


➡️3,000 Twitter follow.
➡️Price: 54k/$54


➡️4,000 Twitter follow.
➡️Price: 65k/$65


➡️5,000 Twitter follow.
➡️Price: 76k/$76


➡️6,000 Twitter follow.
➡️Price: 87k/$87


➡️7,000 Twitter follow.
➡️Price: 98k/$98


➡️8,000 Twitter follow.
➡️Price: 109k/$109


➡️9,000 Twitter follow.
➡️Price: 120k/$120


➡️10,000 Twitter follow.
➡️Price: 130k/$130


We can provide you with any number of

Twitter follow that you want,

it’s not just limited to the ones we listed here.


➡️We will provide LinkedIn follow, like and comment,

follow and like, like and comment.

➡️1,000 LinkedIn follow.
➡️Price: 47/$47


➡️2,000 LinkedIn follow.
➡️Price: 69k/$69


➡️3,000 LinkedIn follow.
➡️Price: 91k/$91


➡️4,000 LinkedIn follow.
➡️Price: 114k/$114


➡️5,000 LinkedIn follow.
➡️Price: 136k/$136


➡️6,000 LinkedIn follow.
➡️Price: 158k/$158


➡️7,000 LinkedIn follow.
➡️Price: 179k/$179


➡️8,000 LinkedIn follow.
➡️Price: 202k/$202


➡️9,000 LinkedIn follow.
➡️Price: 224k/$224


➡️10,000 LinkedIn follow.
➡️Price: 255k/$255.


We can provide you with any number of

LinkedIn follow that you want,

it’s not just limited to the ones we listed here.


➡️We will provide Telegram Bot join,

Group join, simple Air drop,

complex Air drop.

➡️1,000 group join is.
➡️Price: 45k/$45.


We can provide you with any number of

Telegram Bot join, group join,

simple Air drop, complex Air drop.

that you want, it’s not just limited to the ones we listed here.


➡️We will provide you with Quality Leads (WHATSAPP LEADS)

to your WhatsApp group or post to Whatsapp story.

➡️100 WhatsApp Leads.
➡️Price: 6,500/$7


➡️200 WhatsApp Leads.
➡️Price: 10,800


➡️400 WhatsApp Leads.
➡️Price: 17,500/$18


➡️600 WhatsApp Leads.
➡️Price: 25k/$25


➡️800 WhatsApp Leads.
➡️Price: 31,600/$32


➡️1,000 WhatsApp Leads.
➡️Price: 42k/$42.


We can also provide you with any number

of WhatsApp Leads that you want,

it’s not just limited to the ones we listed here.


➡️We will provide Facebook follow, like, share,

comment, add friend, join group,

like and comment, share and comment,

post on Facebook, share and comment,

follow page and like post.

➡️1,000 Facebook follow.
➡️Price: 32k/$32


➡️2,000 Facebook follow.
➡️Price: 43k/$43


➡️3,000 Facebook follow.
➡️Price: 54k/$54


➡️4,000 Facebook follow.
➡️Price: 65k/$65


➡️5,000 Facebook follow.
➡️Price: 76k/$76


➡️6,000 Facebook follow.
➡️Price: 87k/$87


➡️7,000 Facebook follow.
➡️Price: 98k/$98


➡️8,000 Facebook follow.
➡️Price: 109k/$109


➡️9,000 Facebook follow.
➡️Price: 120k/$120


➡️10,000 Facebook follow.
➡️Price: 130k/$130.


We can provide you with any number of

Facebook follow that you want,

it’s not just limited to the ones we listed here.


➡️We will do Instagram follow, like, repost, comment,

follow and like, like and comment,

live engagemen, duet/Dance video,

Repost to Instagram story, repost to over 1,000 followers.

➡️1,000 Instagram follow.
➡️Price: 32k/$32


➡️2,000 Instagram follow.
➡️Price: 43k/$43


➡️3,000 Instagram follow.
➡️Price: 54k/$54


➡️4,000 Instagram follow.
➡️Price: 65k/$65


➡️5,000 Instagram follow.
➡️Price: 76k/$76


➡️6,000 Instagram follow.


➡️7,000 Instagram follow.
➡️Price: 98k/$98


➡️8,000 Instagram follow.
➡️Price: 109k/$109


➡️9,000 Instagram follow.
➡️Price: 120k/$120


➡️10,000 Instagram follow.
➡️Price: 130k/$130


We will provide you with any number of

Instagram follow that you want,

it’s not just limited to the ones we listed here.


➡️We will create an information product

(PDF, Ebook) on any niche,

we will do the niche research, write it for you,

design the product cover, format it,

and set up a sales page on selar for the product.
➡️Price: 75k/$75.


➡️We will get you with 1,000 YouTube subscribers

with 4,000 watch time to get your channel Monetize.
➡️Price: 160k/$160.


➡️We will run a Profitable Facebook, Instagram advertisement for you.


➡️We will run profitable quora advertisement for your brand and business.


➡️We will run a Profitable Google and YouTube advertisement for your business.


➡️We will give you a full Blogging mentorship

until you become an expert like us. We will lock you up in a room and mentor

you how to grow a blog from $0-3,000 per month.

➡️Price: 150k/$150.


➡️We will mentor you into being an SEO gurn.

We will mentor you how we are playing the dirty game when

it comes to SEO and ranking on search engines.

➡️Price: 200k/$200


➡️We will setup Google my business map for local SEO and GMB ranking.

➡️Price: 100k/$100


➡️We will build an affiliate marketing blog

for you with 50 unique article publish on it.

➡️Price: 150k/$150


➡️We will create Naira Facebook Ad account

for you to run your Ad and pay in Naira with your Naira card.

➡️Price: 15k/$15.


➡️We will write SEO articles on any niche

without using AI tools for Google AdSense approval.

➡️Price: 1,000 words count for 2,500/$3.


➡️Church Website:

We will build a quality church website and give it a great design.

➡️Price: 100k/$100


➡️We will remove Google AdSense (ads) limit from your account. GUARANTEE.

➡️Price: 100k/$100


➡️We will remove all the spammy toxic bad backlinks and create Disavow file.

➡️Price: 50k/$50


➡️We will do internal linking for better SEO for all your article.

➡️Price: 50k/$50


➡️Website Traffic:

We will send you 30,000 real and organic (USA) web traffic

to your blog or website.

100% safe for Google AdSense and increase

Google AdSense Earning.

➡️Price: 100k/$100


➡️We will send 110,000 organic worldwide

web traffic to your website or blog,

100% quality traffic.

Daily real Traffic 4,000-5000.

➡️Price: 150k/$150.


➡️We will build a blog (DONE FOR YOU BLOG)

on any niche with 100 unique articles

publish, properly SEO done, and monetize

with Google AdSense approve on the blog with affiliate links.

➡️Price: 800k/$800.


➡️We will convert your website

to Android App.

➡️Price: 60k/$60


➡️We will do professional Android App development with responsive design.

➡️Price: 300k/$300


➡️We will backup and transfer your

website to new hosting and domain.

➡️Price: 35k/$35.


➡️We will provide you with an expired domain with a Wikipedia backlinks.

➡️Price: 35k/$35.


➡️We will organically grow and promote your Tiktok account.

What you will receive;

1: Targeted followers

2: Increase profile

3: Brand Awareness

4: Real engagement

5: Increase video views and video like.

➡️Price: 50k/$50


➡️We will build 130,000 SEO backlinks,

from high DA 90 + DoFollow backlink, web 2.0, wiki links.

➡️Price: 220k/$220


➡️We will build 300 powerful SEO DoFollow

backlinks manual link building rank Google.
➡️Price: 90k/$90


➡️We will publish 15 high quality Guest

posting SEO DoFollow backlinks all sites are DA 70 +.
➡️Price: 50k/$50


➡️We will build 100,000 high quality (USA)

DoFollow backlinks web 2.0 Wikipedia PBN backlinks.
➡️Price: 200k/$200


➡️We will do complete “ON-PAGE SEO and

technical On-site SEO optimization.
➡️Price: 100k/$100 per month.


➡️We will do Meta SEO, optimize title, description,

image alt text, and more.


➡️We will do keywords research and

provide you with 15 easy to Rank keywords

on Google front page.
➡️Price: 25k/$25


➡️Web Content:

We will build an automated (Autoblog)

news website for passive income.
➡️Price: 170k/$170


➡️Business Website:

We will build an Autopilot travel affiliate

website for passive income.
➡️Price: 350k/$350


➡️E-commerce Website:

We will build e-commerce website

with WordPress wo ocommerce.
➡️Price: 370k/$370


➡️Business Website:

We will build logistics website,

trucking website, cargo website.
➡️Price: 600k/$600


➡️We will install WordPress, setup theme, and

customize it.
➡️Price: 20k/$20


➡️We will build WordPress website

development and design.
➡️Price: 300k/$300


➡️We will design or redesign your blog or website.
➡️Price: 50k/$50


➡️We will build professional landing page

using elementor.
➡️Price: 50k/$50


➡️We will build a professional sales page for your online courses,

or product using elementor.
➡️Price: 100k/$100


➡️We will build one page website for you.
➡️Price: 30k/$30


➡️We will build a Blogspot blog for you with one blog post

on any niche, and as well do some necessary SEO set up for you.

➡️Price: 10k/$10


➡️We will build a real estate listing website with WordPress.

➡️Price: 120k/$120


➡️We will build a professional portfolio website to attract massive clients.

➡️Price: 75k/$75


Waiting to hear from you and to handle your project for you in a smart way…..


Email Address: osakwenelsonuche35@gmail.com

Or call our business line: 08102524542.

Best Regards.

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