How To Make N140k From Owodaily In 10 Days

How To Make N140k From Owodaily In 10 Days

I’m sure you want to make money online for yourself right?

So in this article, I’ll walk you through “how to make N140k from owodaily in 10 days” and it going to wow you.

Owodaily is another coolest way to make money online in Nigeria with just your smartphone,

you don’t need to create a website, you don’t need to run advertisements,

you don’t even need an email list, no complicated stuff.

With Owodaily you can begin to earn money even right away just by doing micro-tasks on the websites. isn’t that amazing?

Owodaily is such an amazing platform for Nigerians to make money from,

no matter the level of your understanding l sure you of making good money from the comfort of your home from owodaily platform.

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About Owodaily

How To Make N140k From Owodaily In 10 Days

I know you might be wondering to know “about owodaily” so you won’t do a blind man business…Lol.


I think it’s very necessary to tell you about this platform called owodaily.

OwoDaily is a digital job website where members come together to complete digital jobs such as,

push campaigns, earning cash rewards, engaging in the village, shopping on market,

following people on Instagram, subscribing to youtube channels, signing up to free website, and much more.

Owodaily is also a community pushing for positive change for entrepreneurs, businesses, and in general the people of Nigeria.

The major or objective goal of owodaily is that every day you have the option to work from anywhere and earn a legitimate income on the internet by simply performing and carrying out

digital jobs or promoting offers as all OwoDaily+ affiliates

and earn commissions and get cashback+ for successful sales on OwoDaily Marketplace.

Working from home has never been easier and as an Independent

Businesses getting the best-targetted digital workers and affiliate marketers to promote any offer cannot get better than this,

And the amazing thing is that you also enjoy free access to owodaily social community Village.

Owodaily platform can be described as a freelancing, outsourcing, and crowdsourcing Marketplace that connects an Advertiser/Business to Workers,

Affiliates and Direct Customers in Africa and the diaspora.

Members get access to apply to the available digital-related jobs which were shared on the platform and get paid the set commission after job submissions are approved

as successful, While Affiliates earn by promoting products and services on our marketplace.

That’s about owodaily…


You may what to ask again, how do owodaily works.

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How Does Owodaily Works?

The major work of OwoDaily is to sell services and adverts to individuals that feel like promoting their business on owodaily website,

which is the major purpose of the platform.

From the website, there are listed products or services of businesses that have been offered to its users to be performed and that’s where you come in as a user.

Now once you request to complete any task from the website, then you’ll earn money for any job that was performed by you.

Owodaily makes sure all its users benefits from there which in turn allows users to earn more money.

The objective here is to get more product sales for business owners, than for advertisers, it’s to make their social media accounts gain followers or whatever they want.

And as a user and affiliates, they’re to make money from the platform (Owodaily).

It’s just a thing of win-win for everyone both business owners, adverts, users, and affiliates, and that’s while l said it’s win-win stuff.

Is Owodaily Legit Or Scam?

To the best of my knowledge about owodaily, and not just that, as a user of the platform.

Yes, l can boldly tell you that owodaily is 100% legit and scam-free.

At the moment I’m currently a member of owodaily and so far since I’ve registered till this very moment of writing this owodaily review, owodaily has kept to their words.

And one pretty thing about this platform is that,

once you’ve earned all your earnings are reflected on your dashboard for you to see your progress, while the minimum withdrawal is N5,000 naira.

How To Make Money On Owodaily

I know you want to know how you can actually make money from this platform using your smartphone.

This platform has various ways that users can use to make money from it.

Here are the ways to make money online from owodaily.

  1. Completing tasks: To earn on daily basis from owodaily,

You just have to carry out small tasks as you’ll be directed like, Twitter-like, Instagram comment, social media followers, install an app, write reviews, and much more.

2. Referral Program: Another good way to earn money from the platform is through referral marketing where you would be allowed to earn a commission of(N1,600)

per referral gotten from people, you refer to owodaily.

3. Indirect Referral From Friends: Here, you also stand to earn (N200) from every person your referrals refer to the platform. We call it indirect referral.

4. Deposit Commission From Referrals: If the person you refer works as an advertiser or employer, you also earn 3% of his/her first deposit to the platform.

5.3% Commission From Referrals: Here, you also earn a 3% commission for all the tasks that were completed by your referrals for life.

6. Viral Topic: If your village post goes viral or is approved, you will be rewarded with cash prizes as determined by the website.

7. Partnership Program: You can Partner with owodaily to get an exclusive right to become owodaily gift card distributor in your area.

As a partner, you will be given a discount on the gift card which will make you lots of money.

8. Earn N150-2,000: Here, for every task you complete, you stand to earn between N5-2000 naira per task completion.

This is the sweetest part of this platform that everyone falls in love with.


there are other ways to make money from the website.

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Owodaily Task

There are hundreds of tasks that you can complete each day from this website.

Take a look at the image below.

How To Make N140k From Owodaily In 10 Days
Owodaily daily tasks.
How To Make N140k From Owodaily In 10 Days
Owodaily tasks
How To Make N140k From Owodaily In 10 Days

Like l said easier, you have a lot of tasks to complete and earn cool cash even without referring anyone to the website.

And the good thing with the platform is that there are some jobs that give you access to earn even N2,000 per job.

Owodaily Payment Proof

I know I’ve Thomas here just like the one we’ve in the bible who never believed Jesus rose again from the dead.

All this content might sound so foolish to some persons because they’ve not seen payment proof, below is payment proofs from owodaily.

How To Make N140k From Owodaily In 10 Days
owodaily payment proof
How To Make N140k From Owodaily In 10 Days
How To Make N140k From Owodaily In 10 Days
Owodaily payment proof

How To Register For Owodaily

To sign up on owodaily, simply follow the step-by-step guide here to avoid mistakes.

Step One: Click here to sign up on the website.

Once you click the above step on-page we open like the one below as seen in the image.

How To Make N140k From Owodaily In 10 Days

Step Two: Fill in your correct details and bank info as you see it on the page.

Step Three: Choose your payment method,

( I recommend online payment) so that your account can get approved instantly.


there are other means of payment like owodaily gift cards. All you need is to contact owodaily for the gift card.

Once that has been done, then make a payment of (N3,000) one-time payment into owodaily,

then click on I’ve made a payment that if you’re paying with a gift card,

then (you will be redirected to your dashboard)

Click here to sign up now and start earning.


I’m sure you enjoy this content on “how to make N140k from owodaily in 10 days”?

all you need is to take action and begin to implement what l just shared with you here

because the platform is one of the best places that l can be sure you of making money from.

Now, Over To You:

If you enjoy this article don’t forget to leave me a comment down below, and if you have any questions to ask about this website feel free to ask.

And if there is anything you don’t understand about the platform also do let me know down below let’s talk about it and bring a solution.

And most importantly, don’t forget to share this content with your friends everywhere.

Sharing is caring.

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