Owodaily Review 2022: How To Register And Make Money (Owodaily)

Owodaily Review 2022: How To Register And Make Money (Owodaily)

“Owodaily review 2022: how to register and make money” I feel like making a detailed review about Owodaily today because l got a lot of people calling me to make a review about the platform, especially my audience.

So, In today’s review, is going to be on “owodaily review”, I’ll walk you through the platform to see how it works, how to make money from it, and also know whether it is legit or a scam, and much more.

So if actually, you want something like Owodaily to make side money, then I’ll encourage you to read this content to the end.

And not just that, I’ll also answer some questions about Owodaily that might be burning in your heart, like “is owodaily legit or a scam, do l need to refer before l earn, what is the minimum payout of owodaily, how much can l earn from owodaily.

I’m going to share everything about this platform and l am sure you that your gonna enjoy this content.

The internet has actually opened the door for both the young and old to make legitimate money online working from home,

and there are various ways to make this happen right from your home, and that’s while I’ve decided to show you one of the ways to make fast money this season.

And mind you that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, so if you’re looking for something like that, please go to the next blog,

but l sure you that, if you’re looking for a platform to earn some side money to handle your bills, this is all you need “(owodaily)”.

So in this article, I’ll be doing a detailed review about owodaily by working you through the platform.

That being said.

Let’s get in now.

Owodaily Review: What Is Owodaily All About?

Owodaily Review 2022: How To Register And Make Money (Owodaily)

Owodaily Review

Owodaily is a digital job website where its users gain multiple streams of income working online.

Beyond that, Owodaily acts as an intermediary between the business owner and owodaily users, the platform stands as job providers of services and clients looking to buy a service at a cheaper price.

The platform (owodaily) main purpose is to bring two individuals together; the one that wants to work and the other that want a job to be done for him/her.

The client that wants service to be done now pays OwoDaily and OwoDaily in turn, pays the individuals who carry out the job or who did the job.

For every job you complete on the platform, there you stand to earn some amount of money which you’ll be paid once the job has been fully verified and approved by owodaily.

And the money paid to users starts from N5.00 to N2,000.00 per job completion,

And every money earned will reflect on the users’ account which you can withdrawal on the set date into your bank account.

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Owodaily uses its platform to provide workers for clients that want to promote their business or products on Social Media, then, in turn, pay its users to perform the task.

Now, let’s assume, l want to promote my Instagram handle on owodaily to get more followers Or my Twitter handle,

l would simply reach out to owodaily and they’ll post the job l bring to them on their platform, then they’ll also reach out to their users to carry out the job l bought to their platform to be carried out.

I’m sure you get it now?

The only thing I’ll need to do is to sign-up for an account on their platform (owodaily) as a business, then later go ahead to buy credit and specify the kind of promotion I want for my business.

And if all you want is just likes, shares, comments or you just want followers on social media.

Owodaily will then break it down and make the tasks available for its users to perform.

Owodaily Review: How Does It Work?

I’m sure you want to know how owodaily works right?

The major work of OwoDaily is to sell services and adverts to individuals that feel like promoting their business on owodaily platform,

which is the major purpose of the platform.

Owodaily we list products or services of businesses and then offer the job to its users to be performed and that’s where you come in as a user.

Now once you request to complete any task then you’ll earn money.

Owodaily makes sure all its users benefits from there which in turn allows users to earn more money.

So If you’ve any business that you want more eyes to see you can request that owodaily should promote it for you,

and you can do this by simply partnering with owodaily so you would be allowed to list your products on their platform to get more sales and it could either be digital products or physical products.

You can sell any of that on owodaily platform.

And you can also sign up as an advertiser if you want to increase your brand awareness.

The objective here is to get more product sales for business owners, than for advertisers, it’s to make their social media accounts gain followers or whatever they want.

And as a user and affiliates, they’re to make money from the platform (Owodaily).

It’s just a thing of win-win for everyone both business owners, adverts, users, and affiliates, and that’s while l said it’s win-win stuff.

Owodaily Review: Types Of Services And Jobs You Can Find On Owodaily

I know you’re reading this content either because you’re looking for more information about the platform,

you want to know how you can make money from the platform directly to your bank account, or either you want to promote your business (products), or you just want to buy services whatever one that you want.

Here are the lists of jobs and services available on the owodaily platform:

1. Facebook Promotion:

Now as one running a business on the owodaily platform you can decide to promote your Facebook posts, Pages, or Your Facebook groups, on owodaily.

And you do not need to specify the kind of action you want the workers to do because with such tasks all you need is either Like, Follow, Share, Comment, or Join your Facebook groups.

Once you award the job, then owodaily workers we then go-ahead to carry out the task and they’ll be paid according to the agreement on commission for each task or job completion.

2. Music Promotion:

Assumed you’re an (article) you can promote your music on owodaily platform and allow it workers to promote it, download it, or share it across their social media platform.

You’ll not be the one doing this yourself, the owodaily workers we carry out the task for you.

3. App Review:

In Incases as a user or worker on owodaily, you’ll be given a task to review an app or a website.

Now, let’s assume a new App or website was created, the app or website creator might post the job of App reviews on Google play store,

and then come to OwoDaily to look for workers who will help him review the app on Google play store.

And it simply means if you have a new App and you want to gain reviews and comments from people,

and so that many people can download it from the Google play store, you can simply head over to owodaily to post the job and OwoDaily workers carry it out and in turn,

you get what you want and owodaily workers also make money.

Cool right?

4. Instagram Promotion:

These days everyone wants to be an (influencer) because there is money when an (influencer) writes content or makes a post about your business.

So, as a result of that, those (influencers) are madly looking for ways to promote their business, or could be you’re looking for a way to grow your business on Instagram too,

all you need is to sign up for Owodaily and have its workers promote your Instagram pages for you.

Your work here is simply specifying the tasks you want the owodaily workers to carry out either to gain likes, comments, followers, or whatever and they’ll do it accordingly as you want.

5. Article Writing:

One of the high-income skills now is (Copywriting).

And on owodaily, you get such a job because Blog or website owners who want content creators post such jobs on OwoDaily and the interested owodaily workers get to write the content for them.

This is another coolest way to make money online and in most cases this day, you might not write those content yourself because with the help of some software you can generate 100% unique content and send it to your clients and BOOM.

And beyond that, you can also sell this content on sites like FIVERR OR UPWORK, and one of the best software l would recommend for you on this is (Profitcontent) you can get the software here.

6. Twitter Promotion:

This is the same as the Facebook and Instagram promotion if you want to get more following or create awareness for your business on Twitter,

you can simply post the job on Owodaily and its workers we do it for you, all you need is just post the job.

Everything you want is done by owodaily Workers either you’re looking to gain likes, followers, or comments it will be carried out.

7. Leads SignUp:

If you’re looking for leads either for your email marketing business, that is,

you want people to opt-in to your list, you want to build your email list, you can simply post the job on the OwoDaily platform and have the workers carry it out for you.

This is amazing l love this.

8. Online Surveys:


There are online surveys on the owodaily platform.

And you know what all online surveys are all about. Online surveys are just question and answer where you’ll be allowed to answer the question and get paid for it.

You also find such job on owodaily, the questionnaire post the job and owodaily workers get to do it.

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9.YouTube Promotion:

Owodaily is another pretty platform to promote your YouTube channel.

So if you’re looking for a way to promote your video on YouTube to get more views, more comments, and likes,

you can post the job on OwoDaily and their workers watch the videos for you, comment on the videos, like the videos, share the videos.

And as a worker on OwoDaily, you get paid for every single task you complete.

Owodaily Review: Owodaily Account Type

There is about two membership account on owodaily. All you need is to sign up for the one that you want out of the two membership plans.

1. Membership plan

2. Plus plan

Owodaily membership plan requires you to pay a one-time fee of N3,000.

This we make you a full bold member of owodaily for life, while the plus plan you have to pay N10,000 and it’s also one-time-payment.

Now let’s explain better these two different accounts so you won’t get lost on the way.

1. Membership Plan:

With owodaily membership plan, you’ll be given access to carry out all the tasks or jobs listed on the platform.

All you need to do as a member is to be completing those tasks or jobs to be making money and it has no limit to how much you can make per day because jobs are posted daily on the platform.

And for each job you’re going to see how much you’re going to be paid once you complete the job. As seen below image.

Owodaily Review 2022: How To Register And Make Money (owodaily)

And not just that,

for anyone you invite into signing up with owodaily with your tracking affiliate link you’ll also earn a commission by doing that and they must be a verified member that’s they’ve paid their sign-up fee of N3,000 before they can credit your affiliate commission to your account.

And beyond that, you’ll also get access to owodaily academy where you can learn top online marketing skills.

2 Plus Plan:

This plan will give you access to get everything on owodaily membership plan,

and with some other benefits or ways to make more money from the platform.

With this plan, you’ll be allowed to earn more money by listing your digital products, selling your products, and not just that,

you can also sell your services on the owodaily platform to new customers. And your money will be paid into your account.

With this plan also, you will receive cashback on personal purchases.

With the plus plan, you stand to benefit more,

and if it’s the plus plan you want to sign up you can go ahead to join the plus plan so you can make more money from the website.

And you’ll still earn a commission whenever you invite a new member regardless of the plan you join.

Owodaily Review: How To Make Money Online With Owodaily


you might want to ask. l now understand how the platform works,

then how do l now make money from owodaily since you’ve seen what you’ll be doing to make money.

Yes, it is simple.

And here is how you can actually make money online with owodaily.

1. Number One: As A Member:

Once you’ve successfully registered, you’ll be given access to carry out all the tasks on owodaily platform which in turn we are able to earn.

But access we are given you’re required to make a payment of N3,000 once time payment,

once you’ve done that then you’ll be able to use the platform to make money online.

2. Number Two: As A Partner:

As a partner member, you would be allowed to create your own gift cards and distribute them on the platform for new and existing users to use.

And before you can be given access to this, there is some requirement you needs to submit before your application can get approved before you can start to distribute gift cards on the platform.

And to get started, all you need is to contact owodaily for more information.

3. Number Three: As A Business Member:

As access has been granted to you, by getting your account approved,

you’ll be allowed to use the platform in promoting your business, and services, sell your products and promote whatever that you want on owodaily.

And this we make you one of the business posting job vendors that users of (owodaily) carried out of the platforms across every social media site which can lead to making more sales for your business.

And the easiest way to grow your business is going to owodaily platform to start listing your business, products,

or services because many eyes are going to see it and also help you promote it.

4. Number Four: As A Digital Marketer Member:

If you’re a digital marketer, you’ll also make money with OwoDaily as a digital marketer.

This we grant you access to resell services on the OwoDaily platform and keep all the profits to yourself.

You love that right?

And you can also sell your digital product or physical product using the OwoDaily marketplace and leveraging the OwoDaily audience.

And not only that, but this also gives affiliates the opportunity to make more money promoting your product on the platform and earn a commission,

and with this, you can make more sales.

5. Number Five: As An Affiliate Member:

Actually, every member on owodaily is a potential affiliate.

On OwoDaily you stand to also earn when you refer anyone who owodaily pays you directly into your bank.

And the amazing thing with their affiliate program is that they pay over 50% affiliate commission when you refer someone and the person signs up with them on their first

(Membership plan) and pays the N3,000 for the one-time payment fee.

And not only that, but you also earn on their Other plans on the platform like the Plus plan which will earn you N3000 as affiliate commission.

And you’ll also earn some commission when someone shops from their marketplace.

That being said, you might want to ask, how then do l sign up for this amazing online business.

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Owodaily Registration: How To Sign Up With Owodaily

here is a walk-through guide.

NOTE: The registration fee is N3,000 and you must have it ready before you’re allowed to register.

Once the registration fee of N3,000 is ready, then follow this steps by step guide below to register so you don’t make any mistakes.

Step One: Click Here To Create Account On Owodaily Website (Platform).

Owodaily Review 2022: How To Register And Make Money (Owodaily)
owodaily Review: Owodaily Registration Page

Once you click on the above link on step one,

a page we open for you as you can see in the above image, all you need is to fill in your correct information,

and mind you that if you use fake information you might not be allowed to change it again.

So it’s advancing able to use your correct information as you can see on the form including your bank account details.

Thereafter, you’re to click the terms and conditions to proceed with your registration.

After that, email we sent it to your email address after your sign-up as seen below the image.

Owodaily Review 2022: How To Register And Make Money (Owodaily)
Owodaily Review
Owodaily Review 2022: How To Register And Make Money (Owodaily)
Owodaily Review

And if in any way you didn’t see it then check your spam folder or promotional folder it should be there.

Step Two: Activate Your Account

Now, the next step is to activate your account so you can start earning right away.

And you’re going to activate your account by paying the activation fee and you can do this by paying with your (ATM CARD).

Take note that the owodaily membership fee is in two plans. And this includes the default membership plan and the Plus plan.

As you can see from the below image.

Owodaily Review 2022: How To Register And Make Money (Owodaily)
Owodaily Activation Page:

There are two ways to pay for account activation on owodaily.

1. Online Payment:

I recommended this method because it’s safe and faster, all you have to do is pay with your ATM card online, and with this,

your account will be activated immediately and you’ll have access to your membership dashboard without waiting for someone to approve you.

2. Pay With GiftCard

If you want to pay with Giftcard,

all you have to do is to chat up with owodaily support and require that you need Giftcard then they’ll give you the account to pay into and then get a 16-digit code generated for you to complete your payment.

And once the code has been given to you, you can then use it to activate your account and it will be active immediately as well.

Once you’ve successfully activated your account and it is now active,

you’ll then gain access to the digital jobs on the (owodaily) platform that you can do and get paid.

Owodaily Tast: How To Profrom Tast On Owodaily

once you’ve login into your account, you’ll see tabs that can help you find your way around the owodaily member’s dashboard, which includes:

  1. Find Jobs from your member’s dashboard
  2. Finish Jobs from your member’s dashboard
  3. You find Jobs from your member dashboard.

Under the find job section, you’ll have access to all the jobs available for users to complete on the platform. As you can see below the image.

Owodaily Review 2022: How To Register And Make Money (Owodaily)
Owodaily Job
Owodaily Review 2022: How To Register And Make Money (Owodaily)
Owodaily Job

And not only that, but you’ll also see the progress of the job,

how far people have gone doing it, and the numbers of owodaily workers that have applied for the job already.

All you need is to apply to the job of your desire and you’ll get approved,

once you’ve got approved, the next page will bring out the other important information about the job and the proof you’ll need to submit after you’ve finished doing the job.

And don’t forget that once you’re done with the job enter the required information as proof of job done that you completed the job so you can be credited your earnings.

1. Finished Jobs From Your Members Dashboard:

This section is where you’ll see all the jobs you’ve completed and that was approved and yet to be verified.

And you’ll also see jobs that you were rejected as well.

As you can see in the image below…

Owodaily Review 2022: How To Register And Make Money (owodaily)
Owodaily Finished Job Page

2. Find Jobs From Your Members Dashboard

This page is majorly met for business users or advertisers that want to promote their business or products on owodaily platform.

From this, the business owner that posted the job will get to see the progress on the jobs they listed on owodaily.


I’m sure you enjoy this detailed content “review of owodaily” and if owodaily seems to be a pretty platform to make money online in Nigeria,

Why don’t you give it a try and see how it goes?

Owodaily is a really cool place for you to make money online, and it’s easy to start because you don’t need anything other than your smartphone and internet to connect.

So jump in now and begin to make money for yourself now.

Your Turn Now:

Are you already into this platform and making money already from the platform?

what do you think about the owodaily platform? Is it already working for you or are your yet to join?

drop me a comment down below to know your thought about this platform.

Click here to sign up for an account and make sure you activate your account so you can start making money.

Owodaily Frequently Asked Question:

let me give answers to some of the questions most people are asking about the owodaily platform.

1.Do I Need To Refer Before I Earn?

As the platform was designed, you don’t need to refer or invite anyone to the platform before you can earn.

The referral is not necessary when it comes to owodaily. However, if you feel you want to refer so you can earn more you can still do that.

2. Is Owodaily Legit Or Scam?

To the best of my knowledge and at the time of writing this content.


owodaily is 100% legit and real, is not a scam. Owodaily is a registered company under CAC (cooperate affairs commission),

and they have a good review of their platform.

3. What Is The Minimum Payout Of Owodaily?

The minimum payout of owodaily is N5,000.

So, once you’ve earned up to N5,000 or more in your account, you can go ahead to request a withdrawal.

And mind you, they’ll charge a 5% fee to process your withdrawals.

4. How Much Can I Earn From Owodaily?


how much you can earn from the platform depends on you and also the plan you signed up with.

You won’t expect you’ll be earning money like someone on the plus plan.

All I’m 100% sure of is that every user must make money from the platform whether you’re on the membership plan or plus plan.

If you enjoy this post, don’t forget to use the share button below.

Sign up here with owodaily.

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