Owodaily: Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online With Owodaily

Owodaily Review 2023

Are you looking for a detailed review of owodaily before deciding whether to join or not?

In this “owodaily review” I will answer all your questions about owodaily. 

And if you have any questions disturbing your mind about owodaily you’re going to get all the answers that you need… 

If you have been asking questions like owodaily login, owodaily payment proof, owodaily minimum withdrawal, is owodaily legit or scam, owodaily registration fee, owodaily app, is owodaily still paying 2022,

how can I make money with owodaily… 

In this article,  “(Owodaily: Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online With Owodaily)”  I’m going to answer all the above questions you might want to ask, and not just that, l will be sharing so many things you need to know about owodaily.

So, if you are interested in making money online in Nigeria, then owodaily should be your go-to place.

Yes, it’s the best place because Owodaily is a very legit make-money online platform in Nigeria that pays you for doing simple jobs that you love online using your smartphone.

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Owodaily Review: What is Owodaily?

Owodaily is one of Africa’s fastest-growing digital and affiliate networks, it’s a freelancing, 

outsourcing and crowdsourcing websites that connect advertisers or employers with freelancers or workers that can assist in performing digital jobs.

This digital network (owodaily) will pay you for doing simple jobs with your smartphone online. And as an affiliate marketer too,  

you can sell their products online and get commissions for each sale.

And there are so many digital jobs that you can perform which include social media following, subscribing to youtube channels, like and comments, installing an app, writing articles, 

Liking Instagram posts, Posting on WhatsApp, etc.

And there are about three categories of people on owodaily platform, they have affiliate marketers, digital workers, and vendors. 

The affiliate marketer on owodaily is those selling owodaily digital products and get a commission in return, 

while the digital workers are those who do Owodaily jobs posted by an advertiser and whenever those tasks are completed you get paid.

   Owodaily: Top 10 Ways To Make Online With Owodaily

Owodaily Review: What Year Was Owodaily Founded?

Owodaily has been one of the oldest make-money online platforms in Nigeria. 

Owodaily was founded in the year 2015 with the objective that every Nigerian should be able to make money online with digital jobs with their smartphone.

And research has shown that over the year that owodaily has already paid out over N50 million naira to its members.

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Owodaily Review: Owodaily Payment Proof

I know many people before they decide to sign up with any make-money online platform they’d want to see proof of payment… 

I have been paid from this very platform, and below is my payment proof…

Owodaily: Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online With OwodailyOwodaily: Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online With Owodaily

With this, you should be able to know that owodaily is paying even at the time of writing this article… 

And not just me that has been paid, but so many other people on the platform are banking millions of naira every single Friday…

Owodaily Review: How Does Owodaily Works?

I’m sure you want to know how owodaily works right? 

The major work of OwoDaily is to sell services and adverts to individuals that feel like promoting their business on owodaily platform, which is the major purpose of the platform.

Owodaily we list products or services of businesses and then offer the job to its users to be performed and that’s where you come in as a user. Now once you request to complete any task then you’ll earn money.

Owodaily makes sure all its users benefits from there which in turn allows users to earn more money.

 So, If you’ve any business that you want more eyes to see you can request that owodaily should promote it for you,

and you can do this by simply partnering with owodaily so you would be allowed to list your products on their platform to get more sales and it could either be digital products or physical products.

You can sell any of that on owodaily platform. And you can also sign up as an advertiser if you want to increase your brand awareness. 

The objective here is to get more product sales for business owners, than for advertisers, it’s to make their social media accounts gain followers or whatever they want.

And as a user and affiliates, they’re to make money from the platform (Owodaily).

 It’s just a thing of win-win for everyone both business owners, adverts, users, and affiliates, and that’s why l said it’s win-win stuff.

How Can I Make Money With Owodaily?

There are 10 good ways for you to make money online from owodaily platform which include;

1: Partnership: 

You can decide to partner with owodaily to get an exclusive right to become owodaily gift card distributor in your area.

And as a partner, you will be given a discount on the gift card which help you make more for yourself money.

2: New post/comment:

Another good way to make money from owodaily is by making a post or commenting on other people’s posts.

When your post or comment reaches a total of 350 posts or comments, then you will graduate from being a villager to an Elder.

The same happens for graduation from Elder to Chief and from Chief to King. And all this comes with a cash reward.

3: Completing digital jobs:

Another easy way to rank cash from this platform is to start completing digital jobs.

The fact is that you can earn N5,000 daily just doing this on owodaily. And the good thing here is that

these are simple and small tasks such as, following a Twitter account, liking and retweeting, social media following, writing reviews, subscribing to a youtube channel, etc.

4: Referral commission:

This is one of the best ways to make money from owodaily, that’s their direct referral commission.

And you earn N1,600 gotten from people you refer to owodaily. This option can make you 100k-200k every month if you would just focus on this platform alone.

If you’re not satisfied with the other ways of making money from the platform you can take advantage of their referral program that helps you earn N1,600 over and over again.

5: Indirect referral commission:

You also earn (N200) from every person your referrals that also refers others to the platform. Isn’t that amazing… You can simply encourage your referrals to refer other people to double your earnings on the platform.

6: Brand deals:

This option of making money from owodaily will help You get an exclusive right to all of their brand deals which come with lots of cash rewards too.

7: Sharing Post:

You can double your earnings on owodaily if you decide to share a post on social media platforms.

And you earn 5 points doing that and the more you share the more you earn.

8: Task commission from referrals:

Another amazing way to make money from owodaily is earning through tasks completed by your referrals. 

And you will earn 3% of all the jobs done by your referrals for life.

9: Viral topic/content:

Once you make a post on owodaily and it goes viral, you will be rewarded with cash prizes as determined by owodaily. 

All you need to do to get your reward is to tweet the post to owodaily on tweeter and you will receive your reward.

10: Deposit commission from referrals: 

You can also earn money from owodaily if the person you refer works as an advertiser or employer, you earn 3% of his first deposit to owodaily platform.

Those are the 10 ways you can make money from owodaily, and I’m sure this is what you want.

Owodaily Review: Is Owodaily Legit?

To the best of my knowledge owodaily is legit.


my answer to you is “Yes” owodaily is legit.

And not just that, you can also see my payment proof l received from owodaily telling you that it’s legit, and not just that,

 I’m currently a member of owodaily and so far since I’ve registered till this very moment of writing this owodaily review, owodaily has kept to their word.

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Is Owodaily Still Paying for 2022?

Yes, owodaily still paying their members. So, whatsoever you earned from the platform we are paid into your bank account… 

All you need to do is a request for withdrawal and your money will be paid into your account within 24-48hours.

Owodaily Minimum Withdrawal?

Owodaily minimum withdrawal is N5,000 naira (five thousand nairas).

Once you’ve earned N5,000 naira you can go ahead to request for withdrawal, owodaily pays every Friday.

Owodaily Registration fee:

The sign-up fee for Owodaily Member is N3,000, this is a lifetime membership fee. Meaning you will never have to pay again to use Owodaily as a member.

Owodaily Registration:

To register on owodaily, follow this steps by step guide below:

1: Click here to the registration page

Owodaily: Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online With Owodaily

2: Fill in your details on the page as seen above

3: Select the payment option that you want to pay with whether (cryptocurrency, owodaily gift card, or online payment with your ATM card).

4: Make a payment of(N3,000) and click on I’ve made payment (you will be redirected to your dashboard) immediately.

Once you have done that then you can now begin to bank a lot of cash for yourself… 

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With my “owodaily review” you can see by yourself that Owodaily is a legit website where Nigerians and other citizens of some few other countries register and make money online doing small jobs.

Even though there are not enough tasks to do on owodaily to keep you busy all day long, there are some other good ways of earning on the platform as l shared with you guys in this article.

Now, Over To You:

I’m sure you find value in this owodaily review, however, if you have any questions about this owodaily review do leave me a comment in the comment section below this post.

And most importantly, don’t forget to share this post on every social media site.

Sharing is caring.

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