How To Start Profitable Online Business In Nigeria

How To Start Profitable Online Business In Nigeria

“How To Start Profitable Online Business In Nigeria” I know how you’ve been struggling to come up with a profitable online business in Nigeria that you feel like going into but you find non…

Or it may even be you’ve been looking for where to source real information that we set you on your way to making at least 100k-300k online simply working from home,

find no more because, in this context, I’ll be opening your eye to an online business that I’m 100% sure if you’ll follow what I’ll be sharing with you here,

that banking 100k-300k is pretty sure and guaranteed for you…

I wanted to share this information on Nairaland a few days ago,

but Nairaland with the issue of removing the post kept removing it, that’s why I changed my mind to share it with my great readers here.


I accept you take this content seriously because, on Nairaland,

some of the guys sent me an email to share the business opportunity there on Nairaland,

and I believe some of them are reading this content too because I directed some of them here to read this…

You’ll know how to “start your own online business” here in Nigeria……….

And if out of all the online business opportunities I’ll be sharing here and you couldn’t make money from any of it you know your “village people” are really after your progress.

Let’s look are the basic things you really need to start a profitable online business in Nigeria because this is very important to your success.

  1. You need a computer or a good smartphone
  2. Data connection
  3. Good and sound network
  4. Your time (very important)
  5. Consistent and committed.

With those five things mentioned, you’re on your way to banking 100k-300k every single month…..


Let me share with you 4 profitable online businesses to kick start even right away even from this blog.

4 Profitable Online Business In Nigeria To Start

How To Start Profitable Online Business In Nigeria

1. Start Selling Digital Products (eBook):

To begin to make money online here in Nigeria, you need to start to sell digital products.

You know what a digital product is right?

Digital products are downloadable products that people read on their phones or computer.

Some people have met with me and complained, but sir, I don’t know how to sell what should I do?

I always reply to them to start selling anyhow they know and where they know they can sell.

I don’t think this should be an issue or challenge to anyone that wants to start selling digital products.

With the help of Facebook and other social media sites, you can sell 100s of your product on daily basis.


let’s assumed you created a product on MMO (make money online) product in form of an eBook,

and your purpose of selling for 1k, then set up your Facebook ad account,

and run an ad with just 1k for that product you selling for 1k,

I sure you that within one week of running that ad you might have made 100k or more.

You see this is a super cold way to make money online, and if you were able to run this ad for one month, 300k might have dropped.

And even if you’re a beginner or newbie, you can do this.

Simply create a product on a niche interest and begin to sell with an ad and making money within a few days is 100% sure for you.

So, this is one super way to start a “profitable online business in Nigeria” and bank 100k-300k every single month.

2. Become An Affiliate To Product Creator:

You know what I mean by becoming an affiliate.

This is what I meant, you can join other product creators that are in partnership with local Jv to sell their product and earn an agreed commission…

There are many affiliate networks that you can join to produce whatever you want, you can go to Warrriorplus and sign up as an affiliate,

Clickbank, CJ, Expertnaira, and others and begin to promote.

I love affiliate marketing because it is one of the best and fastest ways to make money online even when you are sleeping on your bed.

And as a beginner, you can start with this type of business and be making a killing from it.

And there is various way to promote an affiliate product as a beginner without an email list, website, or blog.

Read this content here on how to promote affiliate products without a website

I have also drafted detailed content on how to make money with affiliate marketing,

3. Set Up A Blog Of Your Own:

If actually, you want to go into a lasting and profitable online business in Nigeria,

you just need a blog website to skyrocket your making money online.

Your blog is where you’ll be reviewing different make-money-online businesses and building

your email list with the free traffic coming to your blog.

With your blog you can sell your digital product by having a shop in your blog

where you list your products,

you can sell your services on your blog and be making money right from your blog.

There are many opportunities for you to make money from your blog,

and hosting a WordPress blog doesn’t cost much which I believe everyone can afford the cost of building a blog.

I’ve drafted a detailed guide on how to set up a WordPress blog and how to

start a WordPress blog if you can follow the guide I shared in that content your blog we go live within 40 minutes.

And if you don’t know the cost of building a blog, I’ve also drafted detailed content on the cost of a blog in Nigeria, how much it cost to own a blog in Nigeria


If following all the guides to building your blog seems complicated to handle,

you can simply hire me to go through all the stress for you.

And the blog we have all the features that you need on the blog,

like “about me” “contact me” “shop” “hire me or service page” and any others that you want. And my service fee is very affordable to everyone.


having your blog is one of the best ways to start a “profitable online business in Nigeria”

which is advisable for you to start with.

I’ve drafted a detailed post on how you can make money from blogging, how to make money blogging for beginners

4. Start Selling Your Skills For Money:

I see a lot of people with good skills struggling to make money online which is not supposed

to be so because there are hundreds of websites that have desperate clients waiting for your service and ready to pay well for your service.

Just think about anything you know you can do and do it best,

you can go to Fiverr, Upwork, and a lot of them to sell your service in exchange for money.


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Drop a comment in the comment section below and I’ll be happy to help you fix the issue………..

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