Racksterli Review: How To Make Money On Racksterli

Racksterli review: how to make money on racksterli, here is Racksterli earning platform review for you. Do you’ve in mind making money online before now, here’s a great opportunity I’m presenting to you?

Here in this post, I want to review to you Racksterli my new found make money online business, and I want to sure you that, this Racksterli review will be the best you’ll ever read, and not only that, it will be the best make money online business you’ll ever do this year.

With this Racksterli review, you’ll discover if it’s worth investing your money and your time or not.

About Racksterli Program

Racksterli review: how to make money on racksterli

Racksterli is an income program that allows its members to earn daily simply using their Facebook account. As a member of Racksterli, you do not actually need any referral or you must balance two legs before you can earn from the platform, you can do less to nothing and yet you’ll be making your money.

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How Does Racksterli Work?

Racksterli is a platform that provides people with the opportunity to make money online. It is a platform provided for people to share their posts on Facebook and get paid on daily basis. It is just like an income program that rewards users for sharing their Ads posts.

So, all you need to do, is register and being to share their Ads to Facebook or WhatsApp and you’ll be earning money daily for doing that, and the good part here is that you can withdraw your earnings every 30 days directly to your Nigeria bank account.

Isn’t that cool?

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Racksterli Packages

I believe you want to know racksterli packages and so you can know the best one to go with. Currently, racksterli has (7) good plans which you are allowed to choose the one with your budget to register with.

Racksterli plans;

  1. Standard package for N14,000
  2. Premium package for N28,000
  3. Platinum package for N56,000
  4. Gold package for N112,000
  5. Diamond package for N280,000
  6. Ruby package for N560,000
  7. Emerald package for N1,120,000

I’ll explain to you soon how to earn with any of these packages that racksterli offer. Earning any of these packages is basically easy even without any single referral because it is optional, and for any package, you register with, it has its own daily earnings, so the higher the package, the higher your daily earnings.

So, which package are you going with?

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How To Make Money On Racksterli

Here is how to make money with any of these plans.

1.Standard Package: As a standard member, once you share racksterli sponsored post, you earn $1.9 for every one of their ads you share either to Facebook or Whatsapp.

2.Premium Package: With this package, you earn $3.9 for any ads you share either to Facebook or Whatsapp.

3.Platinum Package: You earn $7.8 for every ad you share either to Facebook or Whatsapp.

4.Gold Package: As a user of the gold package, you earn $15.6 for every one of the ads you share to Facebook or Whatsapp.

5.Diamond Package: With this package, you earn $39 for every ad you share either on Facebook or Whatsapp.

6.Ruby Package: You earn $74.42 for every ad you share either to Facebook or Whatsapp.

7.Emerald Package: You also earn $148.25 for every ad you share either to Facebook or Whatsapp.

And mind you, that all these earnings are on daily basis for the space of 30 days before you can withdraw.


let’s find out the founder of Racksterli.

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Who Owns Racksterli?

One thing I discovered is that most people would like to know about the founder of any business before he/she can join.

I don’t know whether you are one of them.


that’s good.

So, who owns racksterli? After going through their site, I discovered that the name of the CEO of the site couldn’t be seen. But the information I got says the CEO is (BLACK GOLD KNOWN AS MICHAEL OTI CHIDIEBERE).

So let’s be assured that’s the name of the founder.

Is Racksterli Legit?

Another big question you might ask is. Is Racksterli Legit Or Scam? Well, as of the time of writing this review, racksterli is 100% legit and 100% scam-free, so, if you want to give it a try, you can but you’ve to be very careful.

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Racksterli Office In Nigeria

Racksterli is a Nigeria-based program, and its office is in Lagos-Nigeria.

Coupon Code For Racksterli

To register with any of the plans, you’ll need to order for coupon code for the plan you want to sign up with.

Am not linking to their coupon code page, so you go to their website and search for their coupon code vendor to get their Whatsapp contact.

Racksterli Referral Commission

With all that I’ve explained to you above, you can see that racksterli is 100% referral optional, but notwithstanding, you still need to know their referral commission if possibly able to refer your friend.

Mind you that the plan you register with has its own referral commission and its bonuses. Now, let’s look at the referral commission arrangement.

1.Standard Package:

Registration fee: N14,000

Duration of the plan: 30 days

Referral commission: $3

2.Premium Package:

Registration fee: N28,000

Duration of the plan: 30 days

Referral commission: $8

3.Platinum Package:

Registration fee: N56,000

Duration of the plan: 30 days

Referral commission:

4.Gold Package:

Registration fee: N112,000

Duration of the plan: 30 days

Referral commission: $11.85

5.Diamond Package:

Registration fee: N280,000

Duration of the plan: 30 days

Referral commission: $13.16

6.Ruby Package:

Registration fee: 560,000

Duration of the plan: 30 days

Referral commission: $15.7

7.Emerald Package:

Registration fee: N1,120,000

Duration of the plan: 30 days

Referral commission: $18.4

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Racksterli Extra Bonuses

Racksterli offers users extra bonuses for her users when you refer someone, meanwhile, the bonuses are only limited to some plans.

Let’s see the bonuses they offer.

1.When you refer 10 persons a month, you get an extra bonus of $25.

2.When you refer 25 persons a month, you get an extra bonus of $100.

3.When you refer 100 persons a month, you get an extra bonus of $400.

4.When you refer 200 people a month, you get an extra bonus of $1000.

PLEASE NOTE: That the bonuses are available only for premium, platinum, gold, and diamond users only.

How To Register On Racksterli

To register an account for yourself or your referral, follow the steps below.

Step One: Go to their website to get the contact of racksterli coupon code vendor. And buy a coupon code worth the plan you want to register with from the vendor.

Step Two: Then, go to their website to register via www.racksterli.com, then click on register to register an account, or you contact the vendor that you buy coupon code from to register you.

Step Three: Finally a member of racksterli.

Call I Get Paid On Racksterli Without Any Referral?

I think with all that I’ve explained to you above, that you can see that referral is completely optional on racksterli.

So my answer to that question is (YES, YOU CAN MAKE MONEY FROM THE SITE WITHOUT REFERRAL). And once it’s after 30 days, you can now cash out all your earnings from the site directly to your bank.

And once your subscription has expired, and you wish to continue earning from the program, you can pay another subscription package to keep earning. And once it’s 30 days, you can withdraw and it will be processed within 12-24 hours of withdrawing.

Pros And Cons Of Racksterli

I want to tell you that no business is 100% pros (good), so every business has its good and bad sides. Let’s look into this now.

Pros Racksterli (good) side.

1.Racksterli has good support to her users, either on their Facebook or through calls.

2.Racksterli have an active Facebook group for any latest update for her members.

3.You can access the website with any phone.

4.Everything has been explained on their website.

5.You can still earn from the platform even without a referral.

Those are the good side of this platform. Now, let’s look at the bad side.

Cons Racksterli (bad) side.

1.Racksterli subscription plans are too high. It will be better to lower their packages so people with a low budget to jump in.

2.You can’t pay racksterli subscription fee with your debit card else you buy a coupon code.

3.You can only request a withdrawal once it’s 30 days.

4. Their risk on the business.

That is the bad side of the business. So, you see to it if it is what you can do before they go out of space.


I hope this racksterli review on how to make money on racksterli, is helpful to you to get all the information you need to know because I’ve done justice to cover everything about the program.

Is now left in your hand either to try it out and see how it goes before it goes out of space or just let it go.

Now, Your Turn:

How do you see the review about racksterli? Are you into this program or do you intend to join soon? If you are already into it, have you been paid?

Just feel free to share your thought with me in the comment section below this post.

And don’t forget to use the share button below the post or above to share this information with everyone everywhere.

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  1. Have u checked the domain its 2021, should i invest now to cash February and maybe leave it or i just watch bro. Will u do it bro The whole reason i am considering it,it’s because of davido .but also if it crash dey won’t come and arrest him or anything he can also say he has been scammed peac out .so what is your take. Should just try once ?

    • well,

      l’ll advice you to test run it for one month and see how it goes, if it’s what you can continue with good but if not no issue since you’ll get your investment money back.

      And coming to whether i would do it or not, well i can really say yes or no for the now.


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