Top Affiliate Programs In Nigeria

Top Affiliate Programs In Nigeria

Affiliate marketing still remains one of the best ways to make money

online from the comfort of your room. People make money online on daily basis with affiliate marketing in Nigeria, so is not a deception anymore.

Affiliate marketing is all about recommending or referring people to particular products or services using your affiliate tracking link,

and getting a commission in return once they purchase what you’re recommending to them.

In this post, I want to share with you the top affiliate programs in Nigeria,

and everything you need to know about affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, there are many affiliate programs that can earn you reasonable cash on a daily basis, and that is what I want to share with you here.

Affiliate marketing is one of the largest online businesses in Nigeria,

and that is why the possibility of making money from affiliate programs is 100% sure for everyone who is ready to play his/her role.

So here, I’ll reveal the top affiliate programs that are Nigeria- friendly

“(Nigeria based)” that you can join. One thing I like so much about affiliate programs is that there are no limits to how much you can make with affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing All About?

Top affiliate programs in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing is simply promoting other people’s products or services that do not belong to you to someone to buy.

And you can either do this through your site and for every sale made with your link,

you earn a percentage -called affiliate commission.

Before I share the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria,

I’ll likely share with you the advantages of the Nigeria affiliate program and the disadvantage of the Nigeria affiliate program.

4 Advantages Of Nigeria Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is one of the best make-money-online businesses when it comes to Nigeria, and that’s why you should hope to do it now.

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Advantages of affiliate marketing;

  1. You get paid directly to your Nigeria bank account “Naira”. Once you join any of the Nigeria affiliate programs I want to share with you here, you don’t have any issue with how I receive my commission. No, that has been settled already. Unlike foreign programs that pay with PayPal and Gift card.
  2. Easy to promote: You can promote any Nigeria affiliate program with your Facebook wall or even with your WhatsApp app. And if you have a blog you can also promote with your blog just an added advantage to you. Unlike some foreign programs that will tell you where to promote their products. This is not so with Nigeria affiliate programs.
  3. Less competitive: Nigeria affiliate marketing is less competitive, and that’s why even a newbie that joins Nigeria’s affiliate program can earn from it.
  4. Very easy to join: I could remember when I wanted to join one of the foreign affiliate programs that I saw hell, and yet I was unable to join. But, on Nigeria affiliate program is very easy to join.

Disadvantage Of Nigeria Affiliate Program

There are some disadvantages to Nigeria affiliate programs, which I see as very important I share with you beforehand.

  1. No Guarantee of commission for you: There is some affiliate program you’ll join in Nigeria, no matter the effort you put into it, it will not yield any commission. We have such programs like that in Nigeria.

That is that.

Now let’s look at the common affiliate mistakes people make about affiliate marketing.

4 Common Affiliate Mistakes People Make

I see today that people make a whole lot of mistakes when it comes to affiliate marketing, and I don’t want you to make that same mistake.

People make mistakes;

  1. Not buying the product or service before promoting: Well, it is not actually necessary you must buy a product or service before you can recommend it or promote it. You can do this once you know the product or service is highly needed in the marketplace before you promote it. So, for you to be able to convince customers you need to be sure the product or service is worth it and if possible you’re a living testimony of the product or service in question.
  2. Joining the wrong affiliate program: Because you want to join a particular affiliate program, you rush into it without actually considering if the product or service really applies to you. This happens mostly to newbies, and you must make sure you don’t make this mistake so you’ll not end up wasting your time and effort. Make sure you consider the affiliate program you want to join very well if is the right one for you.
  3. Joining too many affiliate programs: Don’t use them because joining affiliate programs are easy and free and so do join many of them. This won’t let you consecrate on any of them, and you know it will lead to no result. So, join a few that you know you have the time to promote.

Those are the mistakes you must make sure you avoid.

Let me share with you some of the reasons why you should consider starting affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Joining Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

  1. Affiliate marketing programs still remain the best way to make fast money online: If you’re looking for a way to earn money fast online in Nigeria, affiliate marketing is the way for you. With affiliate marketing programs, you can start making money almost immediately.
  2. Affiliate marketing programs are easy to start: The easiest online business I see in the internet world that anyone can start right away is affiliate marketing. That is while you should hop into the business.
  3. Affiliate marketing programs required no start-up capital in most cases: 80% of Nigeria affiliate programs are completely free to join, and these programs make daily income for the marketers, that’s why you don’t need to worry about how will i get money to register.

Those are the reasons why you should give affiliate marketing a deep thought.

10 Best Affiliate Programs In Nigeria

Now, let’s look at the top 10, I mean the best affiliate programs in Nigeria that you can actually make money from.

1. Domainking Affiliate Program:

Top affiliate programs in Nigeria

Domainking is one of the best Nigerian web hosting services in Nigeria at the moment.

And domainking offers an affiliate program where you earn a whopping 80% commission on every web hosting package you sell.

The good part is that you don’t even need to be a customer before you can make money from their affiliate program,

and for every sale you made, it will be held for 30/45 days before it would be paid out to your Nigeria bank account in Naira.

And once you join their affiliate program, you’ll receive an instant welcome bonus of N500 while the minimum payout is N3,000.

Click here to join domainking affiliate program

2.Jumia Affiliate Program:

Top affiliate programs in Nigeria

Jumia is one of the e-commerce online leading stores in Nigeria and Africa,

and this company yet offers everyone (Nigerians) the opportunity to earn from their affiliate program.

Through the JUMIA affiliate program, you can earn thousands of Naira on monthly basis.

Jumia affiliate program is just the bomb if actually you know how to rock affiliate stuff.

As a Nigerian, you can make a lot of money from this big online store and be getting paid every 30 days.

Sign-up is free and easy. Jumia’s minimum affiliate payout is N10,000.

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3.WhoGoHost Affiliate Program:

Top affiliate programs in Nigeria

WhoGoHost is a web hosting provider in Nigeria. When you talk about the top web hosting company in Nigeria, WhoGoHost must be among the top in the list.

And this company has given Nigerians the opportunity to earn from their affiliate program,

and making money from their program is very simple.

All you need to do is join their program, then being to recommend their products and services to people,

and once they purchase via your affiliate tracking link, you get a commission of about 15% of the amount paid.

So all you’ve to do is just promote their products and services either on your blog or using social media, and you’re good to go.


WhoGoHost minimum withdrawal is N3,000, and not only that, once you sign up for the WhoGoHost affiliate program,

they credit your account with N500 instantly as a welcome bonus to their affiliate network.

Isn’t that cool?

Click here to join WhoGoHost affiliate program

4. Konga Affiliate Program:

Top affiliate programs in Nigeria

Konga work just like jumia, it is another online e-commerce store in Nigeria that offers an affiliate program that you can hop into now.

Konga affiliate commission is super cool that you can make reasonable money because they pay a 9% commission on their products.

You don’t actually need anything before you can start or join their affiliate program.

All you need to do is sign up for free and start promoting their stuff with your referral tracking link and that is all.

You’ll receive up to 9% commission because the payout is every 30th of every month, while the minimum payout is N10,000.

Click here to join konga affiliate program.

5.Naira4all Affiliate Program:

Top affiliate programs in Nigeria

Naira4all is one of the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria,

I put it the best because naira4all is second to none in Nigeria.

With only this program, I know what I’ve made from their affiliate program.

A program that pays affiliates 50% commission is that little?

Naira4all is a Nigeria-based affiliate program that you get paid on weekly basis.


it required a one-time registration fee of N3,000 before you are allowed to promote their product.

All you need to do is get yourself to register and upgrade your account to a premium member and you are good to go.

You receive N1,500 per referral, while you get paid on weekly basis with the minimum payout of N1,500.

Click here to join naira4all affiliate program

6. Qservers Affiliate Program:

  Top affiliate programs in Nigeria

Qservers is another web hosting solution in Nigeria that offers domain name registration,

web hosting service, and SSL Certificates, and this hosting provider offers an affiliate program for Nigerians to earn from.

The good thing about this web hosting provider is that you can promote it on social media even without a blog,

only having a blog is another added advantage to you. So, you are allowed to join qservers affiliate program even without being a customer.

And the good part is that you get N500 instantly credited to your account as a welcome bonus to their affiliate network.

And you earn N1,000 per referral commission for any product purchase through your affiliate link.

Qservers minimum payout is N3,000 every 30th of every month to your Nigeria bank account.

Isn’t that cool?

Click here to join qserver affiliate program

7. Payporte Affiliate Program:

Top affiliate programs in Nigeria

Payporte is yet another big e-commerce store in Nigeria that deals with fashion stuff, accessories, home appliances, and more.

And not ending there, the company yet offers an affiliate program which I see to be super cool as their regular offers.

All you should do is register for free on their website, and once done, you get instant N1,000 credited to your account upon the completion of registration.

You’ll earn a 5-10% commission for any product you sell, and it will be paid to your Nigeria bank account.

Click here to join payporte affiliate program

8.Travelstart Affiliate Program:

Top affiliate programs in Nigeria

Travelstart is an online travel booking website in Nigeria offering flights, hotel bookings, vacation packages, and other travel services through their online booking.

Travelstart is one of the African leading agencies that have branches everywhere,

and that’s why making money from their affiliate program is a kind of rewarding opportunity for Nigerians.

As an affiliate to a travel start agency, you’ll earn money every time users go through their website to make a booking request through your affiliate link.

And you earn 70% as an affiliate commission that comes to them through you.

That’s a cool commission right there.

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Click here to join travelstart affiliate program

9.VConnect Affiliate Program:

Top affiliate programs in Nigeria

Vconnect is Nigeria’s biggest local search engine and business platform.

As a Nigerian, you have the opportunity of joining vconnect affiliate program and making money from the program,

I know that’s very sure for you.

To get started with vconnect, go to their website to register a free account.

You’ll get paid once any transaction between you and your referral went successful.

10. Expertnaire Affiliate Program:

Top affiliate programs in Nigeria

Expertnaire is an online marketplace that deals mainly with digital products.

Expertnaire is the highest paying affiliate program in Nigeria where you could earn N300k monthly promoting other people’s products.

So if you’re looking for a profitable affiliate program, then Expertnaire is the way for you.


Expertnaire required you for a registration fee of N10k before you are allowed on their platform,

it is just like naira4all, only that naira4all registration fee is N3k and is one time- payment for life.

However, those affiliate programs are super cool.

So on Expertnaire, you get paid every Friday. All you need to do is to register and start promoting their products.

Click here to join expertnaire affiliate program.

Those are the best affiliate program in Nigeria where you can make reasonable money on daily basis.

Tools To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

You don’t just jump into affiliate marketing and start making money without having the basic element that will enable you to succeed in the business.

So, what are the things that you need that will help you make money from affiliate marketing in Nigeria?

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Here are what you need;

  1. Hard work: If you think an affiliate program is the fastest way to make money and all you need to do is just register without working hard to make the money, then forget about affiliate marketing. You must put on your best to it.
  2. Consistency: This is not only limited to online business, it is an apple to life in general. So if there is no consistency in whatever you’re doing, there is no way you can succeed. Likewise to online business “(affiliate marketing)”, if there is no spirit of consistency in you, please let affiliate marketing be because it required commitment.


I just shared with you the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria,

and I hope you’ve learned about the various affiliate programs available to Nigerians to make money.


if you see affiliate marketing to be super cool for you,

then register with any of the mentioned here to start making money.

And if you are currently running with any of the affiliate programs mentioned here, then share your experience with the affiliate program with me below in the comment box.

Now, Over To You:

Do you know of any other reliable affiliate marketing program that works well for Nigerians and is not included here?

or do you’ve any questions about the affiliate marketing programs?

Then drop your thought below the comment selection on this post, and I’ll try my possible best to respond to you.

And don’t forget to use the share button below this post or above to share with everyone everywhere.

Sharing is caring.

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