Where Can I Get Paid To Read News In Nigeria

Where can i get paid to read news in Nigeria

Where can I get paid to read news in Nigeria, are you one of those guys searching for a platform to read news and get paid in Nigeria? If yes, then this post is for you.

I receive a lot of enquiring about getting paid to read news platforms from my great reader and that is why I’ve decided to take it upon myself to write this post.

So, if you searching for “how do you get paid for reading news” how can I earn money by reading” “how can I make money posting news” “read news and get paid to your bank.

Then cleave to this post. Since the crash of NNU and Instant kash, it is still surprising that Nigerians are still very much looking for how to get paid to read the news.


this is good because it is one of the easy ways to make money online with their free time and many Nigerian are still making five to six figures from it to date.

Read News And Get Paid To Your Bank

Do you want to make money online by reading the news and commenting on posts and also sharing the sponsored posts to your Facebook wall, or Twitter account?

Then don’t worry because am going to share with you one of the platforms where you can get paid to read news in Nigeria in this article.

But what I’ll not take is after reading this post and never take any action or step to jump in.

So, let’s get started now.

Introduction To Flowextra:

Where can i get paid to read news in Nigeria

It could be you might have heard about this platform before now or it could be this is your first time and place your hearing about flow extra whichever one.

As long you found this post then you are on the lucky side because am going to review everything you need to know about this get-paid-to-read news platform.

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Vital Information

Even so it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.

My beloved friend, repent of your sins and turn to God for the salvation of your soul because God loves you.

About Flowextra:

Where can i get paid to read news in Nigeria

Flowextra is one of those who get paid to read the news that you know in Nigeria.

Flowextra Technology is a reputable get paid-to-read news platform in Nigeria aiming at giving Nigerians the best entertainment and at the same time making money in return for their activities carried out on the site.

Flowextra is not just an entertainment website but is a make-money-online site where users can earn by reading news, sharing posts, commenting on posts,

logging in daily with their smartphone or computer, and many more.

According to the site, they promised you could be earning around five to six figures from the platform which I believe is very possible if you’ll seize the opportunity now before it gets the field up.

And they also promised they aimed at eradicating poverty by getting someone like you engaged on their site.

How Does Flowextra Work?

Flowextra is a website that rewards its users for their daily activities on their website such as the reading of news,

daily login and commenting on posts, and many more. Once you get yourself registered you become a full member of the site and have the full opportunity to earn from all the activities you perform.

Is Flowextra Legit Or Scam?


at the time of writing these articles, flow extra is legit and scam-free.

And if I were you I’ll leverage this opportunity without wasting much time since the site is paying for all the activities performed even without referrals.

You should know there are many income programs like this that get paid to read news online in Nigeria that promise their members heaven on earth, but out of them all,

I’ll recommend you join flow extra now, and the reason is that it pays.

However, you should know there is always a risk you’ve to take in any online business, so it is now left in your hand to decide if to join flow extra or not.

How Do You Earn On Flowextra?

I think this should be your heart-boiling question.

You should know that on any income program or get paid to read the news that there are two major ways to make money from such a platform, which are; 1.

“The referral aspect and 2. “Non-referral aspect “known as activity earnings”.

You get it now right?

Here are the eight ways you’ll be earning from flow extra.

1. The first and for most is to get registered to become a full financial member on the platform with a one-time registration fee of N2,500.

2. You earn an instant registration welcome bonus of N1,000 FAE points once your account is activated.

3. You get paid 10 FAE points on every comment you make on any post on the site.

4. You get paid 100 FAE points for your daily login to the site.

5. You earn 100 FAE for every sponsored post you share on your Facebook timeline.

6. You earn 52% affiliate commission which means you get instant N1,300 for each person you refer to join flow extra.

However, referring is still optional since there are many ways to make money from the platform outside of referring.

7. You get instant Airtime of your desire for posting your credit alert on the website.

8. You earn 10 FAE points by clicking on any news you see on the website.

Can Flowextra Pay You Without Referral?

The answer is yes.

currently, flow extra is paid without referral on the 10th of every month, with the minimum threshold of N5,500.

Once you earned that, then your qualify to place a withdrawal.


I’ll recommend that if you find flow extra a better place for you to earn money by reading news,

that you should consecrate more on the referral aspect because that is where the pot of the money is and you’ll be able to earn faster from the platform.


referral payments are on daily basis with the threshold of N3,900.

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How Do I Register With Flowextra?

For those intending to join flow extra, follow the step-by-step guide here.

And mind you, there are only two ways of making payment for account activation which are; 1. Coupon code and 2. The online payment that’s paying with your card.

Step One: Click here to register on flowextra website, once it opens, fill in the required details correctly and click on an accepted term, then click on the register.

Step Two: Another page will open for you to choose an account activation method.

And flow extra has two options which you are allowed to choose either coupon code or activating with card “online payment”

So you choose the one that best suits you and once you are done, your account will be activated immediately with any of the activation methods you use.

Step Three: If you need my assistance or help with the registration, kindly join my flow extra WhatsApp group here for instant registration. Click here to join my flowextra whatsapp group

How To Get Flowextra Coupon Code For Registration:

You can kindly click here to the website to get the coupon code distributors’ contact or kindly join my flowextra WhatsApp group here to get the coupon code from the group.

AND NOTE: I must be the one to register you.

But if you want to register yourself, once you’ve got the coupon code you can continue with the registration.

Warning: Multiple accounts are not allowed on the flow extra please take note.

Click here to register on flowextra.

Once you are through with your registration, log in to your account and update your profile and bank account.


I hope you enjoyed this flow extra review here on “where can I get paid to read news in Nigeria”

This platform is a good place for you to start earning five to six figures, and for that reason, I strongly recommend it to you now that’s still paying before it went out of space.

And if you’ve any questions about this flow extra review that you feel you want to ask, please feel free to drop your question in the comment box.

Now, Your Turn:

How do you see this review of flowextra? Do you see it as a place to make money online for yourself? Let me know in the comment section of this post.

And don’t forget to use the share button on this post if you indeed enjoyed the review. You can join my flowextra WhatsApp group from here for instant registration.

And most importantly, don’t forget to subscribe to my affiliate marketing training below to download your free eBook on how to makeover 150k+ from affiliate marketing in Nigeria Every Single Month.

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